Alverez's ship did indeed explode and huge flames scorched the Watchtower

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Alverez's ship did indeed explode and huge flames scorched the Watchtower. However they did not penetrate the Watchtower walls. Contrary to what Alverez thought he had not reached the Watchtower. His ship exploded a good hundred feet from it. Considering his state of mind from his craziness and burns to his body such a perception is understandable. Still the explosion came close and could have did significant damage. Thankfully Captain Atom and unknown individual flew quickly to the scene and absorbed most of the explosion leaving the Watchtower to take only a small part of the intended attack.

Captain Atom began to sweat taking in so much energy but eventually it dissipated away and he stopped bending over in exhaustion. He let out big breaths before turning his head to the person who had helped him save the Justice League home.

"Thank you for your assistance, me and my friends are most grateful. But I wonder if you would give me your name and your reason for being here." Captain Atom said.

The person turned to look at him and he could now tell that she was female. She had long fiery red hair that went down to her shoulders. Her skin was pale but appeared that parts of her were made out of metal. Also her eyes were as yellow as the sun and reminded him of cat eyes. She stared at him with a face showing little emotion if any.

"My name is Sira, formally of the planet Ninti. As for my reasons for being here, that is up to another to explain. However I will tell you that you and this Justice League are not our enemies. We have more than enough of those." She told him plainly.

Captain Atom wasn't sure how to respond to that. Years in the military had ingrained in him for questions to be answered fully when asked. But remembering that same military had a part in the attack on his home maybe some ideas needed to change. Besides if she was part of the ships that had practically saved him he couldn't really complain. If this group had wanted to hurt them they could easily have done so earlier or even now. The space battle was over but the Watchtower was a mess and the Justice League beyond tired. There would be repercussions from this attack for a long time to come.

"Very well, considering what you have done for us today I will accept that. May I ask who will inform us what is you are doing here? As much as we appreciate the help we would also like some answers eventually. This whole war with Cadmus has dimmed some of our trust issues." Captain Atom explained to Sira.

Sira nodded at this.

"Indeed, trust is a very precious thing. I myself once trusted someone among all others. This proved to be an error as in the greatest time of need he turned out to be a traitor. In this our people our very much alike." She told him.

Captain Atom said nothing to that and suddenly found himself feeling uncomfortable. Fortunally Sira broke the silence.

"We should secure the enemy ships to make sure they really have surrendered. It would not due for them to catch us off guard." She said.

Captain Atom nodded and kept his face neutral despite the conflicting thoughts inside. As a military man he should have already thought of that. The fatigue of battle must be really getting to him."

"Right, if you can get in touch with your people I will do the same. We should coordinate our efforts to get the best results." He said feeling back in his element.

They both then flew in direction directions to gather their forces.

However although the ships may have stopped fighting not everyone inside was. The clones had been programmed to fight until the end. Some disobeyed the stand down order and continued fighting. One such fight taking place was the ship Raven and Spiderman had teleported on.

"What are these guys deaf, they were told to stop!" Spiderman yelled while dodging a lighting bolt.

Raven continued to hold up her barrier stopping the bullets from a trio of soldiers. She then pushed the barrier forward crushing the soldiers against the opposite wall knocking them out. Only then did she turn to her teammate who was fighting Juice and Wind Dragon. She whipped out a tentacle of black magic and wrapped it around Juice fists bringing them together. She then twist his hands around as he was about to fire on Spiderman. So instead the electricity hit Wind Dragon throwing him into shock. Spiderman quickly jumped to Wind Dragon and round housed the stunned villain in the head sending him down for the count.

"Let go of my hands you witch!" Juice sneered at Raven.

Spiderman was about to teach him for lesson for what he called Raven when Juice suddenly fell to his knees yelling in pain. It was then he noticed that Juice's hands were being crushed by the black tentacle.

"It's alright Spiderman, I take no offense to his statement. He is correct, I am a witch. But I don't think he knows what that really means. I will show him." Raven said in a montone voice.

Her eyes then went blood red and she tripled in size. Several tentacles shot out from her cape and ensnared Juice. He tried to pull away but his efforts were fruitless. He was pulled inside and his screams were suddenly cut off.

Spiderman saw the scene but did nothing to stop it. He had heard from the titans about this transformation but was told since hooking up with Starfire she had become more calm and controlled. Spiderman believed this because while her eyes were red the rest of her face was calm. A few seconds later Raven reverted back to her average size and her eyes retuned to normal. Juice was laying on the ground his complexion paled as he murmured the same words over and over again.

"So cold, so cold, make it stop, make it stop." Juice continued to whisper like a broken record.

Spiderman turned his attention away from him and locked eyes with Raven.

"Felling better now?" He simply.

"Yes." Was her simple response.

They both nodded to each other and walked down another corridor. It was time to put an end to all this.

One another ship Superman and Dragga were still in a fierce battle with Kal-el. All three combatants were bruised and bloodied but refused to stop fighting. They had heard the stand down order and ignored it. They knew that neither side intended to let the other leave alive.

Superman's left arm hung uselessly while blood ran down it. His nose was also crooked and three teeth appeared to be missing from his mouth. He was down on one knee but kept his attention on his opponent.

Dragga himself didn't look much better with one eye complexly closed. Their were several marks on his stomach to show the hits he had taken. He was still standing but breathing very heavily.

Lastly Kal-el himself was sitting down on his butt. Beside the blood spillng from his mouth he had no other outward appearances of pain. But that was only because the symbiote had covered them up. There was much internal damage as the symbiotes recuperative powers could only do so much. His muscles had reverted back to their regular size and his true face was once again revealed. His eyes burned with hurt and anger but he did not stand. Every second he gained was an important one at this point.

