Kura sighed as he looked at the grill in front of him. Yesterday had been a hard day indeed. His master was gone, he'd fought against an all-powerful god of evil, and now...now he was cooking Okonomiyaki while Ukyo was in school. "Man, this sucks."

Fujin sat at one of the tables watching the mortals pass by lazily.

"Well, it was your stupid promise," said Fujin with a smirk forming on his face.

"I know," grumbled the pony-tailed god irritably. "I'm not really sorry about it or anything. I mean, I like Ucchan."

"Yeah, whatever," muttered Fujin.

"Where's Raiden anyway?" asked his brother as he seemed to realize something.

"He went along with Urd to visit her sisters. Belldandy was pretty broken up over Amaterasu. In fact, I expected you to be..."

"What? Crying like a baby?" snorted the pony-tailed god angrily.

"Something like that," said the demon with a smirk on his face.

"I'll miss her, she taught me a lot when I was younger," said the god wistfully. "I know her though. She wouldn't want me to cry for her, not for very long."

"Hmmm," said Fujin as he sipped at the tea in front of him.

"You've got work to do," said Kura.

"I work for her, not you, and only so I can stay," said the demon god flatly.

"Yeah. Well don't come crying to me when she's mad because that stuff ain't done when she gets back."

"I can handle it," snorted Fujin. "It's not like there's a lot to do right now. That slave driver, I think she makes up stuff for the two of us to do."

"You don't have to stay here you know," said Kura flatly. "I won't be gone that long, a few decades at most."

"Well, I don't feel like going back up there for a while. This is just as good a place as any to hang out. Besides, they get all upset whenever we try to have any fun."

"Oh?" asked Kura with a smirk on his face.

"Remember that time we made it storm? Souls who hadn't seen rain in so long that they'd forgotten about it were scared out of their wits!" said Fujin cheerfully.

"You and Raiden had to spend a week fixing roofs," said Kura cheerfully. "I don't think they minded the rain so much as the hurricane force winds and lightning bolts."

"Don't remind me," grumbled the demon. "Speaking of that, we're about due for a storm here aren't we?"

"Not for another month," said Kura flatly. "At least, not one as big as you're thinking."

"Dang. I hate waiting," snorted Fujin. "I think I'll blow this place down, just to spite her."

"You leave her alone," said Kura a small chuckle.

"Right. I guess I'll go do my chores then," muttered the demon as he stood up and passed his brother with a scowl on his face. He grabbed an apron and wandered into the kitchen. "Disgusting, I'm a demon and I have 'chores'!"

"You do that," said Kura cheerfully.


Urd sighed as she sat with Raiden beside her.

"How's she doing?" asked the demon as he frowned a little.

"Better," said the goddess.

"I wish there was something I could do to help," muttered Keiichi sadly.

"She'll bounce back in a few hundred years or so, don't worry," said Raiden cheerfully.

"A few hundred years?" asked Keiichi as he looked up at the god in horror.

Urd elbowed him and frowned. "She'll be fine after a few days, Keiichi," she assured him.

"Oh," said the boy with a slightly relieved sigh.

"Spoilsport," grumbled Raiden.

"Jerk," muttered Urd.

"You're not that upset," said the thunder god flatly.

"We didn't know her that well, she was one of Belldandy's friends," said Urd with a heavy sigh.

"Well, I suppose," muttered Raiden. "I'll miss the old battle axe myself."

"If my sister heard you talking that way..." growled Urd.

"She'd understand. We all knew Amaterasu in our own way. She's not the only one who died you know," said Raiden calmly.

"Whatever," grumbled Urd.

"I'm surprised you didn't keel over when Mara died," said Raiden as he looked at the woman.

"What?" gasped Urd in shock.

"I thought you were her match for sure." He scratched his head for a moment and frowned. "Too bad, she was a good kid in the end."

Urd's face fell somewhat. "Yeah. Good kid," she mumbled as she stood up and walked out of the room.

"Mara?" said Keiichi dumbly.

"Oh? You knew her?" asked the god as he looked at the boy for a moment.

"Yeah, kinda. What's with Urd?"

"Mara was more than another demon to her," replied Raiden with a shrug. "I suppose it took something like this to realize that. Plus, I've had enough of feeding off her pain to last me a while."

"What?" said the boy in horror.

