Harry Potter and the Azkaban City!


Everyone gave their last hugs and Ginny, Tonks, Harry and Remus were on their way.

Ginny, Tonks, Harry and Remus reached the harbor about an hour later. As the approached the wharf they saw a few people saying goodbye to there families. Remus led them over to an elderly lady writing in a large book.

"Name and race?" she asked them kindly.

"Remus Lupin, werewolf. Ginny Weasley, elemental of Fire, Nymphadora Tonks, Elf and Harry Potter, Angel." answered Remus.

The elderly lady gave them all a welcoming smile and said, "Welcome! Trying to skip traffic are we?"

"Yes, for Harry's sake, didn't want to bump into too many people." replied Remus.

"I see. If you would please wait a moment I'll call you a boat." the elderly lady said, and then she scribbled something else in her book, "It will be here in a moment."

By the time they had reached the pier their boat was already there.

"Remus. Nice to see you again and how are your friends?" greeted the driver.

"Hello Jason. It's good to see you too. This is Nymphadora Tonks, Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter."

"A Weasley, wow I haven't seem one here since the Great War. It's nice to meet you all. Now if you'll…" Jason started but was cut off by a woman running towards them.

"Aunt Petunia?" Harry said when he saw her.

"Yes it's me Harry. I'm so pleased you haven't left yet. I've been looking for you all day." Petunia said breathlessly.

"Aunt Petunia this is Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks and Ginny Weasley. I think you've meet Remus and Tonks before." Harry said, introducing his friends.

"Nice to meet you." Petunia said, addressing them kindly.

'Cough' everyone turned back to Jason, "If that's everyone we'll get going then."

They nodded and them climbed into the old boat and went on their way.

"So… Petunia… I can call you that right?" asked Tonks.

"That's fine dear."

"So… um… Why are you… um… here?"

"Oh… I thought Harry would of told you, I'm an Elf."

"Really… that's cool. So am I…"

Tonks and Petunia talked about their lives all the way to Azkaban City, Remus, Ginny and Harry sat in silence, watching the approaching City. A huge, thick wall of stone surrounded Azkaban City; the only way into the City was through a large metal Gate. The Gate was covered in runes, that seemed to be the looking spells and charms the ministry placed on it. Standing in front of the gate were about 15 Ministry workers.

As they approached the Gate the Ministry workers watched them with smirks on their faces.

Stupid Bustards, they have no idea of what they are doing. Is the ministry really this stupid? I mean as soon as they leave I'm going to just destroy this crappy wall. We shouldn't been trapped like this, know matter how cool this place is. Thought Harry as he walked through the gate.

"What are you thinking?" Remus asked Harry.

"I was just thinking that when I get the chance I'm going to bring this wall down, that's all."

"You could do that? I mean these people have been trying ever since it was out up. Are you sure you can do it?"

"Of course I can. I'm not am angel for nothing."

On the inside the city looked a lot like a forest. All the buildings fitted in with the back round. There was trees, small colorful plants and shrubs, waterfalls, rivers, green grass and the sky was bright was stars and the moon. In the very center of the City, stood an enormous castle, It was bigger then Hogwarts. The castle was made from polished stone and was looking brand new; there were hundreds of windows to let in the light and a magnificent garden surrounding it.

It was very late by the time the reached the castle and they were all very tiered. Ginny, Tonks and Petunia were looking up at the castle in awe. It was made magnificently.

"You mean this is were we're going to be living?" asked Ginny.

"Yeh, it's cool isn't It." said Harry.

"Way better. Can we go inside now?" Ginny asked.

Harry walked forwards and pushed open the massive mahogany doors and walked inside, with the others following him. Inside the floors and stairs were made of pale pink limestone, the doors made of mahogany. There were over fifteen guest rooms, one master bedroom, every bedroom had it's own bathroom, eight sitting rooms, a kitchen, two dinning rooms, a ballroom, a rumpus room, two libraries, meeting rooms and more. Outside there was a Quidditch pitch, a massive pool, a hedge maze and a lake.

"First things first, where the hell do we sleep?" asked Tonks.

As soon as these words left her mouth a house elf appeared in front of them,

"Welcome home Master Harry. My name is Misty, sir. If you would please follow Misty, I will show you your rooms." Misty said with a bow.

When the house elf straightened up they followed her up a set of stairs.

"This stair case leads up to the bedrooms," explained Misty.

Misty showed them their rooms and told then if they needed anything to just ask. Ginny's room was red and gold, Tonks and Petunia's rooms was in earthy colours mostly greens and browns, Remus' room was blue and green, all with queen size four-poster beds and mahogany furniture. Harry's room was decorated in blues and whites, with a king size bed and mahogany furniture. All the bathrooms were the same, made from white limestone and gold.

They bid each other goodnight and went to their respective rooms. Harry changed into his pajamas and collapsed onto his bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was asleep.

Harry woke the next morning from a peaceful sleep. (One of the advantages of being an angel is that your mind is protected and his nightmares have stopped.)

Harry walked down to breakfast the next morning to find that no one else was up yet. He was just about to bit into his piece of bacon, when the girl's walked into the kitchen, talking loudly.

"…So where do you think the kitchen is? I'm starved," asked Tonks.

"I think it's down here somewhere," replied Ginny.

"Found it!" cried Tonks as she sat at the table, Ginny came rushing in a minute later.

Harry watched the girls as they talked loudly and ate, not even noticing he was there.

"Do you like your room? Mines so comfy, I don't think I've ever stayed somewhere this good before," said Tonks.

"It was great and even has this cool view and everything. Did you see that phoenix last night? It was all white, with amber eyes. It reminded me of Hedwig. It was so beautiful." Replied Ginny.

"Yeh I saw it. I wonder who's it is. It can't be Hedwig; I mean Hedwig's an owl. Maybe Harry or Remus knows. Where are they anyway?"

"Remus was still asleep last time I check and Harry wasn't in his room, maybe he got lost or something."

"He could of gone for a walk or maybe a swim. Did you see the pool? It's almost as big as the lake at Hogwarts. I've never seen anything like it."

"My room has a pool view, so I would have seen him. Maybe he was in the bathroom, I didn't check. Have you seen Petunia, yet?"

"She said she'd be down soon."

"Are you going to eat that?" Ginny asked, eyeing the piece of bacon on Tonks' plate.

"Yes. I bet Harry got lost too. Or maybe he and Remus are planning a prank, you know how they are."

"Harry doesn't play pranks."

"Maybe he wants us to think that. You can never tell when it comes to them."

"Good point. I wonder if I can do magic here? I hope so. Do you think we should ask Misty or someone?"

"Would Remus know?"

"I don't think he has ever been here. He did say no one was allowed in or out of the City, so I think that mean's he hasn't been here before and if you could of gotten into the City, would Harry's parent's hid here. It must be really safe since no one ever comes here."

"Good point. How did Harry know about this place anyway?"

"Oh … at Hogwarts they teach the 6th years about it. So he would of found out about it last year, but they never mention the founders of the city. I don't know why though."

"It's because the Potter's are so respectable." Said petunia as she entered.

"Did you see that phoenix, last night Petunia?" asked Tonks.

"Yes. That's Hedwig. I don't know how it happened. One day we were all sleep and in the morning instead of an owl in Harry's room there was a phoenix. It's really somewhat surprising. I don't think even Harry knows how it happened. Have you seen the boys anyway?" Petunia replied.

"No we haven't seen then yet. Have you?" asked Ginny.

"Oh yes. Remus was in his room and Harry's at the other end of the table." Answered Petunia.

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