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Back to the Future – Prologue

It was a hot, muggy summer and Harry Potter was simply trying to get by until September 1. He was lonely and had spent most of the day at the park, mainly to avoid Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley. But after nightfall, he didn't have much choice but to start for home. The streets of Little Winging looked deserted as there was no movement except for the wind bending some tree branches.

When Harry got home, he quickly went upstairs to his bedroom. As soon as he closed the door, he heard something pound against the window. Harry turned and noticed a small brown owl banging its head, trying to get attention. Hedwig, who was in her cage because of the Dursleys' orders, looked at it disdainfully.

Harry threw open the window and grabbed the owl. It had a letter and a small package. He took the letter and opened it. When he did so, he recognized Hermione's handwriting.

Dear Harry,

Professor McGonagall let me keep this time-turner at the end of the last spring term. But I want you to have it as it works by the year. You can turn it twenty-three times and meet your parents when they were our age. I know I would want to meet mine if they were murdered before I could remember them.

Be careful if you use this, Harry. Awful things have happened to wizards who have changed time. Don't try to change anything when you get back.

I hope you've survived your summer so far and I am looking forward to seeing you September 1. I can't wait to hear all about your adventure.



Harry had to read the letter twice to make sure he understood it correctly. He could go back in time and meet his parents? Not to mention see Sirius again? Part of him knew it wasn't the smartest idea, but he couldn't resist. Harry opened the package and sure enough, there was a time-turner. He turned it twenty-three times. Suddenly, everything was rushing around him.