It seemed like it would be forever until they'd get rescued, and I had a strong feeling that we never would. It hurt me to think that, I would never see anybody I loved again- but then again they all died. But I couldn't deny what a beautiful day it was turning out to be though. The sun shining, blue clouds covering in the sky, and crystal clear wheather.

I hadn't talked to Jack yet, and he hasn't made the effort to talk to me either. He was busy making his rounds to see if everybody was okay. I did a really stupid thing today- I went to see how Sawyer was doing.

" How ya doin' Sawyer?" I asked. I sat horizontal to him in the infrimary. He looked up with those sad blue eyes that you rarely ever see.

" What Freckles?" I don't know why I did it, maybe an impulse, or maybe an urge to make him feel better. I got up and hugged him,

" I'm sorry." I felt his strong arms wrapped around me- it felt nice to be welcomed. WHen I pulled back I sat on the air plane seat next to him.

" Why? You don't like me Freckles- do ya?"

" You can be an ass sometimes but..." I looked down at the cave floor. " I know what it's like." I whispered.

" What? Speak up Freckles." Sawyer said smugly. I looked at him sadly, madly.

" I know what it's like... to be torchured." When I looked back up into Sawyer's face- it seemed softer. He studied my for a while then said,

" Oh..." I took a deep breath, I was about to get off of him but he didn't let me leave. His mouth came down to mine and my arms went around his neck. I loved feeling loved, or at leasted liked. Sawyer made me feel wanted. I pulled back and looked away. I stood up, and headed out of the cave when Sawyer said,

" Why do you keep going back to him?" And that made me think.