"My nature doesn't change, just because my job does," replied the thunder god casually. "She just needs to work some things out."

Keiichi nodded and looked out the window to see the goddess standing beside the cherry tree in the yard.

"Let her be, she'll only bottle it all up if you bother her now," said Raiden as he put out his hand as Keiichi tried to stand. "That's just the way she is."

"Are you sure?" said the boy nervously.

"No," said Raiden with a shrug. "But it sounds right."

Keiichi blinked and sat back down again.

The door opened and they both turned to see Skuld standing in the doorway. She looked slightly disheveled and had smudges of grease on her face. "Um...Raiden?"

"What do you want too hook me up to now?" he said with a sigh as he stood up and frowned at her.

"Well, I might want something else..." she ventured with a blush on her face.

"Yeah, you might, but you don't," he said flatly.

"Okay, you're right," she admitted as she hung her head.

He sighed and walked over to her side. "What is it this time?"

"I need you to run the electric neuralizer in my new Banpei for a few minutes. I need to know how much power input it needs for when I rig up his battery," said Skuld as she grinned at him sheepishly.

"All right, but I'm not here all day today. I just came with Urd cause Kura asked me too," said the god as he wandered off.


Urd's back straightened up as a familiar presence moved up beside her.

"Hey Urd," muttered Venus quietly.

Benten smiled at the goddess as she wiped her eyes clean and turned to face them with a scowl on her face. "What do you two want?"

"Just visiting, Amaterasu wasn't just your friend, and we know it's harder on you because of..." She trailed off, not quite finishing.

"Mara was my enemy!" said Urd flatly. She narrowed her eyes at them.

"So what?" said Venus as her face became stern.

"So...I can't...I won't...I can't cry for her," said Urd as she turned away from them.

"Even when you know Kura has too?" said Venus as she took her by the shoulders and pulled her into her arms. "We've all lost a lot Urd."

Benten was speechless, she stared at the blonde goddess in shock. "I knew it! That airhead thing was all an act!" she thought to herself.

"So, we should go out...and eat lots of ice cream and cry together!" said Venus as she lifted Urd off of her feet in a hug and swung her from side to side. "Then we'll feel better!"

"Or not..." muttered Benten out loud.

Urd couldn't help but let out a small laugh through her tears. "All right...but ice cream is Skuld's thing, remember?"

"Oh," said Venus with a shrug. "Well, I know a place where they've got the neatest Baccardi flavored ice cream..."

Urd blinked at this. "You're kidding right?"

"No," said Venus as she suddenly looked uncertain. "It could have been Kailua."

Benten and Venus suddenly found themselves being dragged towards the gates of the home.

"Hey! Why do I have to go?" cried Benten angrily.

"Just quit whining and come on! This I've got to see!" said Urd as she opened the gates.

Raiden stuck his head out of Skuld's room with a pair of wires in his hands. "Well, there go the 'Three Stooges'."

"Hey! Pay attention!" snapped the young goddess.

Raiden jerked in pain as a wrench hit him over his head and he was dragged back into the room.


Akane Tendo sighed as her family stood with her in the hospital.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Nabiki as she frowned at the girl.

"Yes!" snapped the girl as she glared at her sister for a moment. "I...wouldn't have survived if not for him."

Soun frowned at this announcement. "Very well, we will be out here if you need us."

"I can handle Kuno daddy!" snapped Akane as she walked away from him.

Kasumi put her hand up to her cheek and sighed. "Oh my."


Tatewaki Kuno sat alone in the darkness, his head hung low as he sat in the hospital bed. His body was covered in bandages and half of his face as well. "Was it all just a dream?" he muttered to himself.

The door slowly opened and he looked up at it.

"I wish to meditate in peace. Leave me," he said without looking up.

Whoever it was ignored him and he glanced up. "Akane Tendo."

"Good afternoon, Kuno," she said with a short bow.

He looked at her for a moment. Both of her hands were in bandages now, most of her other injuries were covered by her school uniform, save a wrapped ankle. "I came to say thank you...and..."

"You killed my sister," he said quietly.

The girl hung her head and looked away from him in shame. "I..."

"Do not weep for that, Akane Tendo. She was an evil creature, able to walk among demons without fear," he said to her as calmly as ever. "It has not changed my feelings for you. Do not worry."

Akane gave a small growl of frustration at that announcement. "Kuno. We can't go on like..."

