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How I Feel

Matthew carried Leila in his arms and sat her softly on the dirt ground next to him,dug his knife out of his Hollister and jammed it in the ground. He looked at her face, cut and pale, but beautiful. Her eyes were shut but he knew what they looked like. Her skin was turning pale white but she was still beautiful." I should've stopped you; this could have been avoided all together! Why was I so foolish!"


"Hey Leila" he said softly.

"Matthew!" she said in surprise.

"Hey I was wondering...if you could...come to my hometown?" he asked somewhat nervous.

"Is this where you were born? Why?" she asked confused.

"So you can meet my parents" Matthew quickly stated and then left in a scurry.

"Doesn't even wait for me to reply..."

XXXEnd FlashbackXXX

"That was my opportunity to ask you to not go through with this mission...and...to tell you how i feel about you" he whined "I love you Leila! And have since the moment I meet you! "he screamed loudly, but no one was around and she couldn't hear him. Calming down he whispered in her ear "I'll be with you soon Leila..." Matthew lifted her up and put her in the grass and began digging a hole for her grave. After an hour he was finished digging and picked Leila back up. He knew she was dead but refused to accept it...but she was...dead. He leaned forward still holding Leila and kissed her softly on her lips. "Leila I will mourn for you after my duties have been fulfilled, good bye Leila" he whispered. Matthew placed Leila gently inside the hole dug and buried her. Grabbing his knife and jamming it into his Hollister he started off towards the battle.