Both sides locked eyes with each other from their positions without moving. They all knew that not only was the war over but this battle was soon to be as well. Each had given everything, holding nothing back. All of their bodies were at the limit and knew that the next move might very well be their last. So they waited seeking the right opportunity to end the fight once and for all.

Superman was the first to break the tension as he spit out another tooth. He then raised his knee and got back on two feet if not shakingly. He fists clenched and his eyes narrowed.

"It's time we put a end to all this. The war has ended outside but the battle continues in here. Accept defeat my twisted clone, it won't be long before mine and Dragga's friends come in here to secure the ship. Surrender now and no more blood shed need be made." Superman said in a tired voice.

To this Kal-el simply laughed before floating to his feet as well.

"Dear foolish father, do you truly believe this war is over? Yes you have beat the humans and their genetic creations. But Cadmus is far more than that. Earth is not our ultimate goal, only a starting point. True this time you have managed to keep hold of the giant piece of rock. But Earth will fall under our will, you humans are far too weak to hold onto it. If only you could see how short-sighted you all are. This was simply a battle. One that Cadmus lost, but in a way we also won. Most of what Cadmus lost can be recreated. Can the Justice League, Avengers, and your precious humans that have died be said the same for. Cadmus is not merely a organization, it is a new beginning. It is the evolution of life that will sweep away the imperfections of old and bring forth a new stronger, better, and smarter race. No, when it is all said and done we are not the losers here, you are." Kal-el said finishing his speech.

"You speak madness, your reign of terror ends here and now. You seem to forget that you were created by humans. You call them inferior and weak but they made you. You are an extension of the power they wish for. There is no evolution, at least not a natural one. Everything Cadmus stands for is fake and a fantasy. For their doings in the end they were still defeated. Your people could not understand the concept that the people of this planet will always fight together for it. No matter their differences or hatred mankind's survival will overcome all else. Your creators knew this and yet continued with this plan. It makes no sense." Superman said wearily.

Kal-el shook his head as if he was talking to a ignorant child.

"You still don't get it do you Father. Humans are incapable of accomplishing what Cadmus has done on such a grand scale. They were simply pawns being used for a greater purpose. As I said Cadmus's reach will go to the stars and beyond. It is our destiny, it can not be altered or stopped." Kal-el said with fanatic conviction.

Superman was about to reply when suddenly he stopped. All at once pieces of what his clone said were coming together to form a picture. Cadmus not controlled by humans, Cadmus a new evolution, sweeping imperfections from the galaxy, replacing the new with the old. It all came together to form a horrifying picture.

"My god, it can't be." Superman said in a near whisper. His voice was laced with disbelieve and fear.

A cruel smile came to Kal-el face at Superman's expression.

"I see you have finally figured it out father. You now know who is truly behind the power that Cadmus holds." The clone stated smugly.

Dragga turned his one good eye towards Superman. The expression on his face gave him chills.

"Superman what's wrong, what is this maniac talking about?" Dragga asked confused.

Superman slowly closed him mouth trying to control himself. They were wrong, the Justice League had been wrong. They had been wrong about everything. It hadn't been a threat from within that had threaten their very lives. It had been an foreign threat that was known to them all too well. Amanda Waller and the so called Council didn't create Cadmus, it was Brainiac. A villain from his past that refused to just give up and die.

"You fools, how could they agree to work with that monster. How could you formed from my own blood actually agree with his plans? You have my memory and experiences. You above all others should realize that there is no future in following Brainiac. In the end no one or anything is perfect is his view. He would destroy it all and leave himself the only living thing." Superman tired to explain.

To this Kal-el shook his head.

"You are wrong, we will be allowed to live because we are apart of him. We are his creations, his children. We are the seeds that he will plant to usher in the new age of perfection. The control of Earth was nearly a practice run, he like ourselves have learned from our mistakes. From the information we have gathered here it will make our conquest of others planets all that easier." Kal-el told him confidently.

"What the hell are you talking about. First we're fighting and then we're talking. You need to decide which way this is going to end." Dragga said getting tired of not knowing what was going on.

Superman took his focus off his clone and turned to Dragga.

"We are talking about his and the other clones creator. He calls himself Brainiac. He is originally from my home world of Krypton. He denied my fathers research that Krypton was dying and instead saved himself and all his data. He is a super computer that is determine to make the world in what he considers perfection. Which means basically ending all life and replacing it with his own. The clones are his seeds apparently."

"Well if you know who he is lets find him and put a final end to this."

Kal-el laughed while Superman sadly shook his head.

"Unfortunally defeating Brainiac is not that simple. Since he is essentially a computer program he always has several back-ups of himself. Destroy one form and he has a dozen others to use. The Justice League has fought him many times and managed to win. But as long as there is a copy of himself he can never truly be defeated." Superman explained to Dragga.

"So are you saying we should just give up, I will never accept that!" Dragga screamed vementally.

"Neither will I, Brianiac may be near un killable but his plans can be stopped. You are coming with us Kal-el, Brianiac will have one less soldier at his disposal." Superman said walking towards his clone. Dragga matched him in stride.