"I have much to think about Akane, as do you," he said to her as he looked up at her. She could only see one of his eyes, and it was completely serious; in a way that she had never seen before.

Akane nodded at that. "I'm still sorry. She was..."

"She was beyond help," replied Kuno flatly.

Akane looked away from him again. "Something's changed Kuno."

"I know, but I do not know what it is," said the boy as he looked out the window in the room. There was no other light on, just the sunlight from outside.

"I have a feeling we'll find out," said Akane with a short nod.

"Perhaps, I do not think that we are meant to be wed, Akane Tendo," said the boy as he looked at her for a moment. "Our lines are meant to be separate now. I curse this horrible fate, but accept it."

Akane gasped in surprise.

"The Kuno and Tendo families shall always be allies, Akane Tendo," he looked at her again, the fierceness burning in his eyes once again.

She nodded at this and turned away.

Kuno reached out and took her hand. His eyes falling on the small ring she now wore on her finger. "What is this?"

"I found it this morning, it was on my pillow," she said as she showed it to him. "I don't know where it came from. I know it wasn't from anyone I can think of. I'm not sure why I know that either."

Kuno frowned. It was a small dragon's head, with two red gems set into the eyes. There were two metal bands that reached back across her hand and curved back into her palms, holding it in place more firmly.

"Yes, I know," he said to her.

"What?" she muttered dumbly.

He turned his hand over, revealing another ring like it, only it was larger and more masculine in design. The eyes were green rather than red. "I too found such a ring."

The girl gasped and put her hand up to her mouth. "What are these? What do they mean?"

"I do not know, but I feel a power from them," said the boy as he looked at her again.

Akane nodded at this and backed away from him. "I have to go now. I'll see you later."

Kuno nodded and lay back against his pillow again. He closed his eyes, and went to sleep.

She stopped in the doorway and looked at him again one last time. She couldn't explain it, but she also had a feeling that their families were not meant to be joined just yet. Perhaps a few generations down, but not just yet. She closed the door, and left him alone.


Mousse walked down the road in the middle of Japan. He felt odd, not just because of what had happened to him a day ago, but because of the task set out before him.

He'd never cared much for Ryoga Hibiki, but as a last wish...he just couldn't refuse him. He strolled towards his destination purposefully. A large map held in his hands as he looked for the exit that would take him to the Unryuu farm. Occasionally he would reach up to push his glasses further up his nose, but they weren't there any longer. It was an odd feeling too, being able to actually read the tiny print on the map in his hands.

He stopped and looked at the sign. It was a fork in the road, one leading to the Unryuu farm, and the other parts unknown. He sighed and steeled himself before turning down the road.


Kura smiled as Ukyo walked back into the restaurant after school had ended for the day.

"Oh, is it that time already?" he said cheerfully.

The girl snorted and walked back behind the counter with him as she tossed her books against the wall. There were customers sitting around eating lazily, and a few of the after school crowd was starting to come in. "I'm going to change, and then I guess your shift is over."

Kura nodded and smiled at her. "All right."

Two familiar boys walked in and smiled at him.

"Hey Ranma!" said Daisuke.

"Kura," he corrected.

"Right," said Hiroshi absently. "You haven't been at school."

"I'm not going to school anymore," he replied with a shrug.

"Oh," said the pair dumbly.

"We miss you man," said Daisuke.

"Yeah, just ain't the same without you," replied Hiroshi.

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't be," he said with a shrug.

"Yeah, so...you're really quitting school?" asked Hiroshi dumbly.

"Yeah. Sorry," said the god cheerfully.

"That's too bad," muttered Hiroshi.

"Yeah, but...why are you here?" asked Daisuke.

"Huh? Oh, I'm staying with Ukyo, and keeping the store running for her while she's there," replied Kura absently.

"You're staying here?" muttered Hiroshi dumbly.

"Yeah," replied Kura. "I promised Ucchan I'd take care of her when she was little, so I'm keeping my promise."

Both boys blinked at this.

"So, you're...marrying her?" muttered Daisuke.

"Huh? No," said the god as he looked at them for a moment. "I'm just staying with her for the rest of her life is all."

The pair looked more than a little confused at this.

"Isn't that the same thing?" asked Daisuke.

"Not really," said Kura with a shrug. "I don't think Urd would like that very much anyway."

