Hunting the Night Itself

Shadow: Yeah, it's a Vampire Hunter D yaoi, so sue me the idea would go away
Ryo: Because I wouldn't let it go away.
Amelia: Yeah, you're both idiots
Shadow and Ryo: Why thank you!
Amelia: (sweat drop)
Evangiline: Um, today we have decided to let the Parasite in D's hand do the disclaimer because…why do we want him to do it again?
Ryo: To make things interesting. But from now on in the fic, the parasite will be known as…I'm gonna say Bob
Amelia: why!
Ryo: he looks like a Bob…also he kinda has the same face as my uncle Frank
Amelia: I'm not even going to say it.
Evangiline: (sweat drop) Why don't we just call him "Hand" for now?
Ryo: That's perfect! (Sparkle, sparkle) You're so clever Eva-chan
Evangiline: (blush) Thank you Ryo-kun
Amelia: Okay all this flirting is just getting sickening. Hand, or whatever you are, do the freaking disclaimer
D's Hand: Gee, aren't you a ray of sunshine? (Ahem) Shadow here doesn't own Vampire Hunter D or the characters. She only owns her characters and the story. (Sigh) Do we get paid now?
Shadow: Huh? What? I can't hear you (closes D's hand forcefully)
D:………(small smirk) At least someone can make him stop talking
Evangiline: (ahem) Warnings are as follows. Violence, yaoi, crude language, possible lemon, probable OOCness, sarcastic comments from the Hand, and random other things
Shadow: So with out further ado
D…(reads script) to the fic

Chapter 1: Hunters Alliance

D had gotten a letter inviting him to this mansion a week ago. It was night when he made it there so when he approached the door and knocked, a young butler answered. "Ah, you must be the Dunpeal hunter everyone is talking about. You do get quite the results. Please come in, the master has much he wishes to discuss with you." He said, bringing D inside.

Once in the sitting room, D was offered a chair and told to wait for the master. "So how much are we making off of this?" The Parasite in D's hand asked. D simply ignored it like he did most of the time. "Ah, here is the legendary hunter. It is good to meet you. I am Enrique Maximoff." The master said as he walked in. He was a gaunt old man with a cheery smile and a deep tan. He seemed to glow with happiness and health. D nodded to show he accepted his presence and Master Maximoff smiled. "I see you don't talk much. Well once the other hunter gets here, we can start." The old man said and D looked at him with his head tilted slightly. "Other hunter?" He asked quietly.

Soon the door to the sitting room opened and in came the second hunter, lead by the butler. The hunter appeared to be taller then D, which put him at, at least 6 foot 6 but he looked more like 6 foot 8. He was extremely pale with long inky black hair that was tied back, a few strands falling on his well-featured face. He had sharp golden eyes that had cat-like pupils. He was dressed in black, skin tight, body armor suit like D's with dark green boots and the same color cloak. A dark green belt held two rather large pistols at his waist. He stood in the doorway with his arms folded over a well-built chest (you could see by the build and tightness of the armor) and a smirk on his lips. You could tell just by looking at this guy, people threw themselves at him and he turned them all down. "Here is the other hunter. You're a bit late." Mr. Maximoff said calmly. The hunter walked into the room gracefully and nodded. "I am sorry about that." He said before looking directly at D. D looked at him, dark blue eyes meeting sharp gold. D's first thought was 'He's not human.' "D, meet Jack. Jack please take a seat and we'll get started." Mr. Maximoff said.

"I suppose you are wondering why I hired two hunters." The master said calmly. The two hunters were sitting in chairs next to each other looking at him curiously. "It is because you two are the best of the best. D, you're the legendary Dunpeal hunter everyone has heard of. Jack, you are the most lethal rare-blooded hunter in the business. You both get the best results out of anyone. I need you to work together on this mission, to save my only granddaughter." The old man said, smile falling from his face. Jack's sharp golden eyes flickered over to the old man uncertainly. "Why must we work together?" He asked calmly. "Because, the vampire who took her is the most powerful of his kind now a days. Rumors say that he is even more powerful then Dracula ever was. Please I implore you, save my granddaughter. I'll pay you each forty million." Both hunters were silent. That was a very large sum of money to be paid, even for them. Jack looked over at D. He smirked calmly at him. "So, I can live with a partner for a mission if you can." He said bluntly. D looked thoughtfully at him. "I suppose. But if the girl has been turned I will have to kill her." He responded quietly.

"Understandable. I'd do the same." Jack said. "So it's agreed, you two will work together to save my granddaughter?" The old man asked hopefully. The two hunters nodded. "Wonderful. The vampire lives at Castle Andromedae, about two weeks travel from here. I'll supply you with a map when you leave."

"We should take our leave now, to get a head start." D said and Jack smirked. "He read my mind." The golden-eyed man said accepting the map. Mr. Maximoff also handed Jack a picture. It was the picture of a sixteen-year-old girl with short red hair, gray-blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. "That is my granddaughter, Julia. Please bring her back to me safely if you can." Maximoff said and Jack nodded.

The two hunters walked outside after bidding farewell. "So D, are you going to talk to this guy or what?" D's Symbiot whispered. D clenched his fist to shut the thing up and saw Jack look at him. "So you have one of those things in your hand. Seems odd for a companion choice but I've heard the come in handy." Jack said grabbing his horse, it was almost identical to D's except slightly larger and it didn't have a saddle. "Even so, it barely ever remains quiet." D responded, getting on his horse. Jack smirked. "Ask him what is he exactly." The Hand said, loud enough for Jack to hear. "Well, hand, I'm half vampire, a quarter werewolf, and a quarter human. It's an odd combination, yes, but I'm used to it." Jack answered. "We should get going." D muttered and they started off in the direction of the palace.

So the two treaded on in silence through a forest with a path to the next town. Jack never climbed onto his horse and didn't seem to intend on riding it. D's hand had gotten very sick of the silence by now and wanted some kind of conversation. He may not get D to talk much but he could bet that this Jack guy would talk. "So Jack, bet you have people throwing themselves at you left and right." The Hand said in a way that let you know he was smirking. Jack laughed, a sort of barking laughter. "You could say that. I never stay in one place long enough though. I bet the same could be same of the hunter you're attached too." Jack responded calmly, smirk plastered to his pale face. "You better believe it!" The hand responded, earning a slightly embarrassed clenched fist from D. Jack sighed, that symbiot of D's was starting to grate on his nerves. He always traveled alone, in silence. It may not look it when you first meet him but Jack here has social issues. He never knew how to act around other people and that hand talking to him too much. Yes that sounded crazy but it was the only way to describe it.

He was good at judging people's character, meeting them and simply talking to them for a few minuets, but D was a mystery to him. D barely spoke, that didn't bother him much, things like that rarely did, he just couldn't read the Dunpeal. He was so used to being able to tell what a person was like or whether or not they were trust worthy but D was just a mystery to him. He resigned himself to the silence.

D was concerned. He wasn't sure whether or not he could trust this guy. All of a sudden he was supposed to put his life in Jack's, a person he never met before, hands. Jack seemed like a nice enough person, a capable fighter he was sure, but was he trustworthy?
Well he was about to find out because Jack pulled him and both horses off to the side behind a tree.

"What's…?" D began quietly before Jack silenced him. Jack smirked. "The vampire must have had a spy in that man's household, I can smell his ghouls approaching us. Get ready for a fight." Jack whispered into his pointed ear. D visibly tensed up and reached for his sword, now he could sense them and became ready to fight

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