Kal-el slowly lost his cruel smile and took a step back. He had bought himself some time by disclosing his true master but his body was still far away from healed. Both he and the symbiote were at their limit, to squeeze any more power out would do more damage than good. It was then that he felt a familiar presence near by. It was faint but one of his brothers was near by. All of the founder clones had a link to each other so they could coordinate their attacks when need be. It had a short range but would be significant in a fight. Right now the only clone close to him was the Lantern. The rest were still fighting planet side. Also by what Kal could tell his brother was in as bad as shape of him. He might even be unconscious. But if he could get to the Lantern, then maybe…

Kal-el was cut from his thoughts when Superman fired his laser beams. Kal-el flew to the right only to be tackled by Dragga. Kal-el fail to the ground and Dragga slammed two fists into his face until Kal-el could get his feet underneath him and flip the War World leader over. Kal-el quickly glided to his feet to receive only another fist to the face, this time from Superman. Kal-el felt his vision blurring as he flew backwards. He then let out a huge breath and Superman flew above him and slammed both hands into his stomach. Kal-el actually crashed through the floor and landed on the lower deck. He instinctively rolled to the side avoiding to feet slamming into the floor intending to stomp him. While on the ground Kal spinned his on body connecting his feet with Superman's legs causing his father to fall forward. Still in mid fall Kal released his own laser beams connecting with Superman's side and pushing him farther away.

Kal-el rose to his feet just in time to see Dragga jump through the hole above and land right in front of him. Still hurting from Superman's last assault he was a second to slow to block the uppercut to his chin. Kal-el found himself flipping backwards but was stopped by Dragga grabbing both his ankles. He then felt Dragga pull him down and felt his back slam into the hard floor once again. Kal-el actually heard the sound of a few of his ribs breaking. Dragga still having a hold on his ankles lifted him up and slammed his body head first into the left wall. He then felt himself swung into the right wall and once again felt his head almost cracked open. Pulling on reserves he didn't know he had Kal fired to his laser beams blindly in the general direction of Dragga. He felt relief when he heard a grunt of pain and felt the grip on his ankles give way and landed back on the ground.

Kal-el huffed and puffed as every thing ached in his body. He could barely feel anything below his neck. His symbiote was past the point of trying to heal his injuries. It was now using all its remaining energy to remained attached to him. Neither could afford to be without the other now, the pain of the separation would kill them both. His only chance was reaching the Lantern.

Kal-el heard more moans and lifted himself in sitting position to see both his opponents struggling back to their feet. Superman was on both knees shaking his head trying to reorganize him himself. Dragga was bent over grabbing his neck as steam came out of it. Obviously his laser beams had connected with his neck affecting his breathing. While this would slow both down they were still in better shape than him. He had nothing left to fight with, only enough to flee. Once again thoughts of reaching Lantern entered his mine and he fought to get his body to move. He no longer had the strength to even fly which meant he had to walk out of here. He body pulsated with pain as he slowly got to one knee and then another. He glanced to his right and saw Superman and Dragga doing the same. It suddenly occurred to Kal-el that he wouldn't make it. He was going to die here and fail to help accomplish his master's dreams. That thought both saddened and angered him. He only hoped his master would learn from his creations mistake and make a far better world. With that he felt his will to fight falter and body started to fall back to the ground.

Kal-el suddenly put both hands on the ground as he felt someone screaming inside his head. He got another surprise as the left wall blew outwards and bright shape came out of it. Kal-el took a while to focus on the shape before he realized what it was.

"LANTERN?!" He yelled in confusion and surprise.

In was indeed Lantern but he was far from the strong person Kal-el remembered. The left side of his face was completely gone. All that was left was a blood shot right eye, a dangling nostril, and a sloping half lip. His uniform chest and higher was also torn to shreds and dark bruises painted his chest. The glow surrounding his body was also far fainter than it should have been. Kal-el was hard pressed to say which of them was worse off.

"Don't give up yet brother. We may have lost this battle but the war will still be ours." Lantern said.

He then lifted his green ring and created a large baseball bat. He swung heavily and hit both Dragga and Superman before they could move. They were sent flying back and hit the ground hard. The bat then seemed to destabilize and disappeared. Lantern looked at his ring with a half frown and tried to snarl. Unfortunally because he lacked the teeth it came out as more a breath of air.

"I see you too are at your limits brother." Kal-el said using the wall to get himself back on his feet.

"Yes, like yourself I engaged in battle with my original. But it was his mate that did this to me while he shielded her. My body and the rings or at their breaking point. By our connection I could tell you were as well. As soon as I regained concinous I came as fast as I could. I think is time we pooled our resources, do you agree." Lantern asked.

For the first time in a while a genuine smile appeared on Kal-el's face. It seemed him and his brother truly did think alike.

"Yes, come quickly. They will rise soon and more could be on their way." Superman said urgently.

Lantern nodded and glided right in front of Kal-el.

"I am ready Kal." Lantern said through his half mouth.

"This will only be temporary." Kal-el confided in him. Part of the symbiote then latched out and onto Lantern. The Lantern powered down his shield and let the black substance cover his entire body. Then both Kal-el and Lantern were pulled together and started to merge with one another.

Superman shook his head and looked up to see if his clone had taken the surprise attack to escape. Instead what he saw was a large black creature trying to mold itself into something. Superman didn't know what was going on but knew it had to be bad. He and Dragga were moments from ending the fight when the Green Lantern clone had interfered. Speaking of which Dragga was still down. Superman could tell by his heavy breathing that he was still alive and for that he was grateful. Since Dragga had put himself in the fight he had been dishing out most of the hits and also taking the most. Sometimes he even intentionally took damage that was meant for him. Dragga was truly a honorable warrior and quickly becoming a true friend.

Suddenly Superman had to cover his eyes as the entire hallway lit up in a green and yellow light. Slowly it started to dim but not by much. Superman was finally able to remove his hand and the sight he saw brought fear to his face.

Standing in the middle of the hallway was the glowing figure of the combination of Kal-el and Lantern. The figure was bulky with yellow and green stripes going down its body. They eyes were an endless black going with a perfectly chiseled face. A black Lantern symbol was on the chest but there were no rings on the fingers. The combination of the two had created a creature of both strength and power.

"The power, I feel the power!! I feel like I could crush mountains with my bare hands." The creature said.

