It doesn't matter how far you run Goblin. I'll follow your green hind to the ends of the earth. You will never escape my wrath!" yelled spiderman climbing out of the water.

Gliding through the sky the Green Goblin only laughed

"You talk big spiderman but you can't back it up. If you had the guts to actually kill me you would have done it long ago."

Spiderman finally reached land and shook himself dry. He then looked to the sky and his eyes burned with rage behind his eyes. This monster had taken Mary Jane away from him. He would stop him tonight no matter what. He raised his hand and shot a web stream at the side of the bridge and took over into the air. Using the momentum he climbed high into the air and flipped on top of the bridge.

"You've went to far this time Goblin. I'm not playing by the rules anymore. You won't live past this day." He yelled.

"Words, words, nothing but words. You're weak wall crawler, you'll never defeat me."

Spiderman watched goblin turned his glider towards him and shoot two pumpkin missiles. In stead of trying to dodge them he jumped right into their path. He landed on one pumpkin missile and jumped onto the other. He then juped of that and right into the face of the green goblin.

The green goblin was shocked by this move and couldn't maneuver the gilder away from spiderman in time. Spiderman landed on the glider and the two went hand to hand ignoring the explosions as the two missiles further damaged the bridge.

"I'll show you how weak I am." Said spiderman as he head butted the goblin.

The goblins head snapped back and he lost control of his glider. It started to head downward in a spiral.

"You fool, you'll kill us both." Said the goblin trying to free his hands from Spiderman's iron grip.

"So be it, you have left me nothing left to live for." Replied spiderman as he refused to loosen his grip.

Mere meters from impact Goblin kicked spiderman in the groin and he loosed the hold. Goblin broke free of his grip and regained control of his glider. However they were going down too fast and he was only able to tilt it up enough for a hard landing. The glider skidded on the ground and both men went flying off.

Both landed hard and struggled to get up. Goblin got up first and looked in his bag. Inside he saw that he only had one ninja star left. He cursed this and looked to the fallen spiderman not to far away.

"You came close parker, I didn't think that you had it in you. But now the game is over and I win. The Goblin always win."

He laughed hysterically as he took the star from his bag and threw it at spiderman's head.

Still disoriented from the low blow Peter barely heard what the goblin said. But his spider sense still worked and he acted on instinct. He immediantly put both hands and feet on the ground and pushed off into the air. Just as the ninja star whizzed past where his head just was he grabbed it. Then using its momentum he spinned in mid air and threw the star right back at the Goblin.

Goblin was smiling at his kill, but it quickly turned into a frown whenb he saw the star come right back at him. He had only enough time to stumble backwards when the star connected, with his interdimensional teleportal device. The impact knocked him on his back and sparks flew from the device.

Spiderman landed back on the ground and immediately jumped to his feet. While disappointed the star had missed goblin's body he was glad to see he at least taken away his escape.

"Looks like you can't teleport away this time Goblin. It's time that you faced judgment, and I'm going to pronounce sentence." He said coolly.

The Green Goblin got shakily to his feet and looked in horror at his damaged device. He took the ninja star out and tossed it aside. He worked his hands around the sparks as he saw spiderman calmly walking toward him.

"You'll not judge me parker. I'm accountable to no one. I am the Green Goblin, I am invincible." He said while walking backwards.

"You're nothing but a fake Goblin. You just a puppet created by Osborne. Your finished, I'm going to cut this puppets strings." Said Parker calmly as he continued his unhurried walk towards revenge.

Goblin continues to try and repair the device while walking away from spiderman.

"There is no Osborne, only the Green Goblin." But instead of sounding hysterical his voice contained desperation and a hint of fear.

"It really doesn't matter who you are. The tombstone will read the same, dead." Said Spiderman still walking calmly.

Goblin continued walking backwards when his device suddenly lit up. He looked down at it in shock and nearly collapsed in laughter.

"Looks like you lose again spiderman." He turned around and turned the machine on. A portal formed, although a very unstable one.

Spiderman stopped in his tracks as he saw this. His teeth clenched and he ran towards the goblin at full speed.

"I won't let you getaway." He yelled in unrestrained fury.

Goblin turned his head and smiled as he raised his wrist.

"You don't have a choice." He pushed a button on the control of his wrist.

The once silent glider came to life and lifted into the air heading toward the goblin.

Spiderman continued his run toward the Goblin drowning out his spider sense warning by the need for his revenge. Therefore he was surprised when the glider hit him in the back carrying him toward his target.

The Goblin was sure that spiderman would have avoided the glider and was surprised when it hit him. He was even more surprised that it was bring spiderman right at him in increasing speed. Panicking and turned his head back around and ran for the portal.

Spiderman ignored the pain in his back as it was bringing him closer to his target. He gave an evil smile and prepared himself.

Goblin was only inches away when he saw the portal become even more unstable and start to shimmer. He slowed down at this development temporarily forgetting about the glider carrying his enemy toward him. He was quickly reminded as the glider and spiderman crashed into him sending them all through the portal.

Once through the portal it continued to shimmer until fading out completely. Once again all was silent and the only clue that a battle had taken place here was a nearly demolished bridge.