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Entwined Destinies: Golden Dreams

The Revised Edition

Chapter 1: Pegasus and the Golden Crystal

Katherine Hillard entered Angel Grove High on the first day of her senior year. It had been six months since Master Vile's defeat and there was yet to be a new threat. Serena and Mina trailed behind her gossiping about their ventures during the summer months. She spotted her friends and joined them. She gave her boyfriend a kiss.

"Morning sweetie," Kat said.

"Morning angel," Billy replied, as he stole another kiss.

"Is that your schedule? Billy asked.

"Yep, do we have any classes together?" she asked, handing him the piece of paper.

"Wow, we have four out of six classes together," Billy said.

"Which ones?" she asked.

"We have English, Government, Business and Psychology together. But right now, I have advanced Physics and you have dance, so I'll see you third period in Government," Billy said.

"I'll miss you," Kat said.

"I'll miss you too," Billy said, as he kissed her.

"Get a room," Rocky teased, as their friends passed by. The school day began and proceeded without hitch.

Jen's POV

I held the small baby in my arms and cooed softly at him. As the scout of time, I have the ability to gaze into other time dimensions. Usually, I cannot interfere, but this case was much different. This baby's world was being destroyed by two evil androids and I didn't think it was fair to let him die so I saved him. The child was beautiful. He had ice blue eyes and a fine mop of lavender hair. He was half human and half Saiyan. I learned that the Saiyans were a warrior race and I knew that this boy would grow up to very powerful, not to mention very handsome. Wes and I were already beginning to love him as our own, so we decided that we would raise him together as our son.

For the first eight years of Trunks' life, we raised him mostly in the 21st century, though we made frequent visits to the future. Trunks loved visiting the future since many of the palace children, including princess Larisa, were about his age. Wes and I decided on Trunks' ninth birthday, we would begin living in the 30th century full time and Trunks would begin training as a planet knight. We have just recently told him of his heritage and how we adopted him. He took it well and continued carrying his adoptive father's last name, especially when we revealed that his middle name, Vegeta, was his birth father's name.

As Wes and I prepared for Earth's 1000 year cryo-sleep, we learned from King Trey that the golden crystal could be in danger, for Lord Zedd was learning of its power. If Lord Zedd managed to get his hands on the crystal in the past, the future would be destroyed. A guardian needed to be appointed and the physical form of the gold zeo crystal needed a holder that could protect it. We knew our son was perfect guardian. He knew what his mission was and he was transformed into guardian form before being sent to hide inside someone's beautiful dreams. I visited Prince Trey in 1997 and told him that the gold zeo powers must be transferred to Prince William. For only Prince Trey and Prince William could hold the powers without adverse effects on their health. Prince Trey agreed and began the journey to earth in Pyrimidus. I pray that my son chooses his hiding place wisely and that Zedd does not find him.

Larisa's Dream

She was flying, but she wasn't sure how. She looked down, only to see herself on the back of a magnificent, white winged horse.

"Who are you?" the little girl asked.

"I am Pegasus little one," he said.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"We are in your dreams. I can only live inside beautiful dreams," he replied.

"Wow, you mean you're going to my friend?"Larisa asked.

The horse chuckled.

"If that is what you wish," he said.

"My name is Larisa," she said.

"I think we will be good friends Larisa," Pegasus replied.

Larisawoke up the next morning.

"It was just a dream," she said, with a shrug. Today she was going back to the past to visit and receive more scout training. The little girl got up and got ready to leave.

The first day ended and the teens went to the youth center as they usually do. Katherine had her first Angel Grove Angels meeting, which was the dance team, soon. She was co-captain this year alongside Veronica Balk, the snobbiest girl in school. As she and Billy walked into the youth center hand in hand, Katherine spotted an interesting flier on the bulletin board

"Oh my gosh Billy! They're having a couples dance contest in May! The contestants will be judged on various categories including style, costume, ability, choreography, and chemistry between dancers. We have to enter! We're perfect!" Kat gushed.

