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Kaiba's Deodorant Problem…

It was a sunny and ordinary day…


Or is it?

"I'm coming Mokuba!" Kaiba quickly replied, fixing his necktie up in a hurry, positioning it one last time in front of his full-length mirror.

'I've got to stop this weird habit about making girls wait for me.' He arrogantly said, walking towards the door.

All of a sudden…

"HEY KAIBA!" Yami shouted, ringing Kaiba's ears whilst popping out of nowhere from the ceiling.

"WHAT THE HECK! How'd you get here dammit! How come my alarm didn't go off!" Kaiba shouted at Yami.

"Kaiba! It's good to see you again! How's my rival-who-can-never-beat-me-no-matter-what?" Yami motioned him, smirking.

"You idiot! Get away from me! I don't know what you're planning but I've got something important to do!" Kaiba practically yelled.

"OMG!" Yami said, looking at the unidentified object…… "What's this! Omg! OMG!" Ignorant isn't he…?

"…" Seto paused, amused at Yami's ignorant question. "Yami, that's a deodorant. I'd love to chat but I have to-"


The door slammed all of a sudden, in front of Kaiba's face. He quickly shifted his hand to the doorknob and looked at Yami. "Let go of the door dammit!"

"No. Tell me something first!" Yami triumphantly said.

"Whatever. Just make it quick dammit!" Seto shrieked, pulling the knob.

"What's a deodorant?" Yami questioned.

"It's something you use to make yourself smell good." Seto replied.

"Oooooooooooooooh…" Yami replied as if he never knew what it was. "Why don't they just take a shower? It can make yourself smell good! " Yami asked, tossing the deodorant up and down.

"Listen here Yami, why don't you go to Jounouchi's house and duel with him or something? You might kick his butt again." Seto replied.

"OKAY!" Yami declared, letting go of the shadow magic. "Before that-"

"Listen here! Take a hike will ya!" Seto shouted.

"Okay! I love hikes! I love to hike! Hey, wanna hike with me-"

"Yeah, yeah…Whatever…" Seto said, pushing Yami out the window.

At the living room, where the ill-mannered Seto Kaiba made a girl wait during their date…

"Hi Kisara…I'm sorry for making you wait…I had to settle some 'problems'." Seto said, gently placing his arm around Kisara's neck.

"Uh…sure…" Kisara replied, blushing.

"HI KAIBA!", a voice shouted out of nowhere.

"Oh God…" Kaiba muttered, throwing his hands on his forehead.

"HI! You must be Kaiba's date!" Yami said, pointing to Kisara. He walked towards the two and jumped in the sofa, between the two lovers.

"Hey, Kaiba, did you put on deodorant?" Yami asked Kaiba. He looked at Kisara and said, "Kaiba uses deodorant because he doesn't take a shower!" "Just between you and me Kisara, he never beats me at all…no matter how hard he tries-!"

"Okay-I think you've said enough Yami…Out to the Jounouchi's you go!" he said, smiling as hard as he can.

"Don't forget to put on Deodorant Kaiba! I mean, I don't wanna remind you again okay:) " Yami joyfully said.

And thus, ends our ridiculous story of the deodorant…Those who practically read this probably had NO OTHER choice than to read this…

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