Superman finally closed his mouth but the fear remained. He could feel the power this thing gave off. He didn't nearly have the strength to combat it. His eyes then widened when the creature turned its sights on him. A cruel smile came to the creatures face.

"You have harmed us greatly, now we shall return the favor tenfold." It said slowly floating towards Superman as the light around it seem to get even brighter.

Superman crawled over to Dragga and shakily stood in front. He would protect his friend till the bitter end. Sadly it looked like that would be very soon.

The creature raised its right hand and a ball of energy formed.

"Now die." It said pushing the ball forward.

However something knocked the creatures hand upwards causing the energy ball to slam into the ceiling turning it to ash. It then received a punch to the face. Even with its shield up and faltered back a step. It then recognized its new opponent as the Martain Manhunter.

"You will do no more harm here. I have seen into your mind and know that you do not posses the great power that you show. Leave now or face defeat." J'onn said his eyes glowing yellow.

The creature inwardly cursed. The Martain had seen through the disguise. Although the merging had boosted both of their powers they were still weak by the combined injuries. That energy ball had taken some power to create. He was only capable of a few more attacks before this new power gave up. With the Martain looking at full strength a battle was not a wise idea.

"Hold it right there freak show!!" Yelled a voice behind him.

The creature turned its head enough to see Orion floated ten feet behind him with his weapons primed. That made the descion to flee are the more clear.

"Another time Justice League scum, this war is far from over." The creature said as arrogantly as possible.

It then powered up and bathed the entire hallway in light. All had to cover their eyes. When the light dimmed enough for them to see again 15 seconds later the creature was gone.

"Damnit, he escaped." Orion cursed.

"That is irrevalant. We have Cadmus's fleet surrounded, he will not get far. For now we need to get medical treatment for these two. The injuries are significant if not life threatening." J'onn admonished him.

"Don't worry J'onn, were not that bad off." Superman tired to joke. His eyes then went to the back of his head and he dropped like a stone.

"Superman!!" Orion yelled flying towards the downed hero.

"He lives, he is merely exhausted from the battle and his injuries. We must get both him and Dragga back to the Watchtower for treatment." J'onn said walking towards Dragga and putting him over his shoulder. Orion had already did the same for Superman.

"Just exactly who is he, is he with the others that helped us?" Orion asked.

"Those questions will be answered shortly I am sure. Until then let us take care of them." J'onn answred.

Orion simply shrugged and followed the Martain out of the ship.

But J'onn was wrong that the creature would be stopped by the forces outside. The speed in which the creature had used had put him out of range of attack before they noticed it. It then continued its journey into the Earth's atmosphere.

On Earth the founders of Cadmus were finalizing the surrender orders. Most troops had accepted the order and stood down. The few that did not such as the Ultimen were quickly put down by the Justice League, Avengers, or loyal Cadmus troops who followed orders to the tee.

"Only twelve percent of the Ultimen remained and thay have stopped fight as well. In the end self preservation finds a way to overcome programming." Dr. Hamilton said.

"It appears that the Legion of Doom has decided this battle is over as well. They are surrendering hoping for mercy. They still believe the Justice League was responsible for the massacre of half their organization." Kevin Russo reported.

"Just as well, sooner this war comes to an end the better. Their have been far too many deaths on both sides. This war will have big consequences for the future." Adams said keeping an eye on the map of Cadmus activity. Thankfully there was very few left.

"I'm having trouble locking onto the founder clones. I know both the Martain and Amazon are dead thanks to our saviors. But now I can no longer pick up the other signals." Fields said in confusion.

"Perhaps their dead as well." Wolverine commented with a shrug.

"A possibility, but not likely. Especially for the Superman clone, his power is in a league all by itself." Hamilton retorted.

"According to this data Magneto's people are also on the retreat. By these signals they all seem to e heading to one direction." Russo informed them.

"Where?" Adams asked.

"By this course I would say they are heading to the Cadmus base that holds the dimensional portal. I guess they have decided to go home." Russo said.

"There is a small contingent of soldiers guarding that base but they won't be able to stop them. Put me through to them and tell them to stand down. Let Magneto and his bunch go, we have enough problems to deal with." Adams commanded.

Russo nodded and tired to reach the base. But he had no luck as their was only static.

"I'm not getting anybody sir." Russo reported.

"Is not signal not getting through, perhaps blocked from an outside source?" Adams asked concerned.

"No sir, the transmission is getting through fine. There is simply no one answering it." Russo told him.

Colonel Adams frowned at this thinking of the possibilities.

"Maybe Magneto already reached them and took them out. From what I heard of the guy killing humans is no big deal to him and his crew." Scorpion offered.

Russo shook his head at the suggestion.

"No, the tracer we have on him still shows him two minutes away from the bas. None of his people have arrived their yet. It must be something else." Russo disagreed.

"Unfortuanlly we have no time to dwell on it now. Continue to monitor Cadmus activities and give me updates. Its time I call the vice President and inform him on how royally this got out of hand." Adams said shaking his head sadly.

At the said base there were in fact people there. But they could not answer because they were only charred bodies. The same went for the other two dozen soldiers that guarded the base. They had been betrayed from within.

Volcana looked around at what she had done in disgust. She hadn't enjoyed it but it had to be done. She now how control over the dimensional portal ensuring Cadmus would receive no more help or escape to another dimension. Her being assigned here had been a stroke of luck. She felt this more than qualified as helping the Justice League in their struggles. Her debt to Superman was repaid in her mind. Now she could move on to something else. This world had lost its charm to her. Magneto's speech had offered her a better opportunity. A world where people like her could truly live without hiding.

