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TEASE: Round 7 #2 (part 2): Great Taste, Less Filler

Sasuke's eyes watered and his nails dug crescent wounds into his palms. He wasn't sure how long he would be able to tolerate Naruto's teeth digging into his shoulder. Not to mention it reminded him of the not so good old days. He wanted very badly to use Chidori Nagashi to get Naruto off, but they were both partially submerged in water, so if he used it the current would electrocute them both. That wouldn't do.

Knocking Naruto out with Sharingan required that he look in his eyes and that wasn't possible with Naruto's face buried in the crook of his neck, biting and sucking like a beast. Sasuke's mind raced to figure out an alternative solution to the problem of the overly horny fox-boy who was apparently into rough, animal sex.

Well, okay, Sasuke figured he should have known that Naruto would like to play that way. Not only was he an enormous pervert in his own right, he was taught by Konoha's legendary perverted master. All that and he also contained a very frisky fox demon that no doubt influenced him in ways that Sasuke could only imagine.

Naruto sucked particularly hard for a second, and then bit down harder, causing Sasuke to heave and wince.

Sasuke was getting downright pissed. Naruto's ass was soooo getting raped as soon as he could figure out how to make it happen. He thought and thought, as hard as he could, to figure out a way to conquer and utterly dominate his menacing rival and still leave him agreeable enough to fuck. And suddenly, like a flash of lightning from the gods, Sasuke realized what he should have done in the first place. As Kakashi-sensei always said, "If ninjutsu and genjutsu are no good, a shinobi must rely on taijutsu.'"

Naruto suddenly felt Sasuke's skin tearing away in his mouth, and before he knew it, there was a flash of light and then a sharp, stinging pain. He was stunned momentarily by the blow to the head, but quickly got his bearings and swung, lightning fast, and landed a south paw to Sasuke's temple. Hot with the taste of blood on his tongue, Naruto was aware of nothing but throbbing and heat. The only thought he had was that he needed to make it stop. Now. He grinned manically at his prey and lunged, ready to capture.

Sasuke was quick to deliver a powerful kick to Naruto's gut and sent him staggering and splashing back against the other side of the tub. He'd totally forgotten about his plan to use Sharingan to knock Naruto out at that point. He kind of just felt like hitting him again and again.

Naruto stood up clutching his sore stomach and growled, ready for another go. He grabbed Sasuke by the hair and slammed his knee into his face, then yanked him back up and threw him back against the side of the tub.

Sasuke's nose gushed. He felt it, warm and salty, leaking down over his lips and into his mouth. He panted for breath and fought desperately to clear his starry vision before Naruto could gain too much of an advantage.

No such luck.

Naruto advanced quickly, and before Sasuke could defend himself, he spun him around and slammed his head down onto the deck, then slammed it a few more times for good measure. He ran a hand over the pale, slick skin of Sasuke's thigh, and concluded by delivering a nice hard smack to his ass.

Sasuke moaned, woozy and in pain. Reality had been reduced to continuous instances of blind pain. First in his face, then in his ear and skull, then on his ass, and finally in it. He cried out at the last one, barely recognizing his own shrieking voice. Each instance of pain was accompanied by a husky cry from Naruto.

Naruto was going to town on Sasuke's ass.

Sasuke's body was being jerked violently and his face scraped on the deck as he was slammed forward then yanked back and slammed forward again. It wouldn't have been so bad if he wasn't bleeding and in pain. It was sort of hot, but Sasuke didn't really like being brutalized that hard before a fuck. He preferred slow and agonizing to hard and rough. All that and Naruto didn't really know how to fuck a man, he could tell. Sasuke decided that he would have to teach him how it was done. Well, after he got revenge for what was happening right then.

Naruto was close. He could feel it building faster and faster and he thrust harder and harder. It didn't take him more than a minute and he was screaming and shaking with orgasm.

Sasuke just lay there taking it. He'd have a good opportunity to strike just as soon as Naruto finished blowing his load. Any ninja knew that was the best time to strike a horny man. Let them get what they want, then they'll be off guard long enough to get in the killing blow. But Sasuke wasn't looking to kill Naruto. Not really. He was just super pissed about his mauled shoulder, broken nose and torn up ass.

Finally Naruto slowed and slipped out, and Sasuke took a moment to let Naruto's adrenaline rush finally crash out and pacify him long enough for him to be easily ensnared. He pushed himself up and turned slowly, so as to not startle his prey prematurely.

Naruto sunk back into the warmth of the water feeling spent and woozy. He never saw Sasuke's attack coming.

Sasuke approached, narrow-eyed and panting, and just as they were about to meet lips, Sasuke's Sharingan flickered on and he glared into Naruto's startled eyes.

Suddenly they were both standing in the pool which helped to hold the Kyuubi at bay.

Naruto was naked and hard. "Hey! You get out if here right now, you hear?"

"Not quite yet." Sasuke looked towards Kyuubi's cage and stuck out his hand and commanded, "You go to sleep!"

The Kyuubi growled, "Accursed Uchiha," and then curled up and lay down. "You will pay for this," he swore as he went to sleep.

"Good night, pet," Sasuke taunted.

"Sasuke," Naruto questioned. "What the fuck?!"

Sasuke turned to Naruto and glared into his eyes, "You go to sleep too, you total fucking moron."

The last thing Naruto saw before he passed out was Sasuke's bloody, bitter face twist into a grin as he reached out to catch him.

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