AUTHOR NOTE: Cuz sometimes you just GOTTA!

(I'm suddenly thinking of a line from that Sublime song "What I got.") heeheehee

It's all the same.

The two rivals lay together in the center of the Uchiha dojo. Both motionless save for the heaving of their chests as they panted for air that was much to warm to enjoy. Hot rays of sunshine shone through the many cracks and holes in the walls causing their naked skin to glisten from the sheen of sweat that covered them. The only sound in the room was frantic breathing for a time, then silence as each calmed their aching lungs and they began to regain their stamina.



"That was awesome."




"So…you wanna do it some more?"

"…Okay." Sasuke stood up and stretched, and then he offered his hand to help the other boy to his feet. Naruto hesitantly took the hand that was offered to him. He didn't NEED help, but he figured the days of them trying to beat each other at everything were far in the past. He grinned, staring into his companions dark eyes. It was still a surprise to him to find the usually impassive boy smiling back at him.

"We should go outside if were gunna do this some more. That way we won't have to worry about making more of a mess."

"Yeah…I think we got a little carried away this time." Naruto's grin turned sheepish as he examined the condition of the Uchiha dojo.

"You're helping me clean this later, Dobe." Sasuke said casually as he headed out of into the bright afternoon sunshine. His eyes squinted as they tried to adjust to the sudden change in lighting. The slight breeze that was blowing felt wonderful against his sticky skin. "Come on, Dobe! What are you waiting for?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming! Keep you pants on!" Naruto grunted and followed the dark haired boy out into the expanse of grassy fields that lay just beyond the border of the Uchiha main estate.

"You ready for some more?" Sasuke asked as he came to a stop.

"I can take what ever you got and then some you bastard!"

"Hn! We'll see about that."

"Yeah…we will." Naruto approached his rival until they were nearly standing nose to nose. Naruto, being the taller of the two, tilted his head down to look Sasuke square in the eyes. He raised his hands slowly and placed them on the other boy's pale, naked, chest. He grinned as he felt the heart that lay beneath his hands suddenly speed up at his touch. His lips curled into a sly grin. "No holding back out here."

"Of course." He smirked at the shaggy blonde. Then he felt himself being shoved back with a force that was not in any way playful. Caught off guard, he found himself lying sprawled out on his back in the grass with Naruto above him having himself a good laugh and grinning down at him triumphantly.

"HA! You thought I was gunna kiss you or something didn't you? You perverted bastard! HA HA HA!" His laugh was cut short when his rival delivered a nicely placed kick right to his knee, knocking the shaggy haired boy off his high horse and into the dirt where he belonged. The fight was on now. Round two was just beginning.