Chapter One

Myrimma's keen eyes scanned over the desolate landscape. The area that had been touched by the wretched reaver curses hadn't re-grown, after many years. As her she observed the land in front of her she silently questioned the power which she served. The destruction that had befallen the land was beyond complete description.

She had journeyed back to Heredon after being asked by Iome to go on a quest. Her journey had been uneventful, Gaborn had cleared the roads and forests of thieves and monsters before his death. Only a few years had passed since the Battle for the Earth, but Iome had aged for as many people as she took endowments from. She was old now, her children looked young enough to be her grandchildren, and if it wasn't for her endowments she would not be able to walk.

Averan had journeyed back into the underworld, and Myrrima had not heard from her since, she was queen of the underworld and the reaver horde now, her crown of opals undoubtedly glowing with the power of the Earth. When they parted, Myrrima had felt as though her own child had been plucked from her, the pain of losing Averan hit her hard, as she had no children of her own. Although Binnesman had managed to save Borenson's walnuts they had not yet returned to their functional state, so after years of hoping to conceive Myrrima had given up on the idea.

Borenson had accompanied her on her journey but had stayed behind at the last inn they passed in order to barter for more supplies for their stay in Heredon. Because of the infertility of the land the castle at Heredon had been evacuated and had not been rebuilt since. It remained as a tribute to the war of the world and what the people who gave up their life in order to save their fellow men. The nature of her quest was unbeknown to her, but Myrrima knew that it would not be easy. Upon his death, Gaborn wished that his bones had been retrieved from Heredon so that he could be buried in his home land. Iome was unable to complete this quest so she asked her faithful friend to do it for her. It was said by travelers that none had remained at Heredon and that the passage through it was relatively easy except for the vile reaver curses that were left to float in the air. The Lover's Tower had fallen, and the tar of the gluemums littered the ground. For a person who was not a runelord or wolflord it would have been impossible to see the extent of the destruction at the one prosperous Heredon, but thanks to Myrrima's endowments of sight from the faithful puppies she was able to see it as clear as day. She urged her horse forward, it's hooves moving reluctantly as it crossed the border into the desolate land. Her eyes stung as she entered the putrid area, sweating profusely she tuned around to look for her husband. They were meant to meet at the site of the ruins of the Lover's Tower, it was ten in the morning, but every moment she spent in the forsaken land she felt as though she was slowly dehydrrating. She decided to turn her horse around and wait on the other side of the border, to save herself the unnecessary strain.

"Where do you think your going lassie?" Called a rough voice, her horse jolted to a stop and she turned to face her the voice.