A/N: Well, I decided to divide up My Butterfly Collection into smaller parts since it's taking me a while to crank these suckers out. Stupid homework...

Anyways, this poem is a little different from ones I've done before. I have been experimenting with the hiaku using it to make short stories (I call them hiaku stories) and in poems as stanzas. This time I took the syllable pattern from the hiaku (5-7-5) and added another 7 syllable line to each stanza. I also rhymed the second and fourth lines like a regular poem. Hope you enjoy! -NB-

+He Can't Be Gone+

I have to find him.
He can't be...there's just no way...
No please let me go!
I can't let him get away!

A hole in the moon...
It's like staring at my heart.
What could've made it?
Why does it tear me apart?

I don't want to cry,
But I just can't help myself.
You idiot...why...
I can't put this on the shelf!

What were you hiding?
You never could think ahead.
The assignment's over,
But I won't believe...you're...dead.

That's impossible.
You're a survivor, I know.
But that doesn't help.
Memories haunt the moon's glow.

A/N: I wrote this while I was really upset with someone I liked very much. It kinda helped me get some of my feelings out.

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