That said the man himself appeared above the base and opened the roof with his magnetic powers. Volcano had shut down the automated systems so no alarms or automated defenses activated. In minutes he made his way toward her area inside his bubble with three others inside. He released the bubble and the four looked at her.

"I would like to take you up on your offer." Volcano said. She then raised her hand creating a small fire ball.

The three with him tensed but Magento simply laughed.

"You are more than welcome child. It just so happens I have lost fire user, you will fill his place by my side quite nicely." Magneto said.

Volcano nodded and dispersed the fire ball.

Magento then turned his attention to Mystique.

"I trust you accomplished your mission?" He asked his second in command.

She nodded while padding her side.

"Yes, I changed into one of the Cadmus scientists I killed and infiltrated their labs. I have all data on the cloning processes and in human DNA that created beings such as the Ultimen. Also a virus they were working on to attack humans with special abilities. I'm sure with some work we can make one to do the exact opposite." She said with a devilish smile.

He smiled and turned to the other two.

"You two should take notes, she had no problems completing her objectives. Your lucky I arrived when I did or you would have been captured. With this information I can create more of our kind and put a end to the weaklings that are the human race. If you two don't shape up you could easily be replaced." Magento told them.

Both Avalanche and Blob frowned but said nothing. The Avengers had put a big hurting on them. No to mention the civilians, who the hell expected them to get involved?! That didn't happen in their world. The sooner they left this place the better.

Magneto turned away from the two and looked back at his newest member.

"Come my dear, it is time we leave. Have the portal remain open for another hour in case anyone else on this planet wishes to join me." Magneto said walking forward.

Volcano looked at him confused.

"But don't you want to wait for the rest of your people?" she asked.

Magneto stopped to stare at her with his stern face. Volcano actually felt her self shrink.

"The others are lost to me. Omega Red has been captured, Juggernaut hidden, and Sabertooth has chosen the feral path. They are no longer of use to me." He stated firmly.

He then walked on and the other three followed. Volcano let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and went to the machine to do as she was told.

In Gorilla city the citizens were slowly making their way out of their homes and shelter. The ground had stopped shaking and the noises had stopped fifteen minutes ago. It was their hope that the invader had been stopped. As a few made their way toward the center of the city they stopped at the sight before him.

It was a complete disaster area. Their were large craters everywhere and buildings that weren't demolished were barely standing with shattered windows. What streets remained were cracked and appeared unstable. Still the citizens edged around the devastation and came to face with their attacker. Except he was on his stomach and unmoving. His body also had several scarps on it and blood flowing. He looked nothing like the unstoppable monster that had descended on them only a short time ago.

"Is he dead?" One of the women asked.

"No, I can see his chest still rising." A male gorilla said with glasses.

"I say we finish him off before he wakes up. Forget a trial, he's a monster." One of Gorilla's said angrily.

There were some murmurings of agreement from the others.

"That s not our way. Let the police handle him." Another said.

"They couldn't before!" Another retorted.

"Everybody shut up, look up!!" One yelled over the other voices.

The Gorilla's did and saw what appeared to be a meteor heading right for them. They screamed and ran away as fast as they could. But they stopped when the meteor suddenly slowed and then stopped right above the invader.

The creature looked down at its brother in sadness. Yet another of them had been badly injured. He was broken from his thoughts when Turbo seemed to awaken.

The speedster slowly got to his feet and met the eyes of the creature in front of him. He showed no fear as through the link he knew exactly who it was. He let a small smile come to his face.

"It seems you two had trouble as well to resort to this option." Turbo said.

"Yes, like you we underestimated our opponents and had to deal with new factors. I'm afraid this battle is over brother. But we are moving on to the next phase of our masters ultimate goals." Said the creature.

"Yes, that would be the wisest course. Very well, I will meet you there." Turbo agreed.

"Are you sure you are well enough for that? You can enter the joining as well until your body is restored." The creature offered.

"No, it is a issue of pride. I must do this."

"Very well, speaking of which what of your counter part?"

"Flash is no more. My last attack and the rubble that descended upon him finished off that clown. That is one annoyance we won't have to deal with in the future." Turbo stated firmly.

The creature nodded and took back to the air. Turbo dusted off himself and wiped the blood from his face. He looked to the Gorilla's around him with their wide eyed expressions. He was tempted t slaughter them but pushed the thought aside. They were no longer important. Turbo took off like a rocket with the creature not too far behind above.

The Gorilla's saw them go feeling relieved. They were afraid they would face more death this day. They all then jumped when they heard stone moving underneath them. They slowly walked towards one of the craters and saw rocks shifting inside it. A few more seconds a hand popped out, then a head. The man looked in complete agony with blood running all down his face.

"Please, help me." Came the strangled voice.

"It's Flash from the Justice League, hurry we have to help him." One of the Gorilla's yelled.

The others forgot their fear from a moment ago and jumped down into the crater. With their strength they quickly removed the debris and lifted Flash out. What they saw sicked them as his body was torn everywhere. He also has a small hole just above his waist that blood flowed freely out of.

"We must get him to the hospital quickly." One yelled.

Flash tried to speak and they stopped to hear him.

"My…. Clone… Turbo.. is he.."

"He fled with another monster. He was badly hurt and didn't want to stay around." One answered.

Flash nodded before fainting in their arms.

The Gorilla's hasten their steps in order to save the man who had probably saved them.

Back at Cadmus Headquarters order was slowly coming back to the place. The Cadmus defenders that weren't dead had given up and put their weapons down. Others had stood outside the communication room where the council was and kept guard of it. Even with the war ending they felt they still had to do their duty to protect their leaders.

As a result the new Red Skull and his crew walked through the base undisturbed. The metahumans still found their bosses change awkward but said nothing of it. He was obviously more powerful than he once was. As a result they were now stronger since they were following him. As the group turned another corner they literally ran into three of their other members.

