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Mokona wrapped his wings around the foursome, and they were swept away from the town of Spirit in the blink of an eye. All that was left where they were once standing were some leaves that fell on the ground. The now familiar breeze of the whirlwind of dimensions encircled them, blowing everything around. As the traveled through the portals, Syaoran glanced at Sakura. She seemed to be taking the fiasco quite well, but that look in her eyes, it was compelling. That absence, that dazed look…it pained him to see her so void of her previous energy. She was no longer that bundle of life that she once was.

With a yelp, Syaoran was abruptly hurled out of the portal. He landed in a heap on the ground. The last thing that he remembered feeling before he blacked out was the cold, hard, smooth surface of the ice.

The Adventures of The Fellowship Through Time

James gaped at the whirlwind that was now forming over the lake. He hadn't planned this! This was not a part of their prank. The gust of wind was only supposed to be strong enough to blow everyone's hats and scarves into the Forbidden Forest, but here was a strong whirlwind.

Perhaps the spell had backfired. James cringed at the thought. Sirius would never let him live it down and Remus would make sure he studied and practiced until he got the spell down right. He cringed at the thought. He knew that he would have to brush up on Charms.

Lily smirked at Potter's guilty face. Leave it to the Marauders to actually mess up a prank. It was a good thing she'd heard them talking about their little plan on the way to the common room. They would have to be more secretive in the future if they didn't want to be overheard again.

She'd also heard the incantation that they would use. It was the wrong one.

James watched in horror as the whirlwind expanded and constricted. To add to the bizarre events, four figures were thrown out of the tornado and out onto the lake with no warning whatsoever.

The crowd of students around the lake gasped. James rushed forward through the crowd muttering apologizes here and there as he went along. As he made his way past the last person, he stared at the four figures in awe. They all seemed to be people, all dressed in strange clothes. Two of them seemed to be around his age, while the other two were definitely older. The first teenager, a girl, held a rather strange looking stuffed toy in her arms. The thing was smiling. They all seemed to be unconscious from the fall.

The Adventures of The Fellowship Throughout Time

Professor McGonagall peered out the window. There seemed to be quite a commotion on the lake. There seemed to be quite a commotion on the Lake. Thinking she would inspect the situation, she walked out of the office and into the empty hallway.

"Minerva1 Fancy seeing you here! What brings you out of your quarters at this time?" Professor Dumbledore called to his fellow staff member from the other end of the corridor.

"There's something going on down at the lake," Minerva replied curtly. "I thought that I would go and check up on it."

"Very well then. I do think I'll go with you," he added after a moment's pause.

The walk to the entrance Hall was uneventful. Professor McGonagall threw the doors wide open and strode over in the direction of the lake. "Attention, attention please!" the stern woman called out, while the Headmaster set off firecrackers that flew through the air. The hubbub slowly decreased and eventually disappeared.

"What is the meaning of this?" Dumbledore's voice boomed over the students.

Sirius Black pushed to the front. "Professor sir, a whirlwind appeared over the

lake and four people were dropped out of it."

The Headmaster's eyebrows shot up and Professor McGonagall's face was contorted with surprise. Professor Dumbledore walked forwards, and the crowd parted silently for him.

After what had seemed to be hours of silence, Professor Dumbledore looked up. "Would the prefects of each house members back to the castle. I will handle this," he said. The prefects all went and started to usher the students back up onto the lawn and away from the source of commotion, the lake.

The students were leaving, most of them chattering away excitedly, a moderate gust of wind swept by and blew everyone's hats and other winter attire away.

James turned and grinned at Remus and Sirius. Even though they were a good distance away, the two boys saw him. Peter watched excitedly, squeaking as the wind dropped all of the clothing items it had picked up, and put them on the lake. Professor McGonagall's hat floated gently onto the top of the pile.

James watched in glee as Lily whirled around furiously towards him. He merely grinned cheekily and winked before turning away. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Lily had just discovered her wand had disappeared along with her hat and scarf.

"Accio," James muttered, and to his surprise, it worked. Lily's hat, scarf, and wand flew over her head and into his outstretched hand. He waved her belongings tauntingly. She sent him a death glare and grabbed her things from his hands. He watched as she marched up the steps, than sighed wistfully.

'Ah, well,' he thought. 'You can't get everything you want in life.'

The Adventures ofThe Fellowship Through Time

Dumbledore conjured up some stretchers for the four people, all while inspecting them carefully. The two adults would be a difficult case, but the two children looked around fifteen or sixteen. Perhaps, if need be, they could enroll them as transfer students…

He turned his head at the sound of Professor McGonagall's footsteps. She glanced at the new arrivals, but then turned back to him. "Well?" she asked.

"They seem to have come from another place."

"Well, of course they did!" she cried impatiently. "I don't think I've seen them in the whole of England!"

Dumbledore shook his head, "Not like that. Quite possibly, I don't think that they came from anywhere in Britain, or for that matter, anywhere in this world."

Professor McGonagall gasped. "So, y-you mean t-to say that-,"

"-yes," Dumbledore replied calmly. "I think that these people have come here from another world."

The Deputy Headmistress was silent. "But Albus," she said after a few moments had passed, her voice earnest.

"Yes Minerva?"

"S-surely you know what to do about this!"

Dumbledore straightened, Professor McGonagall watching him, almost fearfully.

"Minerva, I'm afraid I don't."


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