"I agree on the chemistry part, but it's probably not a good idea," Billy replied nervously.

"Why not?" Kat asked.

"I can't dance. I'm absolutely horrible at it," Billy replied.

"We've slow danced before and you've been great," Kat argued.

"Kat, all I have to do when we slow dance is hold you close and fake the rest," Billy replied.

"Well, the contest isn't until May. We have the whole year and your dance lessons begin tonight in your basement," Kat insisted

"But I'm a horrible dancer. I have two left feet. Believe me, people have tried to teach me how to dance and it's hopeless," Billy replied.

"You haven't learned to dance until you've learned from me," Kat argued.

"I don't know about this Kat. You're an incredible dancer. I'll just make you look bad," Billy replied.

"Please try for me Billy. I know we can do this and I know it will be fun. I love you and you could never make me look bad. I really want to do this, please?" Kat said, as she gave him her best puppy pout. Billy rolled his eyes. There was that look.

"I don't know whether you or Larisa is worse. I love you too and if this means that much to you, then I'll give it a shot," Billy relented. Kat beamed and threw her arms around his neck before kissing him.

"It is time to begin our search for the golden mirror of dreams. Once we gain the golden crystal, nothing will stop us," Zedd ranted.

"Yes oh wicked husband. Your plans for those bratty scouts and knights is perfect!" Rita cackled.

"Rito! Goldar! Bring in my chosen Amazon Trio!" Zedd ordered.

"Here they are. The two human males and one Aquitian female you asked for," Goldar said, as he brought the three struggling people before Zedd.

"I asked for the white Aquitian ranger. This is not Delphine," Zedd replied.

"This one was more accessible. Her name is Cestria and she has recently become the pink Aquitian ranger," Goldar replied.

"She'll do then," Zedd replied.

"But Zeddykins, she's a fish. She'll start to dry up on us!" Rita ranted. Zedd used his staff and zapped her, transforming her body into the new desired form. She was now a beautiful human female dressed in a tight aqua blue crop top and aqua pants. Her brown hair had aqua highlights. Her eyes glowed red with evil indicating the spell had taken effect.

"I am Fish Eye and I am ready at your command my lord," she said.

"Zeddy, why did you pick these two bumbling idiots! There a human version of my idiot brother and monkey breath!" Rita ranted.

"Quiet Rita, just as I changed Cestria, I will change Bulk and Skull," Zedd replied.

"We're not working for you," Bulk said nervously.

"Yeah, we're not going to destroy the scouts," Skull added nervously.

"Oh but you will. Cestria already knows their identities and you must to if you are to carry out your missions. Get ready boys, you're about to find out the identities of every former power ranger, for they are now the scouts and knights," Zedd told them, as he created a clear screen.

"These are the scouts and knights. Tanya Sloan is Sailor Mercury and her knight is Adam Park. Kimberly Hart is Sailor Venus and Tommy Oliver is her knight. Trini Kwan is Sailor Mars and Jason Lee Scott is her knight. Aisha Campbell is Sailor Jupiter and Rocky DeSantos is her knight. The identity of Sailor Moon is none other than Katherine Hillard and her prince is Billy Cranston. The little girl Larisa is not Billy's cousin, but rather his and Sailor Moon's daughter from the future. This information will be very useful to all of you in your mission," Zedd told them, as he zapped them before they were able to protest. Skull's body was given a more muscular build, as he was garbed in a red muscle shirt and red pants. Bulk's change was much more dramatic, as his tubby appearance was no more. He was now thin with a muscular build as well. He was garbed in a yellow muscle shirt and black pants. Their eyes glowed red indicating that the spell was activated on them.

"I am Hawks' Eye and I am ready to serve you master," Skull said.

"I am Tigers' Eye and I am ready as well master," Bulk said.

"The guardian of the golden crystal lives inside someone's beautiful dreams. The legend says that he is in the form of Pegasus. Once you think you have a worthy target, carry out the mission and draw out their dream mirror. If it is not the right one, dispose of the target and don't let the scouts stop you," Zedd told them. The three nodded and left for a wing of Zedd's palace in which they would stay and where they would pick and discuss their targets.

