Posting this is a bad idea, it is indeed. I've got too much else on my plate, not the least of which is finishing my huge…large…gigantic Kingdom Hearts fic. But you know what? I DON'T CARE! So here it is, the first part of my Yu-Gi-Oh/FullMetal Alchemist crossover. I don't own either of them, of course. Enjoy!


The circle was complete.

I stared hard at it for a good ten minutes after I had finished drawing it. A perfect white transmutation circle on the gray stone floor of my bedroom. The culmination of a year's hard work and study of alchemy. I searched for any flaw, any imperfection in the design. I consulted my notes and many of my textbooks. And finally, convinced that my circle was indeed perfect, I let out a laugh of triumph and ran to the shelf to get the ingredients for this transmutation.

After dumping several containers of powders and a few liquids into the circle, I ran down the hall to check the clock and peer out the living room windows. It wouldn't do for my parents to come home now and discover what I was doing. They wouldn't approve of it, that I knew very well. Human transmutation was impossible, they had told me. It was a sin. I should just let my brother rest in peace, they said.

But I couldn't. Not when I knew I could bring him back. Satisfied that no one was near the house and that my parents wouldn't be home for at least another hour, even if they left the party early, I ran back down the hall to my room, my automail making a strange thunk every time I set my right foot down.

I paused just inside the door and pulled a photograph off a nearby shelf. Twin faces smiled at me from within the frame, one brother's hand shoving the other's already messy white hair up so that it stuck out in all directions. I smiled back sadly, running a hand through my own snowy locks as I remembered how much he hated it when I messed with his hair. The photo had been taken just a few weeks before the train wreck that had taken my leg and his life. We looked so happy. If we had known what would happen in just a few days, would we still be smiling that way?

I shook the thoughts from my head and stubbornly wiped a tear from my cheek. This was no time to be crying; I was about to get my brother back! "Don't worry, Akira," I whispered as I set the picture back on its shelf. "Mom and Dad will be so thrilled when they come home and find us both waiting for them."

I shut my door then and knelt down at the edge of the circle. It was time.

Fifteen years old. So arrogant. Believing that my skill was so great that I could even raise the dead.

If only I had known.

Yes, it's short. Sue me. The chapters will be longer, I promise. The way I see it, prologues are meant to be short. Anyways, the boy is Ryou, as you can tell, and no, this isn't the usual thing where the YGO cast takes the place of another story's cast. Think of this as a sequel to FMA. If you've seen the end of FMA, you probably know what some later events are already. If not…well, there's spoilers. Please review, folks!