"What's wrong with her?" Charlie asked.

"Just grab her arms, okay!" Jack commanded.

Charlie did as he was told and they lifted Claire off of the rock and began to carry her back to the waterfalls. Charlie was holding the baby and both of Claire's arms.

"This is not going to be easy, hold on I'll be right back." Jack said running off toward camp.

Charlie just stood there blankly. He stared down at Claire, what was wrong with her? He kneeled down to her side and brushed her face. She was burning up with fever. What could he do? Here he was with two helpless people.

For the first time, Charlie looked at the baby he held in his arms. He was beautiful. Charlie counted carefully. Yep, ten fingers and ten toes. This had to be the most perfect baby he had ever seen.

He switched his attention back to Claire. Where was Jack? Why was he taking so long? He had to hurry!

With that thought he heard people running through the woods. "Over here!" he yelled.

"We're coming." Jack called.

Jack had assembled almost the whole entire camp. Immediately, Charlie was pushed aside and everyone helped gather Claire and lift her up. Kate came up to Charlie and pulled him away from the people now moving Claire back toward camp.

"Charlie." she said quietly trying to get his attention.

"What's wrong with her?" he asked with his gaze still on the Claire.

"Come on, let's go back to camp." Kate basically pleaded with tears gathering in her eyes. She had never seen Charlie so upset. Even when Claire was kidnapped, he did not appear this worried. Kate had noticed the bundle in Charlie's arms and looked at him. He was fine. Thank goodness!

Kate gripped Charlie's arm and pulled him behind her. He followed in bewilderment. They had just been on a wonderful picnic. What had happened? Not three hours ago, Claire had been fine.

When they stumbled into camp, everyone was running around. Charlie had to get to Claire. He turned to Kate and handed her the baby. Before then, nobody could have striped that baby from his arms.

Charlie ran searching everywhere. Finally she found them. Jack had Claire spread out on a cot and everyone was quiet. Jack fumbled around. He spotted Charlie.

"Come here."

Charlie walked up to the cot and looked at Claire. It was the worst sight he had ever seen. The valor in her face made him cringe with fear.

Jack looked Charlie up and down. "I think she is suffering with Eclampsia. It's a disease that affects pregnant women and their unborn children. But I looked the bay over, he seems to be fine. I sent some one down to the beach to get some salt for Claire. It's not the kind of salt we need, but maybe it will work."

"What will happen if it don't work?" Charlie asked.

"Let's just hope that it does." Jack answered. "Now I want you to stay with her while I look at the baby some more. You don't have to do anything just be there. Will you do that?"

"Of course I will!"

Jack turned to walk off then turn back around, "Charlie?"


"Pray. I know about what happened that one night with that lady. If you really are saved, pray. Your prayers might be the only thing that saves Claire." Jack said then turned and walked away.

"I didn't think you were a spiritual man." Kate said as Jack walked to where she was with the baby.

"I'm not." Jack said taking the baby from her arms. "I figure that it's worth a shot. I'm not to sure the salt will help her. She is pretty bad off. I should have noticed it before. She showed all the symptoms now that I think about it."

Kate touched his arm, "There was no way you could have known."

"A good doctor would have known."

"Jack, you're a wonderful doctor. Everyone slips up; this was not your fault."

"Poor Charlie, he loves her. What is he going to do when—"


"If she dies?" Jack finished.

"She won't, you'll help her." Kate reassured.

There was yelling.

"They are back with the salt."

Jack handed her the baby. "I hope this works." He said walking away.

Jen handed Jack the bucket full of ocean water. He grabbed a needle and started putting the water in her.

"What is this suppose to do?" Hurley asked not looking at Claire.

"Well, her system lacks the platelets that it needs to stop the bleeding and the salt will hopefully provide a substitute for the lacking supplement in her blood."

Charlie watched as Jack put some of the salt water in a hand made IV. Jack put the all that he could in her. "Alright, all we can do now is wait."

"There is still half a bucket there!" Charlie said.

"I can't put anymore or it will clot her blood. We can't afford that to happen."

So for hours on end they waited. One by one they left to go to bed. Charlie and Jack ended up being the last ones left.

"Charlie." Jack said trying to get his attention from Claire for the time being.

"Yeah." Charlie said as if he was in a daze.

Jack looked him in the face. "Why don't you go get some sleep, I will stay here with her. You look exhausted."

"No, I can't leave her." Charlie protested.

"You need your rest, you look worse than she does. She is really making progress. Look at the color coming back in her face. She could wake up any minute now."

"And I have got to be here when she does." Charlie said.

"Ok fine."

Claire's Dream:

"Now I have your lover, your baby and you!" Ethan cried.

"Why are you doing this?" Claire demanded. "What do you want with us?"

"You are the missing piece of the puzzle, my dear. The boyfriend and baby were just little extras."

"Then let them go. Wait until I have my baby and let them go. You don't need them!"

"Oh, but I do. As long as I have them you will do what ever I want you to."

"What do you want me to do!" Claire screamed.

"You are the key for my kind to become free." Ethan explained. "You will a sacrifice for the island and your little 'family' will help it along."

"Please…Please don't hurt them!" She screamed sobbing.

Ethan made one of those evil laughs that would send prickles down your spine. He walked up to Claire with a knife in his hand.

"Your baby first!" He said creeping toward her. Claire began to fight and scream. Only over her dead body was he going to hurt this baby!

"Claire! Claire! Please wake up." It was Charlie's voice. "Jack come here."

She felt a hand on her forehead. "The fever has broken." Jack said with a sigh of relief.

Claire was so exhausted; she tried to open her mouth. "Ch…Charlie." she tried.

Charlie saw her effort and put his ear to her mouth.

"I'm right here." he said patting her hand.

A sudden worry shot through Claire's thoughts. "My…baby?"

"Is a very healthy baby boy." Charlie finished. He saw a smile appear across her face. Her eyes flickered open and meet his.

"Can I see him?" She asked.

Jack ran off to get him.

Charlie brushed the hair from her face. "You scared me so bad! I thought I had lost you." He bent down and gently kissed her lips. "I don't want you to leave me again." He demanded.

Claire nodded.

Jack came in with the sleeping baby and showed him to Claire. She did not have enough strength to hold him but she saw that he was okay.

Jack took him back to Kate.

Claire looked up at Charlie. "You look awful. Have you been here the whole time?"

"Yes." he said and kissed her forehead, "now get some sleep."