"That's all for today girls. See you tomorrow," Kat told her teammates. Kat dabbed her forehead with a towel when Cassie Chan, one of the other girls, approached her.

"Thanks for helping with that move Kat. And for getting Veronica off my back," Cassie said.

"No problem Cassie, you're doing great. I know it's hard, but try to ignore Veronica," Kat said.

"I will and thanks again. See ya tomorrow," Cassie said, as she left and headed for the park. Kat joined her friends and boyfriend at their table where a smoothie was waiting for her. None of them expected to see seven-year-old Larisa trotting into the youth center.

"Billy, look!" Kat said. Billy smiled, as he saw the little girl coming toward them.

"Larisa, what are you doing here?" Kat asked.

"I came for a visit and more scout training," Larisa said. Kat and Billy hugged her. Everyone else greeted her and Ernie brought her a strawberry-kiwi smoothie.

Fish Eye, Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye entered their lounge area. In the center of the room, a round structure stood. The structure was similar to a well and water filled it.

"This well will allow us to see anything in Angel Grove," Fish Eye said.

"Good, I will pick the first target," Hawks Eye said, as he looked into the well. It was then that he witnessed the conversation between Cassie and Katherine.

"She has beautiful dreams, she'll be our first target,"

Cassie was on her way home when she was surrounded by the Tengus. Hawks Eye appeared and Cassie screamed.

"Who are you!" she yelled.

"I am Hawks Eye and I'm here to see you beautiful dreams. ONE...he called ,as a board came behind her. TWO...he called, as her wrists and ankles were clamped down to the board. THREE...he called a her dream mirror manifested itself from her chest.

Larisa trotted between her future parents as they cut through the park on the way to Billy's. Suddenly, they heard a scream.

"Someone's in trouble," Billy said.

"Look Daddy-Billy, Tengu birds!" Larisa called.

"They've got Cassie! It looks like we have a new enemy!" Kat exclaimed.

"Transform!" Billy called.

"Moon Cosmic Power!" Kat called, as her broach placed itself on her chest.

Sailor Moon!

Red ribbons surrounded her as her clothes melted away. The ribbons wrapped around her body to form her sailor outfit with a blue skirt, a red bow on her chest and the back of her skirt and elbow length white gloves. A ruby jeweled tiara appeared across her forehead and knee high red boots appeared on her feet.

Sailor Moon!

"Mini Prism Power!" Larisa called.

"Power of the Planets, in the name of the moon, I call on your powers!" Billy called, as he was transformed into his armor.

"Stop right there evil villain!" Kat ordered.

"Well if it isn't Sailor Moon and her boy toy," Hawks Eye taunted.

"Who are you and what do you want with Cassie!" Kat demanded.

"My name is Hawks Eye and my mission is find the guardian of the golden crystal that hides in someone's beautiful dreams. While I'm looking in hers, I'll let my monster deal with you. Arise Ice Queen!" Hawks Eye called, as his icy monster appeared. Luckily, the other scouts and knights arrived as well.

The creature was made completely from ice, and despite the warm temperature, she was not melting.

"Time to make sailor Popsicles!" she called in a screechy voice, before shooting ice spikes at the scouts and knights.

"Watch out guys!" Billy called, as he grabbed Larisa and dodged them. Unfortunately, one caught Tanya in the leg and another caught Tommy's cape. The spikes began to encase them in ice. Tanya and Tommy cried out as the ice froze their bodies in ice.

Jason growled and went after the monster.

"See how you like this you overgrown ice cube!" Jason yelled.

"Mars Fire Ignite!" Jason called fiercely, as he launched the fireball at the Ice Queen monster. The monster reacted with a blizzard attack that cancelled Jason's attack. Jason covered his face with his hands, as he was bombarded by the blizzard attack, which ended up freezing him too.