"Hey watch it you-" Hot streak began only to stop when he saw what he was face with. The red creature in front of him was more than intimidating, it was frighting.

"Don't wet your pants Hot Streak, its just Red Skull. We found something in the lab and it merged with him. The title Big Red really fits him now." Ebon explained to his slow witted teammate."

"Dude." Was the only reply the hot head could give.

Chaos looked at him for a moment digesting his presence before him.

"Did you take care of the Amazon, where is Saberwolf?" Chaos barked.

The three metahumans was shocked by the new voice and struggled to keep themselves calm.

"Yeah we took care of her, but she managed to kill Saberwolf first." Hot Streak answered lying through his teeth. Hell the woman was dead, the boss didn't have to know someone else did the deed.

Chaos looked at the other two and they nodded that this was the truth. Chaos nodded at this and moved right past them.

"Then let us go, this base hold nothing more for us. This new power I have gained is all that we need. Soon this world and the many others will fall before my might. But in time, we will bide our time and strengthen our numbers. Soon my army will march across the stars and destroy everything in its path. Yes this is truly only the beginning my soldiers." Chaos said continuing to walk forward.

The others were still confused on just what that meant but followed him all the same. So far he had led them well.

Ebon brought up there rear feeling his anger surge. The Red Skull had lost his mind in his opinion. Talking about space and other planets. But he was far stronger than Ebon now and the others would not turn on him as long as he promised them more power. Ebon would once again have to bide his time before he could strike. Because there was no way he would continue to be anyone's lap dog. He had brought the Ultra Meta breed together, he should be the one to lead them. His day would come, of that he had no doubt.

In the communications room the council and the escaped prisoners watched the group as they were making their way out their base.

"Should we just let them leave?" Ms. Fields asked.

"We don't have a choice. This base has very few defenders left and the automated defenses were knocked out by the large explosion below. Unless you three want to give it a go." Adams said looking at the ex prisoners.

Wolverine shook his head.

"I'm always up for a good fight but I know my limits. We're all still healing and bone tired. Not to mention they have the numbers advantage. They seem content to simply leave without causing my trouble so I say let them go. You'll probably have to deal with them in the future though. As for me once we finish up here me and my daughter are heading back to our own dimension." Wolverine told them.

X-23 looked uncomfortable at this last part but said nothing. Scorpion noticed this but too kept quiet. He had his own reservations about returning to his world.

Unknown to the rest of the world or those above it another meeting was taken place on Antarctica. The large frozen continent housed a deadly secret that only a select few knew of. Deep below the ice housed yet another Cadmus facility. Except this one was small, the size of a condo. In the middle of the room stood a chamber. Outside the chamber stood dozens of video screens showing battles between Cadmus, Justice League, Avengers, and even the new group from space.

Suddenly all the screens went black and the chamber opened. White smoke flowed freely from the open door showing the door had been closed for quite some time. When the smoke started to clear and figure could be seen inside. Its skin was metallic and stood a good six feet tall. It had a curvy head and small squinty eyes that appeared dull. Dull eyes that soon came to live showing a yellow color. To any of the Justice League the figure would have been obvious. It was the A.M.A.Z.O. robot.

Waiting outside the chamber stood patiently the founder clones and Juggernaut. Kal-el and Lantern merged together, Turbo, Cyber Batman, and Dark Angel. The five remaining founder clones were Brainiac's loyalist soldiers.

The A.M.A.Z.O. robot walked out of the chamber at a calm pace. It then turned at looked at the five people in front of it. All four beings bowed down in respect f their true master. The A.M.A.Z.O. robot's form then started to change until now it looked like the regular Brainiac robot that many had seen before.

"Rise my servants." The robotic voice said.

Each did and awaited further instructions.

"You have served me well and helped to accomplish my primary objective. Through your eyes, the clones, Cadmus troops and surveillance I have witnessed all the battles these past two years. I have seen and download every power and battle technique that has occurred during that time period. Using the designs of the A.M.A.Z.O. robot I now have all those powers and strategies as well. Even those of Dragga and his armada. I am now the most powerful being in the galaxy, even more than my predecessor. I am nearly at my goal of absolute perfection. Now I must return to the stars and other worlds and learn from them as well. Soon the power to reshape the universe to perfection will be complete. You my loyal children will help me achieve that dream. Through you and the vast army I will create nothing will stand against us." Brainiac told them all.

They all looked at him in awe. The plan was already programmed to their being but it was different hearing it from their creator. The Kal-el/Lantern creature was the first to break the silence.

"But master, what about those we lost here. Almost all the clones have been destroyed including Amozonia and J'onn. Your second objective to take over Earth and use it as a home base was not successful." The creature interjected.

"Earth is of no consequence, it will far under my will in due time. For now we shall leave it to clean up after itself. A better time will come to conquer it when my powers increase. Fear not for the brother ands sister you have lost. My drones have colleted their DNA where the deaths took place and the information is now with me. I can recreate them as before, even better." Brainiac answered.

Kal-el nodded at this and remained silent.

"Cyber Batman, give me the phantom zone projector." Brainiac commended.

Cyber Batman walked forward and retrieved the Phantom Zone projector from his cape. He gave it to his master and returned to stand with the others.

"With this will be the beginning of my army. Within this device not only holds the most dangerous criminals on Krypton but other surrounding planets during that time as well. Their powers to I will add to my own when I release them and put them under my control."

The founder clones nodded at this while Juggernaut remained confused. But he had no choice but to follow them as long as the thanagarain metal was used to keep him in check.

Brainiac lifted his hand and a portal shaped like a key appeared. A new power acquired from watching Dr. Fate.

