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Harry arrived home to their new flat in a small wizard muggle mix community. He looked down at the colors he had picked for the walls, absently noting the smell of paint. Draco had said he was getting into art a lot more lately, and he had a talent for it, and painted to often that wasn't out of place.

"Surprise!" The husky voice of his lover whispered in his ear and he smiled, looking up, and seeing a green streaked blond hair, with a smudge under one eye. He knitted is eyebrows in confusion, then looked up. The walls were a deep, emerald green. So much for red…Harry thought, eyeing his color choices.

"What's that?" Draco asked, peeking over his shoulder, and getting paint all over him.

"The colors I wanted."

"Piffle." draco shook his paint streaked hair back, a piece of it hanign over one eye and he spun and loked harry in the eye, nose to nose. "this color is better. Like your eyes."

There was going to be a new decoration of Harry' innard in a moment when h blew up from happiness and love. After he melted form that kiss of course.

They had been dating ever since the Tatsu incident. Harry sat on the floor, looking at the walls. They really were nice. Cream trimming lined by the floor and halfway up the walls.

"Ilike this place…" Draco smiled, laying across harry's lap.

"You're ruining my pants."

"Oh well." Draco smiled again, his cheek dimpling. Harry loved that. He loved everything about Draco.

His memory took off as he ran his fingers through paint covered hair. He still remembered how angry ron had been when he woke up. Oddly enough, Dumbledore had never been told, yet dobby still got a raise. Harry had chuckled long and hard about that one. Hermione and seamus had gotten married as soon as school was out. She was now a happy, vomiting three months pregnant, evidence of a very happy wedding night.

Draco stood up, Harry close behind, the former sauntering towards the kitchen. They were fixing the place up, mostly by hand, and three months had seemed like a second and forever at the same time.

"What's this?" Draco asked, waggling his eyebrows at harry, holding up a book he'd purchased at the store.

"Nothing…"Hary replied innocently.

"Nice pictures for nothing." Draco smirked, cocking his head to the left and arching an eyebrow, smirk playing at his lips. Harry blushed.

"I'm going to take a shower." Draco announced, grabbing harry's rear, causing said male to give an undignified squeal. " you can join if you like…" Draco smirked, lickign harry's ear.

"well, can I really turn down an offer like that?" Harry smiled, looking in the mirror and seeing a rathr large green handprint on his pants.

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