Chapter 6:

Vader steered his ship towards the bleak planet of Dagobah. So far he hadn't been able to locate any settlements on the planet. But he did find a clearing. That was where he decided to land.

As he made his way out of his ship, there wasn't anything or anyone there to greet him, like Qui-Gon had told him. "Better look around I suppose," he thought to himself. He slowly began to walk through the murky swampland. He could feel the Force all around him, but there was something out there, pulling at him.

This unknown entity was practically whispering at him. It was telling him to continue on. To find who it was that was waiting there for him.

Eventually he came to the same spot that he had seen in the dream. He stood there for a second, half expecting Qui-Gon to come walking out of the shadows. But instead someone else emerged from the shadows. Vader quickly grabbed his lightsaber and ignited it, ready for anything.

"Come seeking help hmmm…."

Author's Note: I know it short! But it's a transitional chapter. So be prepared!