"Our quest begins on the planet Zorta. They contain vast minerals that will create stronger war ships. Enter my children and embrace your destiny."

Four did so dutifully while one did so reluctantly. Once all entered the portal Brainiac took one last time to look at the small room that has been his home for the past two years.

"I will return." He said to the empty room. He then walked through the portal and it closed behind him.

The next three days were a bundle of activity. On Earth the rebuilding had begun of a world that had faced great adversity. Many still didn't know the cause and might never would. The government did not want its people to realize that it had almost been destroyed by its own kind. Speaking of which the governments of the world were actually talking to each other instead of at each other. Through the war they realized how their mutual distrust for each other had led to such organizations such as Cadmus being created. They were started to form a joint organization with the United Nation and NATO that would actually last. Many of its heads being near death had opened their eyes considerably.

There were still hard feelings on the Cadmus soldiers who had voluntarily fought. They truly thought they were doing the right thing and ultimately saving their world. While most realized they were now wrong their were still some that believed they were right. The few were given harsh jail sentences while the ones who repented were forced to help in the rebuilding process. Still lives had been taken and lost and none would forget.

As for the Justice League and Avengers they had their own loses to deal with. Sixteen Justice League members had been lost and eleven were still in critical condition. As for the Avengers they had lost two, Gear and Wilderbeast. A group memorial service would be held for all of them at the end of the week. Added to that both the Justice League Watchtower and the Avenger base were heavily damaged. They would take weeks to be repaired. In the wake of so much death and destruction the tension between the governments had the superhero's were put aside. Whatever trust issues they had meant nothing working together to mourn and recreate their crippled world.

Incredibly all of the founders had survived the war. Green Lantern was on a respirator but Hawkgirl was at his bedside everyday. She too had her injuries but was released yesterday and hadn't left John's side afterwards. Wonder Woman too had been released but was walking with a cane. Superman was temporarily in a wheel chair while Flash continued to receive treatment in Gorilla city. He was in stable condition and even making jokes once in a while. J'onn had suffered minor injures but was fine otherwise. Batman however had extensive injuries and would be in wheel chair as well. Added to that the damage to his right hand from Dark Angel's mace had proven to be unrepairable and the hand had to be replaced with a robotic one. If this bothered the Dark Knight he said nothing about it.

Dragga himself have taken quite a beaten and his lungs had been slightly sliced. But they were slowly healing and soon after he began his story to the Justice League in the medical bay on what had transpired and why he was here. Around them also were some of the warriors that had followed Dragga to Earth.

"For War World it started three months ago. The fights at the arena had long stopped and people had jobs and were living comfortably. Many who Mongul had brought to War World were returned to their planets while some chose to stay and help rebuild. Their had still been the occasional riot but mainly peace. Which is why we were unprepared when they came."

"Who?" Superman asked.

"At first we didn't know their names. They didn't announce themselves or give any warning or reason for the attack. Their ships bombarded our planet from above relentlessly. The few ships we had never made it off the ground to combat them. Then the storm troopers came. They have blue and red armor just like you see here. Those who came with us are rebels who don't believe in what their people are doing. Their armor is like nothing I have ever seen. It is so thick that very few things can penetrate it. They also have a high immunity to fire and electricity. The people of War World stood little chance." Dragga said.

"That's horrible." Wonder Woman commented.

"It got worst. I lead our best warriors to combat this new threat. Through sheer will we took town nearly three hundred of them. But their numbers grew while ours dwindled. Then their generals started to enter the battle. Their power was nothing like I had seen. One appeared to be a bat creature that let loose a sonic blasts that tore across cities and flesh alike. Peoples heads exploded even miles away. He also had the power to absorb projectiles and fire them back even stronger. Another appeared to be like a man sized dragon with fire for a hand. He actually had the power to bring peoples nightmares into reality. The creatures he created were ruthless and had unending hunger for destruction and death. These two alone ended the battle in minutes. I had no choice but to surrender to save the few lives that remained."

"Where were you taken then?" Batman asked reviewing all the data.

"My people were imprisoned upon their main ship. I swear this thing was the size of your planet Mars. It seemed to never end and whole races resided on it. Soldiers and other things marched through it. The weapons were amazing and deadly at the same time. As the leader I was brought into a room where I met other Generals. The two I told you about before were named Shockwave and Night Terror. Fitting names for their devastating powers. Once there I met three more. They introduced themselves as Viper, Hammerhead, and Orion. I never knew their powers but they all seemed to defer to Orion so I assume he is the leader. I was told my world no longer belonged to me. It was now under the Soverenity of the Kachan Empire. Therefore under the rule of the supreme ruler of the Universe Emperor Kalis himself. Their words not mine. I was told to keep my people in line and no others would be killed. If not they would all be tortured and killed as slowly as possible. I had no choice but to agree and was sent to my cell."

"I won't bother to go into the detail on what happen over the next few weeks. How they barely fed us, beat us for amusement, and bled people dry to feed these awful creatures they called Tangos. These things apparently have the ability to scent magic and beings and worlds with special powers. That's how this Kalis guy and his group find people. Planet by planet they are taking the strongest warriors and either making them serve them or be killed. No surprise many chose to be servants. These Tangos also have these pores in their hands that shoot out some kind of wrapping. If they use it on a person they become embodied in a cocoon and transform into a Tango in twelve hours. They showed me such a process once. I still have nightmares about it to this day."

"How did you finally escape?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Me and a few others were being transferred to a mining colony on a small ship when the rebels I told you about attacked. The ship put up a good fight but we used the distraction to help the rebels from the inside and soon took the ship. Only minutes later others arrived received distress signal and we fled losing a few people along the way. We continued to flee for four more days avoiding Kalis's seemingly endless reach. Finally we came to a system where the rebel forces had made their home. I was taken to their leadership and soon made leader myself. They were fine warriors but how no idea to lead a gorilla war. They were use to taking orders, not giving them."

