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Chapter 11: Quarter Moon Fake-out

The next morning they were up and walking again. Jack and D feeling slightly more…comfortable then they were before. They weren't talking, just walking (or in D's case riding) in silence.

/Omne, why aren't they talking/ Aura asked observing the two hunters. /I really don't know Aura, what about you Lupine/ The timber wolf asked his companion. /Well if you had just kissed your traveling companion and just made friend wouldn't you want some time to think/ Lupine answered calmly. /Aw but you know how that feels Lupine. To be young and attracted to an unlikely soul-mate./ Omne said lightly leaning on his darker companion. Aura gave a barking laugh at her two father figures. Lupine gave the equivalent of a sigh and looked forward at the two hunters and saw Jack's head tilt back at them and Lupine noticed a strange glow in the hunter's eyes.

/Omne, I think we may have a problem soon./ Lupine noted nervously. /Why? What's wrong/ Omne asked, suddenly worried. /Well you do know that since Jack is only a third werewolf he can't have a full transformation./Yes I know that but what's your point/Well, since he is only a third werewolf he has a strange rise in his instincts as a wolf during the first quarter moon, which would be tonight./ Lupine answered and he saw Omne gulp. /Oh dear, that does put a stick in the works doesn't it/ Omne returned and Lupine only sighed.

Jack was studying the sky a bit and ignoring his heightened sense and the heat worming it's way through his body. 'God damnit, it's not like I turn into a bloody dog thing but damn the quarter moon and damn the transformation. At least when I'm on my own I can hide out in a lake or some place cool but with D around…I doubt I'll be able to run off without notice. I only have to worry when the moon rises.' Jack thought, pulling at his collar and hating his physiology at the moment.

Jack ran an uncomfortable hand through his hair and looked at D with a sidelong glance, the hunter was being cool and quiet as usual not even a flicker of emotion on that pretty face. Jack quickly looked away and sighed. Sure he had kissed people before but never someone who he knew he was very attracted to, certainly no one he ever worked with. 'Here I go, confusing myself again. I need a freaking vacation.' Jack sighed and kept walking.

D looked over at Jack after he felt the golden eyes look away from him. Something was different about the dark hunter this morning, he seemed to be thinking a lot more and sighing.

"Yo Jack what's your issue eh?" The symbiot said tactlessly waking the hunter from his thoughts. Jack turned his head and gave a grin. "Oh I'm just fine, peachy keen, and all good things ya know?" Jack said none-to-convincingly as he scratched his head.

D stared a bit at Jack, he could tell the mixed-breed was lying to him and that was something D did not appreciate.

Jack turned his head away shortly; he just couldn't take that guy's stare! Damnit all if those blue eyes of his weren't trying to see right into his head. Jack couldn't help but fidget when being stared at, especially when being stared at the way D stared at him. Jack could only sigh and pray D didn't see right through him.

/The castle! Look the castle/ Aura barked jumping up and down excitedly about an hour later. And indeed you could see the castle peeking over the edges of the forest, towers looming menacingly. "Yep, you're right Aura, that's the castle." Jack said putting a hand over his eyes and studying it. "Nice job." Aura gave her version of a grin as Jack lightly petted her head. Aura could feel excess heat coming from his pale hands and she gazed at him in light concern. /Jack? Why are you so warm/ "No reason Aura, it's just hot out." Jack said with a tiny grin.

He was lying, D could tell as the temperature was actually rather cool and Jack was sweating. "Jack…" "Yeah D, what's up?" The wolf grinned, fangs having grown over his bottom lip a bit. "Are you sure you're okay?" "Yeah, totally."

/How long have we been walking, Omne/ Aura asked the older wolf, tired as ever. /Since sunrise I believe/ Omne answered calmly. / Sunrise when/ Sunrise yesterday./ Lupine responded irritably, a wolf he may be but he still had issues with lacking sleep.

