Title: By The Pool

Author name: RoisinDhu

Author email: Yakumo/Mushra

Category: Romance

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Spoilers: None

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Summary: A cute little fluff that happen by a pool, Yakumo/Mushra, Fluff.

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Our party are still on their way to shinzo where they hope to locate the last save place of the humans after the Great War. It have be a lengthy journey for them and have meet many enemy along the way all wanting Yakumo to die, so she would not reach shinzo, But all of our group are in delightful good mood right now for they are will feed thank to Kutal who can cook dinner fit for a King and enjoying the little harmony that they have. They all have become best of friends in helping the only known remaining human on Enterra in her quest to find shinzo.

More then friendship has been made in our little group, the sweet Yakumo and the fiery Musha where in love and has been for a long time. As far as they care they where soul mates, one made for the other. Mushra have mature a lot since the day he meet his angle Yakumo, he was taller then she now and stop acting like a kid and more like the fine man he was growing into.
Our group now found then self in the middle of an old and enormous jungle that they have been going through for a week now. It was beautiful with many flowers and ancient trees. There are ribbons of river whit pools doted here and there. But right now all that the group care about is just relaxing and have a good time and this is where our story begin.

It was late in the day and Yakumo, Mushra, Sago, Kutal and the kittens where finessing off dinner and setting around a warm fire preparation for the next day beside the twin who have gone off playing
" So I was thinking that we could go to this small town just a half a day trip for here and pick up on equipment we are running low, how does that sound to everybody?" Sago asked waving his spoon around in his hand and then went back to what food was in his plate he pick up some more peas with his spoon and then put the pea in to his mouth.
" That sound good to me" Kutal replied who was busy with Estee trying to get her to eat all of her dinner, but all she wanted to do was go off whit the twins, who where play tip a little away for the group.
"Can I go off now?" Estee asked look down at her half eaten food and then to her uncle with big eye pleading to he.
"Oh ok, as long as you do not ask for something to eat later." Kutal was fed up with trying to get her to eat. Estee move as fast as she could to the boys and stared to play with then.
"I do not know what to do with her, I can never get her to do a thing a want her to do." Kutal picked up Estee's plate and putting it on top of the other used plates. "All she have to do is put on the "look at poor me" face and I will fall for it ever time."
"Yakumo, do you want to go and look around, I think there is a pool here some where?"
Musha asked in a low mischievous voice right into her ear so only she would hear it. She nod her head, allowing some of her hair to fall over her face, Musha put his hand up to her face, his fingers seize the fallen hair and brushing It back behind her ear. He loves the way her hair feels around his fingers soft like a kitten fur.

" Me and Yakumo are going off and looking around" Mushra inform the rest of the group.
"Ok as long as you two are back before bed time," Kutal said as the two got up off the ground.

As Yakumo and Mushra walk off they could hare the Kittens sing "Yakumo and Mushra up a tree, K. I. S. S. I. N. G………"
"I wish they would not do that every time we went off together" Mushra sigh
"They only do it because they know you hate it" Yakumo laugh as her hand stretch to for his, her fingers curling around his. "So where is this pool of your?"
"It is right around here," Mushra said as his arm came around her waist and pull her to him.
"If the water is warm do you want to go for a swim?" Yakumo said and put her soft lips to his neck causing a little red to rise in his cheeks.
"Sure, I would love that" Mushra said as they made their way to an opening.
The pool was like it was out of a dream. There was wild flower hanging over the water to make it look like a gem. Rocks surround the edges and there was a waterfall at the very end of the pool.
"Wow, it is beautiful" Yakumo said as her eyes inspect the pool at was in front of her.
"I know, that is why I want to show you it" Mushra smile allowing his hand to slowly rub her back "you said some thing about swimming?"
"I will allow you to go first," said Yakumo walking a little way for Mushra to see what he would do next.
"Oh no women first" Mushra bow to Yakumo in a gentleman fashion his voice now have a tint of merriment in it.
"Ok but I am not going to take off my bra or underpants because you would not go first" Yakumo said play his game as she walk to one of the rocks and set on it waiting for Mushra to join her. She watches as he realizing just what he mists.
"Is it to late for me to go first?" said Mushra in the hope that he would still get to see her whiteout all of her clothes.
"Yes" Yakumo said knowing full well that she have won this little game. Mushra walk to her and also set on the rock and embracing his arms around her.
"Will then, can I help you out of your clothes?" Said Mushra now try to get as much out of the game.
"Ok as long as the underwear stay on" She have to give he something because she one the one who more times then not won in there little games and she was feeling a bit sorry for him.

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