"From there I launched a few successful assaults gaining more ships and materials. My main plan was to build up and armada that could effectively challenge Kalis instead of taking pot shots every now and then. It was then I remembered your group and how strong you were that I headed everyone here. I had no idea you had your own war going but decided to help you and here we are now." Dragga finished.

"Interesting, although as you can tell we aren't equipped to help you much at the moment. Just how many people do you have in total?" J'onn asked

Dragga seemed to think about that before someone else answered.

"At present there are 4,329, 524 individuals of different races." Answered the tall grey Ballistic behind his mask.

"We suffered a few injuries during the recent conflict but no deaths." Sira added.

"Good, I believe the atmosphere on some of your planets are ideal for some of the refugees. I hope your world will allow them to settle on them." Dragga said.

The founders looked at each other not knowing what to make of that request. Finally Superman spoke up.

"The Earth doesn't really have any claim on the other planets in the solar system. Although there may be some tensions as they might feel you could invade Earth. Still with our new peace I think something can be arranged." Superman told him.

"Thank you." Dragga said gratefully

"When do you expect this Kalis and his people to reach our Solar System?" Batman asked.

"He doesn't know where we are or where we went. Not to mention he will stop at several Solar Systems before he reaches this one. Best guess seventy six days." Ballistic answered.

"So about two and half months. That's not much time to prepare. Especially considering everything that has happened." Batman said thinking hard.

"Like all other threats we'll face them as they come." Came a voice.

They turned and saw that Green Lantern had awoken and was trying to sit up. Shayera almost screamed with tears in her eyes and gathered him in her arms.

"Watch it Shayera, still in pain here." John winced.

Shayera loosened her grip and gave him a big kiss.

"I thought this was a strategy meeting not a love fest." Came Captain America's voice followed by Robin and Bubble Bee.

"Sorry we're late, a lot of things happening planet side." Robin explained.

"Where's Static?" Asked Superman noticing one of the Avenger captains was missing.

Captain America shook his head.

"He taking Gear's death hard, they were best friends. It's never easy losing a friend, I'm sorry they have had to learn the lesson so quickly." Cap said mournfully.

Wonder Woman used her cane to walk over towards him.

"You did all you could, don't blame yourself." She offered.

"I don't, I blame Cadmus and the people behind it. Any way I've given the Avengers the rest of the week off to mourn. Some have even chosen that time to go on dates. Raven left with Starfire to her home planet to see family. Spiderman disappeared somewhere with Supergirl, I don't know where. Also my two newest members X-23 and Scorpion are exploring this new world with Cyborg and Beast boy showing them around." Cap said.

"How are they adjusting to the Avengers?" J'onn asked.

"It's somewhat awkward but I think in time they will be alright. Both felt they couldn't return to the old world because they would be constantly hunted. Wolverine didn't take it well but he knew it was for the best. It also helped that we knew each other years ago during the war and he trusts me. Not that it would stop him from tearing out my throat if something happen to his little girl." Cap answered.

They all laughed a little at that. It was good to laugh considering all the bad things that had happen.

Cap then stopped laughing and grabbed Wonder Woman by the arm. He guided her outside the hallway and looked into her eyes.

"Steve, what's wrong-"

He interrupted her with a finger to her lips.

"Diana, I too have wasted many years without seeking happiness. Its time I change that." He said. Then going on instinct he encircled her in his arms and brought her to his chest. Diana's eyes widen for a moment and her mouth opened to speak. It was stoped by Steve connecting his lips to hers. Her eyes widened even further before they closed and she wrapped her arms around him as well.

The kiss felt like it went on forever but only lasted about 30 seconds. They then separated to get air but remained close.

"Would you do me the honor of accompying me to the park? I have been told they have musicians playing there." Cap asked with a smile.

"If your asking me out on a date then the answer is yes." She said before closing the distance and kissing him again. It was then Captain America learned something else about this time period. Some women used tongue.

Several Galaxy's away there was not a quite so happy atmosphere. Aboard the Traken mothership stood five Generals looking at a view screen. On the screen glowed the brightest red eyes surrounded in darkness that could devour men's souls. In some circumstances it actually had.

"You have failed to find the Rebels or their leaders. This displeases me greatly." Said the shadowy voice.

"It is only a matter of time my Lord. None can escape your reach, and we are your right hand." Orion said speaking for the group.

"Do not seek to sooth me with your words star gazer. I want results. Five of my twelve generals should have been more than enough to squash this insurrection. It has gone on too long and I have very little patience left. You will find them, or you will become useless to me, am I understood?" Said the voice.

"Yes sir." Echoed the five generals.

"Good, I look forward to your next communication telling me of the rebel destruction." The voice said before the voice screen went black and silent.

Orion quickly turned to the others and gave them a hard stare.

"You heard our Lord, the rebels time is at a end. We will hunt them down like the animals they are and exterminate them. Otherwise our fates will be theirs, and none of us wants that." Orion stated.

The four Generals nodded their agreement at that.

"Then disperse and comb the Universe for them. Kill them on site and anyone that aids them. Kalis's rule will be complete, and we will be stronger under him. This Universe will cease to be as it was and be anew. So Kalis has spoken, so shall it be done." Orion said with an evil smile.

The others smiled snidely as well and laughed as they left the room. May the gods have mercy on the rebels when they caught up with them. And anyone else who was stupid enough to help them.


Well that's the end of the first part people. Took me three damn years buts its done. Don't know when the sequel will be out so just keep a lookout. It will be called 'Enemies From Unexpected places."