Working Life

Summary: Ever since Hermione left Hogwarts she and Oliver Wood have been ignoring their feelings for each other. They both have carers now, love would just get in the way right? So why does it seem that they keep on being thrown together? HGOW. T (PG-13).

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Chapter 1 – And So They Meet

Hermione Granger was sat outside a small café in Diagon Alley, at a metal table with a red and white checked tablecloth. The vase of pink daisies sat in the middle of the petit table was casting a dark shadow onto the paper that she was reading through.

A waitress walked over and deposited the cold drink on to the table, the ice clinking against the glass as she set it down. Hermione's attention was diverted from her work briefly as she thanked the woman and took a miniature sip of the refreshing liquid, before once again turning to the task in hand.

Just moments later she leaned back against the hard backed chair and brought her hands to her forehead, sighing. She looked around her to see many people going about the village, shopping, talking, and selling goods. Many people were just out enjoying one of the first very sunny, hot days England had been blessed with in the month of April. March had been overcast and gloomy so the late spring weather was welcomed by all. The paper that Hermione was reading and supposedly editing was getting to be very tedious and she wanted to be doing anything but at that time.

"No Hermione, this is you're job, if you don't do it now you'll just have to do it later when you have more to do." She scolded herself and forced her eyes back onto the parchment. It was the next chapter of the new book she was writing. All she had to do was read through it and make sure it was what she wanted it to read like, before sending it off to her editor.

Being a highly acclaimed new and fresh author was hard work sometimes, especially when it came to having to edit her own work. But, she reminded herself, it had to be done and she had known it would be like this before starting on the second book.

In her seventh year she had carried a notepad around with her constantly and whenever an idea had sprung into mind she would quickly jot it down before it was able to disappear again. So when it had come to the end of her exams she had a whole plot and many characters already invented, all she needed to do was fill in the gaps.

Now, a year and a half on Hermione found herself very well off from her book sales and very well known by most people. The very good thing was she had discipline, so she found it quite easy to manage her own time effectively and had already got set into a routine of writing for her second book. It was Friday so she worked all afternoon until four that was when she would go and meet Ginny from the Ministry.

In the nine months Ginny had been out of Hogwarts she had been working as a receptionist for the Department of Education. Her brothers teased that she would turn into a female Percy, but unlike her older brother Ginny despised with a passion the man she worked for and definitely did not envision herself being there for life. This was a job so she could get some money to travel the world like she had always dreamed.

Looking at the clock stood in the middle of the small square the café sat in Hermione saw that it was a quarter to four. She finished her drink and left the correct amount of money on the table before writing in the last few corrections needed on the papers and collecting them together to put into her bag. With a small 'pop' she apperated to the entrance hall of the Ministry building where she sat by he fountain to wait for her friend.

Twenty minutes later Hermione was starting to get irritated and restless. It wasn't like Ginny to be late; she was like her mother, completely neurotic when it came to being on time. An owl swooped down next to her just as Hermione was going to get up and inquire as to Ginny whereabouts. She stooped down and carefully undid the letter attached to the small owl, petting it before it flew off. She unfolded the small piece of parchment; it had jagged edges so Hermione guessed it had been ripped from a larger piece.

Hermione, So sorry if you have been waiting long. I tried to get away but the bastard of a boss I have has decided that Friday afternoon is the 'perfect' time for me to start arranging all his filing! I've tried to explain that I finish at four on a Friday but he's having none of it. I'm so sorry but it looks like I'll be here for the long haul.

You go and have some fun and I'll see you at the Burrow tomorrow night.


Hermione balled the note in her hand and sighed. What was she going to do now? It was ritual that she and Ginny would meet and go looking round Hogsmade in all the shops buying things they really didn't need each week. They would then have dinner together usually in the Three Broomsticks, or sometimes back at Ginny's if she had been shopping, before hitting the clubs in muggle London. Now suddenly Hermione was without her shopping buddy.

She stood for a moment before thinking, to hell with it, and setting off for Hogsmade anyway. Just because she was on her own didn't mean she couldn't have fun. She'd find a great buy, a new top, and be able to show it off at the Burrow the next day. Every Saturday night since they had left Hogwarts Hermione, Harry, Ron and now Ginny all came back to the Burrow for dinner. Sometimes they were blessed with the company of Fred and George and sometimes even Charlie, Bill or very occasionally Percy. Hermione loved it, being an only child meals with her parents were always quiet and polite. At the Weasleys' you could let your hair down and have a great time.


A half hour later Hermione was in her favourite clothing store trying on a top that had caught her eye. It was striped alternately dark pink then light pink with a V-neck that showed a little cleavage. It had no sleeve so was perfect for this type of weather and Hermione had a great pair of dark jeans that would go really well with it. Once she had it on her and was looking in the mirror Hermione knew she couldn't leave the store without it.

On her way to the checkout another three things caught her eye and, after also trying them on, she decided that she couldn't live without them either. This happened in the next few shops she went into and two hours later Hermione collapsed into a chair outside the Three Broomsticks with countless bags at her feet.

