Just a short 100 word drabble taking place during "Deus Ex Machina." Concerns Jack's thoughts before he announces to Sawyer (in his ever-so-clever way) that he needs glasses. Humor. A special thanks to Strange Bint who encouraged me to pursue "Lost" writing. Please feel free to leave reviews.

Maybe I shouldn't do this.

But what the hell? It'd feel beyond good getting a decent scare into the crude and impetuous Sawyer. The jerk deserves it after insulting me when I was only trying to help. And no, I won't admit asking Sawyer if he slept with any prostitutes and contracted STDs was too much. It only made it a lot more fun.

And the fun continues.

I approach Sawyer, reading. His hands immediately lower, grasping the book, when I arrive.

The hardest part of this all is keeping a straight face. Solemnly, I begin, "Sawyer, you've got hyperopia."