Ch1: Mistake

(in this fic Bridgette is Ryou's girlfriend)

Bridgette was sweeping the floor, "hey Bridgette?" asked Ryou, "what?" said Bridgette, "could you wash the dishes" said Ryou, "okay" said Bridgette, she went to the kitchen when suddenly she heard voices at the back she went to see what it was, she saw the most horrible thing in her life, she saw Ryou kissing Zoey, "" she whispered as she ran to the kitchen, she cried and cried.


"were here!" yelled Kikki, "it seems that nobody answered, they just saw Zoey and Bridgette working, when Bridgette passed Zoey she tripped her and made her drop the plates, "why are you always so clumsy!" yelled Zoey to Bridgette, "I wouldn't be so clumsy if someone wouldn't have tripped me!" she yelled back at her, "ohh so you wanna fight!" she yelled, "sure why not let's take this outside" she said, "Mew Mew Strawberry Metamorphosis!" yelled Zoey, "Mew Mew Lettuce Metamorphosis!" yelled Bridgette, "strawberry bell check!" yelled Mew Strawberry, "deep sea surge attack!" yelled Mew Lettuce, "that attack won't work on me!" she yelled, "oh yeah well you haven't seen my new attack yet!" she yelled back at her, "new attack?" she thought, "Dance of the water!" she yelled then she started playing her castanets, suddenly she was surrounded by water and she started twirling then water just attacked Zoey and then she was surrounded by water and it it just held her tight, when Zoey's bell turned into her Strawruberuberu wand, "strawberry surprise!" she yelled at her then she was attacked she cried, "what's the matter? You give up" she laughed at her, "I would never give up never!" she yelled back at her, then her castanets started to glow, "what the heck?" said Mew Strawberry, then light came, "combat castanet wand!" she yelled then her castanets turned into a wand…….