Back to the Future – Epilogue

After taking a taxi to his home – the Dursley's home – Harry realized it was only a few days until September 1. He sent a quick note to Ron via Hedwig, who he warned to be as quiet as possible. That should get him a ride to London.

The next few days he mostly tried to keep as quiet as possible. Apparently he was doing a good job as Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia didn't seem to have noticed he'd been gone. Still, Harry thought he should say something before school began.

"Just so you know, Ron's parents are picking me up tomorrow," Harry announced on August 30.

Uncle Vernon quickly replied "How are they getting here?" remembering when the Weasleys had accidentally destroyed his fireplace.

"They'll be coming by car," answered Harry, knowing that the Weasleys had replaced the Ford Anglia.

"Great," said Uncle Vernon, unenthusiastically.

As promised, the entire Weasley family pulled up the next day in their new car. Harry ran out the door, not even bothering to answer his aunt, who was questioning how so many people and trunks could fit inside.

"Well?" questioned Ron as soon as the Weasleys had pulled away.

"Well what?" asked Harry.

"Did you use the time-turner Hermione sent you?" Ron asked impatiently.

"Yes, and I got to meet everyone." answered Harry, a little hurt that Hermione and Ron had been talking without him there.

"That is so wicked," replied Ron.

Of course, Harry had to tell his story in more detail when everyone got to the train station and Hermione asked the same question.

"Really, Hermione, thank you so much for that," Harry finished up.

"Of course, anything for my friends," she replied.

"I still can't believe your mom had a crush on you," Ron had to chime in.

Harry had still had an amazing time and thought he'd learned a lot. He'd never be able to thank Hermione enough for sending him on an amazing adventure.