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Chapter 1: Free at Last

Near the ruins of a castle, a man lay, trapped in a nightmare. Screams of terror and agony surrounded him. No matter how much he thrashed and flailed, he could not escape their pained cries.


'Save us!'


With that final scream, Siegfried Schtauffen awoke with a start. The blond man didn't bother even to open his eyes, for he knew that with a single command, his infernal master, Soul Edge, would move his body.

No command came.

Siegfried waited, but still no command came. Half-dazed, and still convinced he was under Soul Edge's control, he extended his right arm to search for it.

Two things happened at this time. One, a searing pain shot up his arm as he attempted to move it. This puzzled him, but not as much as the second thing that happened. He noticed, for the first time he had awaken, that his arm was different. It was no longer the monstrous claw it had once been. It was… normal.

Siegfried struggled to find a reason for this. He lay there for uncountable hours, pondering. And slowly it dawned on him. Soul Edge was gone. He was free.

"Free," he said through cracked lips.

It was slowly coming back to him. The warrior, Raphael, he had called himself. He had held a rapier and had blond hair, though not as long as Siegfried. Judging by his accent, Siegfried had assumed he was French. Raphael had challenged Siegfried… no, he had challenged Nightmare.

He had attacked relentlessly, without mercy, and had given him the painful gash on his arm that made it so difficult to move.

But, most importantly, he had taken Soul Edge, the accursed blade that had controlled Siegfried for years.

Laughing, he had left him like this, half dead, in the ruins of Ostreinsburg Chapel. Now Siegfried knew his survival was in his hands.

Slowly, painfully, he arose. He wandered away from the chapel, for how long or how far he knew not. All he knew is that, eventually, he came to a river.

He looked at his reflection in the water. If it wasn't for the blood, he would have seen the pitiful man who had sought Soul Edge to avenge his father.

He dwelt on this thought for some time. It was the first time he had thought about it for a long time, and he wondered to himself, 'Why did I do it? Why did I kill my own father? And why, no matter how hard I try, can't I remember it?'

He shoved these thoughts aside for now, knelt down to drink, for he was dying of thirst. But his body had finally given out. He collapsed beside the river, his blood mingling with the water.


Far from Ostriensburg Chapel, the swordsman Raphael stood. The wind blew painfully into his blue eyes, and blew his blond hair wildly.

He had immediately decided to stay away from the main roads and most public transportation, like ships.

For many sought the blade that he now held.

He looked at the sword Soul Edge. It seemed to not only be made of metal, but flesh.

He smiled at the demonic blade and said, "Enjoy your last act, demon. For when your usefulness wanes, I will destroy you."

The blade remained silent, as if denying him.

As he stood, he let his thoughts wonder, and stumbled upon the memory of a certain little girl.

A certain little girl he would do anything for.

"Soon, ma belle angel," he said into the wind, "soon I'll be back."


Late in the day, a fisherman was strolling by the river where he caught fish. He was an old man, 'old as the hills,' as he put it. His gray hair was almost non-existent, and he had a merry look in his blue eyes.

He wore simple clothes, and he had a simple life. But that was enough for him. As long as he had his daughter with him, he couldn't be happier.

He had taken a stroll down the banks off the river expecting to find nothing but wonderful scenery and refreshing air. That, and a good place to fish.

But what he found was a man wearing battered armor and covered in blood.

The man was blond haired and, if he wasn't covered in blood, he would have been fairly handsome. Most of this blood, he noticed, was coming from a horrible gash in his right arm.

He saw immediately that the man needed medical help, so he shoved him into his boat, which was docked close by. As he did so, he couldn't help but notice something metallic in the gash in his arm.

The man was clearly asleep, but it was a disturbed sleep. He kept muttering something, over and over again. At first, the fisherman couldn't understand the words, but eventually he was able to make out this:

"Free," the man said, "Free at last."


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Next chapter will include two well-known pirates and there destined battles, plus two other characters, though I will not disclose whom. All I will say is that they to are destined battles for each other, and will play a large roll in the story. There will also be a certain samurai and ninja. Meetings and alliances shall be made in…

Chapter Two: Unexpected Unions.

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