Title: By The Pool

Author name: RoisinDhu

Pairing: Yakumo/Mushra

Category: Romance

Sub Category: N/A


Spoilers: None

Completed: Yes

Summary: A cute little fluff that happen by a pool, Yakumo/Mushra, Fluff.

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Mushra turn to Yakumo and put his hand on her face, he pull down Yakumo face to his own. Yakumo could feel warm air on her face and close her eyes. Their lip meets; Mushra opens his mouth and slowly lick Yakumo lips. When Yakumo felt the wetness on her lips she move them apart for Mushra. They stay like that for a long time enjoying they bliss. Yakumo pull away first and put her head on Mushra should.

I can't believe you need me

I never though I would be needed for anything

I can't believe my should would carry such impotent weight as your head and your tears

I can't believe you chose me, in all my fragility, me

It hurts so much when I you love, it make me cry every time

You, you are, oh you are,

Mushra's hands came down to Yakumo's small waist and undid the belt. When the belt was off he move his hands just under her top and rub the skin there. He then pulls the top up the top over her head. Once it was off he look in to Yakumo blue eyes and saw them fill with love for him. He kissed her arms with loving care and put her top with the belt on the rock next to them. Then slowly move his hands down her skin, stopping at her hips he got her to stand up and then pull down her pant over her snow white legs.

In the stars, that's why I can't let you go

The little boy made for me in the start

That's why I love you more the further I go

And before this existence you were always there always there

Waiting for me

You are the little boy made for me in stars,

You are the realest thing I know

Hands down

The realest thing I know

Yakumo move away for Mushra in just her underwear, she pick up his hands with her and kiss the tips of his fingers. She smiles to he and turn to the water. Mushra look at her nice back which as half cover by her brown hair. Yakumo set down be the deep pool, she put her legs in the cool water and lower her self-in. "Come in the water is lovely" Yakumo say. Mushra got up and undress as fast as he could then he jump into the water a swim to her. Yakumo held out her hands to Mushra who took them in his. He pulls her into his arm and kisses her on top of her head.

I am not used to being carried

Or being able to carry a pretty song

I have been bruised by my many trails

Sometimes my skins so thick it's frail

I just need to be ignored 'til I woke up to the beauty is yours

And it all comes to life so suddenly

This is a place so deep, the water's so deep

I hesitate, cuz

All the energy it takes to feel this power

I tend to run, I tend to hind,

I tend to scream 'til you and I know I got you

I know, I know, I know

"I love you" Mushra Whisper to her hair, he could feel her body heat and the softness of her skin.

"I love you too" Yakumo always felt save in his arms, she could have stay here with he until the end of time. Mushra look down at Yakumo, she has her eye close and her face was laying on his chest. The sun very low in the sky and full the pool with a gold light.

"Come and swim with me Yakumo" Mushra dive under the water and pull Yakumo with him. They play for a long time trying to get the other one under the water. The sun had now set and to was getting too cold for them.

" We should go back to camp the other will think that we killed one other." Yakumo voice was like a sweet songbird to Mushra, he knows that she was right but did not want to go back. "Come on" Yakumo swim to the each and got out Mushra follow very soon after her. They got dress fast and in each other arms made there way back to camp.

You're little boy made for me in stars

In the stars, that why I can't let go

The little boy made for me in the stars

That why I love you more the further I go

And before this existence you were always here

Inside of me

You are, you are, the realest thing I know hands down…the realest thing I know

It was very dark when they got back to the camp and luck for Mushra the kittens had gone to bed, although they did try to stay up until they got back to mock Mushra. Mushra and Yakumo slept in the same bed with one another arms around them. There dream when full of what the future would have for a Human and Enterran I love

I'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams

I'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams

I'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams

I'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams

When you carry me, when you carry me

It's so happy

I'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams

I'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams.

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