Second Chances

Prologue: Savior

IMBSA: 'Ello minna san! This fanfic is dedicated to Wandering Cat, who requested this awhile back. I'm apologizing in advance in case it's bad. This has nothing to do with GS: Destiny and none of the Gundams will make an appearance. Please enjoy! Oh, before I forget, this is a multi-chaptered fic.

Disclaimer: "I know something about religion/I know something about this life/And I think there lies your contradiction/It's all very nice/It's very nice"


I'm everything you wanted

I am the one who's haunting you

I am the eyes inside of you

Stare back at you

There's nothing left to lose

There's nothing left to prove

Surrender your love; it's all you can do

"Savior" Skillet

Deep in the shadows, a man stood, watching the door to the small house intently. It opened and he moved forward, but seeing who exited, he stopped, staying in the comfort of darkness.

The pair that cam out were not as happy as could be. The woman's captivating brown eyes were filled with tears of anger and frustration, and she was making her companion—a man—back up to the second car parked on the side of the road. He was a head taller than her and nearly three times as wide, but she still did not back down. The man lying in wait smiled. That trait was something about her that he remembered well.

Finally, the man gave in, or he simply did not want to argue anymore, so he got into his car and drove away. Once he was out of sight, the woman collapsed against the other car, sobbing softly.

He almost went to her then. But before is heart overpowered his head, he remembered what he knew she would feel if he came into her life again so suddenly.

She thought he was dead. The whole world thought he was dead.

Slowly, the woman picked herself up and returned to the inside of her home. Only when the door closed did the man leave the shelter of the shadows, revealing floppy blond hair and glittering blue eyes set in a once easy-going face. It was as handsome as ever. Slight changes to his appearance had been made, as though it had been necessary to cover parts of himself for shame or injury; but a casual observer would not have been able to know why. The hair around that face was arranged so that his ears could not be seen. It was also long enough to cover the left side of his neck.

Smiling slightly as a light upstairs clicked on, the man made his way to the lovingly grown and cared-for rose bushes and jumped the fence into the backyard. Once he felt that the time was right, then and only then would he reveal himself to his beloved.

Mwu La Fllaga paused, pushing himself against the wall as he heard Murrue coming down the stairs and into the kitchen—whose window was not three inches from his head.

Soon, he knew, they would be reunited.


IMBSA: Crappy beginning, yes I know. But I haven't really decided where I want to go with this. And the whole creeping around like a stalker thing….Well, he's basically been blasted into smithereens. And not all damage can be physical. Also, the lyrics in italics before the story are supposed to reflect the feelings of oneof the characters...who are probably gonna be just Mwu and Murrue...Please R & R, and constructive criticism, as well as suggestions, are always wanted and welcomed.