To be honest Lupine was the oldest, only older then Omne by a year but in his wolf form it caught up to him in a bad way. His paws calloused and bled a bit too easily for his tastes. Even his neck ached, everything ached and he hated it. /Hey, Jack/ Lupine said and the werewolf turned.

/Yeah? What's up Lupine/ He asked, the sound of it only growls and barks to D. /Think we could camp here? My paws are bleeding man./ Lupine growled coldly and Jack couldn't help the sigh of relief.

"Hey, D, since we're going to run in there, gun's a blazing, and since we're only a few miles away, I'm wondering, think we should camp for a few hours first?" Jack asked, cracking his neck and praying D said okay. "Fine." Came the slightly clipped answer and Jack sighed in relief.

As D and Jack began to start a fire Jack suddenly turned to D and gave a smile. "Hey, I'm gonna take a quick walk to check the place out, I'll be back two hours." He said standing from the sparking pile of wood. "But…Jack." D started before Jack leaned down and smiled at the still seated hunter, his damned charming smile. "Just two hours, stay here, kay." And Jack was off.

Jack knew he smelled water, managing to find a small lake about ten minutes into his walk. Jack smiled, this would be a good place to cool off and let his transformation could happen and he wouldn't be overheated. Jack peeled off his clothing and slipped into the water as the moonlight filtered over his scarred flesh.

Soon he felt his bones crack in recognition of it. Fingers elongating a bit as claws begin to show. Soon he felt his long, ink black tail explode from the small of his back and his fangs grow longer.

"I hate this, but it feels soooo great." Jack sighed to himself in relief, being away from D meant he was away from his scent and away from what made his blood boil. Jack groaned, even thinking of it made him hot. He needed to swim.

About an hour later D was starting to feel a bit nervous. The crackling of the fire did nothing for his nerves and he felt an urge to find Jack. 'I'm sure he won't mind me finding him to help.' D thought before standing. "Omne, watch things here, I'll be back soon." D said before walking off.

All three wolves said the same thing/Oh Shit./

D trudged through the brush in the direction Jack went calmly, trying to ignore his symbiot. "Ya know, if you find Jack they won't be expecting ya for an hour. Bet you could get in a nice romp with him." It teased and D clenched his hand roughly.

It was inevitable that D found the lake, and it was also inevitable that Jack could smell him coming. The minute Jack heard him approach he turned in the water and stared at the hunter.

D couldn't help but stare at how the moonlight changed Jack; he really did become something more…animal. Strangely enough, it was the human in him that was attracted to this trait.

Jack saw the blush rise in the hunter's cheeks as he pulled himself from the water, naked and unashamed of it. The wolf in him didn't allow shame. The wolf wanted to let it's future mate see his end of the deal. Jack slowly approached the other hunter, tail swaying to the beat of his own instinct.

Soon, D was face to face with Jack, staring nervously into deep, golden eyes that were looking at him like an appetizer. "J-Jack…" D whispered as the wolf pinned him to a tree. "You should have stayed at camp…it would have given the animal in me time to…settle." Jack muttered before moving to D's neck, inhaling the scent of steel and ice he loved so much.

Soon, Jack had captured D's lips in a hungry way, tongue begging entrance as his long fingered hands gripped the other hunter's thin hips. D allowed the plundering of his mouth as his pale hands moved to Jack's scarred chest and around his shoulders.

Jack growled…his mate was enjoying this…his mate would enjoy much more. Jack nipped at D's lip before moving to his jaw line and neck, fangs nipping and tongue soothing the left over pain. D let out a small, muffled moan as Jack's torturing mouth moved over his pulse and his hands worked under D's shirt.

Jack suddenly pulled away to pull D's shirt off, and nip at his collar bone. As D's hands tangled in the other hunter's hair, he knew something that his symbiot couldn't spoil.

This was going to really change things…but right now, mixed up in Jack…he didn't give a shit.


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