She ordered her meal and sat back down waiting for it to come. Rooting in her bag she found the book that she had been captivated with the night before, found her place in it and started to read. It was called 'Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts' it was full of funny tricks that matched even the genius of the Weasleys in some cases.

A startled wail and a thud brought her back into reality and looking round she saw that there was a person face down on the floor.

"Oh my goodness are you ok?" She asked rushing to their side and helping them up.

"I've been better thanks." A heavily Scottish accented voice replied. Once stood up again the person turned to face Hermione saying "You should be careful where you leave your bags Miss don't want to injure anyone now do you?"

Once looking at the face of the person she realised whom it was. "Oliver? Oliver Wood?" She exclaimed quite loudly.

"Ssshhhhhh! Shush woman! I don't want a heap of screaming fans after me." He laughed. "Hermione! Nice to see you again, it's been quite a while."

"Yes is has." Hermione said, blushing as she remembered what had happened last time they had met.

It had been the start of her seventh year, Oliver had left Hogwarts three years previously, but this year he was back. Having sustained an injury from playing professional Quidditch, Wood had been advised to take a year off playing competitively. He had, instead, taken the job of being the Quidditch teacher at his old school.

On meeting Hermione again he had been deeply attracted to her and was glad when he found she had felt the same. All through the year they had met up in secret whenever they got the chance. No one knew that they had been together; teacher-student relationships were completely prohibited in Hogwarts. Not only would Oliver have been fired they was the great chance Hermione could have been expelled.

When the year ended they broke things off mutually. Oliver went back to playing Quidditch for his team The Montrose Magpies and Hermione to peruse her carer. There had been no real heart brake or drama when it happened, they had simply said it was fun while it lasted but lets not make it complicated and had both been happy with it.

Hermione had no more time to dwell on the past as Oliver pulled her into a hug and sat down at her table. A few moments later Hermione's food was brought over to the table and Oliver smiled at the waitress.

"Well that looks delicious I'll have the same please."

The female scurried off and minutes later returned with a plate of food. Hermione was slightly annoyed to note that now the girl was dealing with a good looking male she was eager to serve him and was much quicker about it.

"So Mione tell me just what have you been up to?" Oliver asked with a broad grin as he shovelled food into his mouth.

"I've been working on my second book." Hermione answered proudly.

"Wow not even nineteen and already on your second! I loved the first by the way couldn't put it down. It was great." Oliver praised. "But then I always knew you'd be great."

Hermione blushed at the flattery and asked "So what about you? Your team won the British and Irish league again didn't you? That's, what the thirty-second time now?"

"Thirty-third." Oliver corrected. "It's been great, lots of training, first weekend off I've had in months. Or so it seems." He laughed a throaty laugh that made Hermione smile.

"What about your love life? You must have all the guys after you." Oliver enquired, making Hermione blush even more.

"Sadly no. My love life is practically none existent, much to the disappointment of my mother, Ginny and Mrs Weasly who are all itching for me to find someone and settle down."

"And you? You're not itching?" He smiled.

"Oh no! I mean I don't mind a boyfriend as long as I keep it light, you know? I just don't need a relationship right now. I mean I'm going to be nineteen in a month I'm not ready to settle down. I want to have fun!"

"Damn straight you should girl! Flaunt it while you still can, you can be old and boring when you're, well, old and boring." Oliver said nodding enthusiastically.

Hermione smiled; glad to find someone who shared her viewpoint. Most people thought it strange.

"What about you then?" She asked, "Not wanting to marry a devoted fan who knows more about you than you do?" She laughed remembering an article she had read where a crazed girl had stalked Oliver for a month, totally in love with him.

"Oh God no! Me married? That'll be the day!" He laughed again. "So what are your plans for the night? Going to have fun are you, paint the town red and so on?"

"Well me and Ginny usually go in to muggle London and go to a club, but she had to work late so we probably won't go now."

"We probably won't go? Why do you say we? She probably won't go. You're not attached at the hip you go on your own pick up a hottie for the night!" Oliver smiled.

"Go on my own?" Hermione asked pretending to be scandalized "A young girl like me out all alone on a Friday night? What ever would they say?" She laughed.

"Well being the chivalrous gentleman that I am, don't laugh at that, I shall escort you to where ever it is madam would like to go." He said with an exaggerated bow and putting on a corny very posh English accent. This sent Hermione into more laughter.


After finishing up their meals and spending more time catching up the apperated back to Hermione's apartment. They hung out watching T.V and drinking a few beers before Oliver apperated to his place to get ready, leaving Hermione to get changed before they met up outside of the Leaky Cauldron and hour later ready to go to the clubs.

Oliver broke into a grin as he saw what Hermione was wearing. She looked stunning, or so he thought, in a black skirt that was about three inches above her knees and ended in a ruffled hem that swayed as she walked she was wearing a deep red halter neck top that had embroidered flowers down on side in black. Her black heels elongated her legs and her curls were hanging loosely around her shoulders.

She stopped before him and smiled.

"Well madam shall we go?" He asked putting on the accent again and offering her his arm.

"Yes I do believe we shall." Hermione replied in the same fake British voice while slipping her arm into his and beginning to walk with him into London town.

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