"Urd? You mean that babe who was..." said Hiroshi as he remembered the goddess from class.

"Yeah," said Kura cheerfully.

"Man, he did it again!" cried Daisuke in disgust.

"Another Fiancee? Really Saotome! I mean, it was cute and all before, but you're taking all the babes for yourself!" cried Hiroshi.

"No, it's just me and Urd now," said Kura with a smile on his face.

"Well what about Akane, and Shampoo, and Ukyo?" asked Daisuke as he leaned forward hopefully.

"Well, they're all available now. I broke up with them," said the pigtailed god after a moment of thought.

"Really?" said Daisuke with a shocked grin.

"Well, if you want to ask one of them out, you can...but..."

Hiroshi sighed. "Yeah. We know better."

Ranma smiled at this and started to scrape off the grill. Ukyo walked down the stairs in her chef's uniform and nodded at the two boys. "Kura, you can go now."

"What's with this Kura thing?" asked Daisuke.

"That's my name," said the god as he looked at them. "Ranma wasn't really my name. My real name is Kura Okami."

"Like, that rain god?" muttered Daisuke.

"Yeah. Like that guy," said Kura cheerfully. He walked over and sat down next to them.

"Oh," said the pair dumbly.

"What'll it be guys?" asked Ukyo.

"We'll have the special," said Daisuke cheerfully.

The girl nodded and started to work on the grill skillfully.

Daisuke and Hiroshi grinned at her cheerfully for a moment and then blinked in surprise as a mirror image of Ranma walked out of the back room. He had long unbound hair and was covered in flour.

"I'm done for the night," he said to Ukyo as he walked around her.

"Where's your brother?" said Ukyo as she frowned at him.

"He's off visiting friends, he should be back soon," muttered Fujin as he walked over and sat down next to Kura.

"Hey. Who's this, Saotome?" asked Daisuke.

"Yeah!" agreed Hiroshi.

"My brother, his name is Fujin," said Kura as he glanced at them.

"Oh," replied the pair in unison. They ate their food in silence and looked slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes.

"Raiden is still over at Belldandy's place?" asked Kura.

"Yeah, I think Skuld got her hands on him. Otherwise he'd be back by now," grumbled Fujin irritably.

"She's a good kid, she won't hurt him too badly," said Kura cheerfully.

"Skuld?" asked Hiroshi.

"You've got another brother?" asked Daisuke.

"Yup," said Kura as he looked at them.

"Man, there's three of them!" said Hiroshi as he hung his head.

"We don't stand a chance!" agreed Daisuke.

The pair stood up and started towards the door.

"You should have brought umbrellas," said Kura as he turned to them.

They turned and looked at him for a moment. "Huh?"

"You've got about three minutes before it starts raining," said Kura as he winked at them and turned back towards the counter.

The pair looked at one another, shrugged, and walked out into the street again.

"Rain?" muttered Ukyo with a frown on her face.

"Just a little," said Kura cheerfully.


Mousse sighed as he found himself on the road once again. He'd delivered his message. The girl hadn't taken it well; she did love the boy after all. Thankfully, she had latched onto her pig for comfort rather than him, and he'd left a short time later, leaving her to grieve alone.

"One more stop," he said as he looked up at the sky. He frowned at the dark clouds forming overhead and sighed. "I guess I can fly there."

At those words, the rain began to fall and he walked along, waiting for the transformation to start. It wasn't raining very hard just yet, and he was still relatively dry.

He continued on his way for several minutes, walking silently and waiting. That was when he paused and looked down at his hands for a moment. "What the?"

He was soaked, and he wasn't a duck.

He blinked and looked up at the sky for a moment in confusion. "What the?"

He felt his heart skip a beat and he simply looked up at the sky. "I'm...I...I'm not..."

The shout of joy that followed could be heard for miles in every direction.


Morning came...it was quiet and peaceful. Not a sound could be heard in the streets of Nerima.

Akane Tendo stood in the dojo with a frown on her face. Her family shrine was resting on the ground, having fallen from its place on the wall.

"An omen!" she muttered to herself as she looked at it for a moment. She snorted in disgust; it sounded like something her father would say. Still, there was an unmistakable aura of something wrong in the room.

She turned and gasped as she saw the spear she had used in the battle against the demons resting on the wall, glowing with power and blackening the wood that it hung from. "I should have left that behind."