"Let's turn this battle around Isha!" Rocky said, as Aisha nodded.

"Wait guys!" Billy pleaded, but his cry fell on deaf ears.

"Supreme Thunder Crash!" they called, as they launched the attack.

Once again, the monster launched a blizzard to counter. Rocky and Aisha cried out as they were frozen as well.

"What are we going to do?" Kim asked. At that time Kat called on the power of the purity chalice.

"Moon Crisis Power!" she called as she transformed into Super Sailor Moon.

"Rainbow Moon Heart Attack!" Kat called. The monster was caught off guard and the attack made a direct hit.

"Yeah! You got her mama-Kat!" Larisa said excitedly.

But to everyone's horror, the monster still remained, virtually unscathed.

"Oh no!" Trini called.

"Damn, what now?" Adam said. Suddenly, Kat stumbled and fell to her knees. Her uniform became normal again.

"Kat!" Billy said, as he rushed to her side. The monster laughed maniacally, as it prepared to volley more ice spikes at them. Billy twirled his moon lance expertly, as the spikes flew toward them. The moon prince spun the lance rapidly, which deflected the spikes. But one got the lance and froze it. Billy felt his hand freezing and dropped the lance quickly. The monster launched another vicious blizzard. Billy stood in front of Kat and Larisa and was frozen.

"No! Daddy-Billy!" Larisa cried. Adam, Trini, and Kim stood protectively in front of Kat and Larisa, knowing they were the last ones, and couldn't let the monster get Kat.

"Someone please help us..." Larisa whispered quietly.

And then, something extraordinary happened. The sky was illuminated with blinding silver light, as a white winged horse descended to the Earth. Larisa's eyes got big as she witnessed the magnificent Pegasus coming to answer her.

"It wasn't just a dream," she said.

"No little one, I am real. But you must keep our friendship a secret," Pegasus said, in his alluring voice. Larisa only nodded.

"Ice Queen, he is the guardian! Capture him" Hawks Eye exclaimed.

The scouts watched in wonder as his crystal horn shined brightly and exploded with gold light. Its power melted the ice around Billy and the other scouts. Then he approached Larisa and Katherine. A decorative bell appeared in Larisa's hand, while a kaleidoscope wand appeared in Kat's hand. Their heart broaches glowed brightly, as they were transformed into elaborate, rainbow broaches, with wings.

"These are your new treasures. Larisa, use the bell to call on me for help. And Katherine, use this new wand to defeat the evil," the alluring creature told them.

Katherine and Alex looked at each other and nodded, knowing what they had to do.

"Moon Cosmic Dream Action!" they called in unison, as their new transformation began.

"Sailor Moon!"

Red ribbons surrounded them as their clothes melted away. The ribbons wrapped around their bodies to form their sailor outfits with rainbow bordered white skirts, red bows on their chest and the back of her skirt and elbow length white gloves. Their sleeves were iridescent and white barrettes appeared in their hair. Ruby jeweled tiaras appeared across their foreheads and knee high red boots appeared on Kat's feet, while pink ones appeared on Larisa's.

"Chime the bell when you need me and I will come," Pegasus said. They both nodded in understanding.

"Time to melt this misfit!" Katherine called.

"Crystal...Twinkle...Bell!" Larisa called. The golden horn on Pegasus' head glowed with brilliant golden light and the kaleidoscope was activated. Kat twirled and aimed it.

"Moon...Gorgeous...Meditation!" she called, as the attack ripped through the monster and destroyed it.

"You got lucky this time scouts, but it won't be that way net time," Hawks Eye said, as he disappeared.

Billy picked Kat up and spun her around. His lips captured hers and locked in a tender kiss, as he lowered her back to her feet.

"They do that a lot," Larisa said to the others, which caused them to erupt in laughter.

"I heard peanut," Billy said, as he picked her up and started tickling her.

"Come on guys, let's go back to the power chamber for debriefing," Trini said, being the sensible one. The others agreed and teleported to the power chamber.

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