At those words, the weapon flung itself off of the wall and pointed towards her. It began to move in a complicated pattern of attack and defense. She narrowed her eyes as she recognized the form; it was from the Tendo School.

"What are you?" she demanded as she backed away and glared at it.

The weapon attacked her, forcing her to dodge and weave away from it, she flipped away and landed on the ground in a crouch with a scowl on her face. "Damn!"

The spear moved forward to attack again and she jumped over it again, forcing it to jam itself into the wall.

Akane snarled angrily with a scowl on her face. "Attacking me in my own home. I won't forgive you!" She pointed the strange ring at the thing and scowled.

The spear was busy trying to remove itself from the wall, it shook from side to side while burning the portion it touched with an unnatural heat.

They eyes on the dragon ring sparkled and Akane felt a power flow into her body that had been sleeping before. Her clothes seemed to explode off of her body and she spun around as winds of energy formed around her. "You're going to regret messing with me!" she screamed as a new set of clothes formed over her body, a red Chinese style dress with a yin yang symbol on the chest. She snarled as the transformation finished and moved into a combat stance. "First Generation Devil Hunter Akane!" she cried out loud as a sword appeared in her hand.

The spear managed to take itself out of the wall and she slashed at it. Power crackled off of her blade as a red energy seemed to emanate from the spear. She screamed in effort and the evil weapon exploded in a shower of splinters. She kicked the spearhead and frowned as it did nothing, the evil power from it drained away.

After a moment she blinked and looked down at herself. Her sword vanished from her hand and the ring seemed much more polished than it had been before. "Great. What an embarrassing transformation!" she muttered to herself.

"Nice outfit," commented a familiar voice from the doorway to the dojo.

She gasped and turned to see Mousse standing there looking at her.

"How much did you see?" she screamed at him with her face suddenly flushing.

"Really Akane, that didn't work for Shampoo, what makes you think it will work for you?" muttered Nabiki as she passed by with a smirk on her face.

"Oh my!" gasped Kasumi with a blush forming on her cheeks as she walked up and saw her sister's dress. "Oh, well. The bath is ready for you Akane."

The girl simply stood there in horror as her father walked by as well, tears in his eyes. "My daughter! I knew she would grow up to be a woman one day!!" he lamented.

Mousse frowned at this and glared at him. "That's sick Mr. Tendo."

Akane almost passed out in embarrassment, but the look on Mousse's face stopped her.

"What is it?" she asked nervously.

"I came to bring you a message," he replied calmly. "From Ryoga."

She blinked at him and sat down with a sudden slump. "Ryoga? But...Kura told me that he was..."

Mousse smiled a little at this, and nodded. "I'm afraid he his."

"Oh," said Akane with a familiar sadness welling up in her chest.

"I'm sorry for your loss. I never liked him much, but he did die like a man," said Mousse quietly. "He wanted you to know that, and to tell you that...he'll be watching over you. He was your friend, I know that."

Akane nodded, the tears she'd thought she'd finished shedding for him fell down her face. "I know."

"Kura told you did he?" said Mousse as he turned away.

"No, he only told me that he was in a better place now, but...I know Ryoga well enough..."

The boy nodded and looked at her again. She smiled at him and he started walking. He passed by Nabiki with a blush on his face and turned to watch her walk by for a moment.

She paused and frowned at him.

"I'd ask what you're looking at, but I know you can't see it anyway," she said as she stood in a slightly sultry way, shifting her rear a little.

"You'd be surprised," he muttered to himself as he continued walking, blushing as heavily as ever. "Who could have know? These girls really are rather attractive." Kasumi smiled at him as he quickly rushed out the gate.


Yamma no Kami smirked as she stood in front of the Cat Cafe. Without a word she strolled into the building and directly over to Cologne.

"Hello. What can I do for you?" asked the old woman cheerfully.

"Nothing. I just came to tell you that your descendants will no longer be blessed," said the woman as she smiled at her warmly.

Cologne blinked at this. "I beg your pardon?"

"Yes, I'm shifting my favor over to Mousse, and his family," said the Goddess cheerfully.

Cologne's jaw hung open and she simply stared at her, unsure of what to say. "But...Mousse is..."

"Quite alive. Your foolish attempt to rid yourself of him has actually made a hero out of him. He saved many gods, and will lead a blessed life from her on out. He is also assured a place in heaven when he dies."

The old woman simply stared at the goddess, not able to speak.

"Kura says to say hello," she said to her. "Oh, and too tell you that Mousse actually managed to defeat him."

"Impossible!" cried Cologne in a fit of frustration. "No mortal can..."

"Actually, Raiden was beaten by a mortal some time ago. Sent him running off crying it was such a bad beating." She leaned in and whispered into her hear. "He doesn't like talking about it though. It's embarrassing. Especially since it happened more than once." She smiled at her and bowed. "Good day."

Cologne hung her head in silence and stared at the counter. "Mousse is alive, and in the favor of the gods?" she mumbled to herself in disbelief.

Shampoo was simply staring at her with a confused frown on her face. "What mean? Mousse alive?" Her face broke into a smile. "Is good. Not like Mousse, but still friend from child times."

"Not like Mousse?" said Cologne to herself in horror. The goddesses warning hit her as well. Something about her family not being blessed anymore. "Oh dear. This could take a bit of work." She turned towards Shampoo and sighed. "Are you sure you don't like him?" asked the old hag cheerfully.

"Yes. Shampoo sure," said the girl.

"My darling Shampoo!" cried Mousse as he burst through the door. "I've returned to you!"

The girl looked up and blinked at him. "What Mousse is talking? Go to kitchen and start work!" She tossed a bucket full of water that was being used to wash the tables at him and it clanged against his head, soaking him.

He looked at her for a moment and then back at the bucket again. "Okay." He shuffled off dejectedly and went into the kitchen. "Wow, she really is a dried up old mummy!" he muttered to himself.

The two Amazon females were simply staring in shock.

"How Mousse do this?" cried Shampoo angrily. "You tell Shampoo!" She rushed after him.

Cologne hung her head and shook it. "Oh dear."


Kura walked through the door of the Ucchan's and into the streets of Nerima with Urd on his arm. "Baccardi flavored Ice Cream?" he asked her as he scowled a little.

"Yeah! It's really good. Venus and Benten showed me," she said cheerfully.

"Of course, who else?" he grumbled as he turned back to see a familiar flashing blue from the kitchen of the Ucchan.

Raiden screamed painfully from the back room and started arguing with Ukyo. "This is why I said I don't do dishes!"

"Quit complaining! Fujin is off today, so you've got to do them!" retorted the angry girl.

Shampoo and Mousse walked by, with Mousse begging the girl as pathetically as ever.

"My darling Shampoo! I love you!" he wailed as he almost crawled after her.

"Stupid Mousse! Put on glasses and leave Shampoo alone!" said the girl. She tried to replace herself with several inanimate objects and Mousse ignored them and continued after her. She was obviously becoming frustrated, and hadn't quite figured out how he was doing that just yet.

"But Shampoo I..." the boy's voice trailed off as a particularly attractive woman passed by. He turned to watch her for a moment and quickly shook his head. "I mean...My darling Shampoo!"

"He's weakening," said Urd cheerfully.

"Whatever," muttered Kura halfheartedly. "Can we just go?"

"I hear your old friend Ryoga got a job," said Urd as she squeezed his arm a little.

"Oh?" said the boy as he frowned at her. "Doing what? Construction?"

"Actually, he's a tour guide for the big palace, giving tours of father's office," said the woman as she grinned at him.

"Wonder how long that will last. That boy is terminally lost," grumbled Ranma.

"Well, he is in heaven, what could go wrong?" said Urd cheerfully.


Ryoga grinned at the souls that stood around him. They had cameras and little flags with them. Most were dressed as if they were on vacation. "And to your right, we have the Thirteenth level of hell. As you can see, this is where Amatsu Mikaboshi is forever sealed away." He waved his arm and the tourist looked at the boiling sea of lava rather nervously. "If you'll just continue this way, we can see the seal the demons have erected to prevent him from being revived again..."

"This isn't on the map," muttered one of the nervous sightseers.

"I've taken this tour six times, it's never the same," said the man next to him with a cheerful grin on his face.

Ryoga sighed as he looked down at the map in his hands. "I was sure this led to the office. Oh well. I'll get there eventually, I always do." He looked around and chuckled a little. "Well, because of him...I guess I really have seen hell this time." He smiled at his tour group and motioned for them to follow again. "If you'll just step this way..."


The End for real this time. ^_^;