The King and I

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Chapter 9: Baby Love

"And I know that was no rumour you heard, you were listening."

Sirius mouthed silently for a few moments. Busted. "I…um…I eh… I'm sorry."

Lucius raised an eyebrow, "I'm not angry, Sirius, I just wish you would have a little more trust in me."

"I have plenty of trust in you-"

"Enough that you eavesdrop on a private conversation and then lie about a rumour in order to question me about it?" replied Lucius, cutting off Sirius's reply. "That's a great deal of trust, thank you very much, Sirius."

Sirius narrowed his eyes slightly, "Why are you making such a big deal about it?"

Lucius got up from his seat and went over to his liquor cabinet and grabbed the nearest bottle of Old Ogden's Firewhiskey, "Why?" he poured himself a generous glass. "We are to be married in less than two weeks, Sirius," he turned back to the dark haired man. "What is the point if we don't have enough trust between us to give each other the privacy we deserve? Maybe I wouldn't normally react this way if what was overheard was of little importance, but what you heard between Tom and myself was greatly important and I can not risk that conversation leaving the vicinity of this palace."

Sirius got to his feet so that he was on a level with Lucius, "Speaking of the lack of trust, clearly you have very little trust in me if you think I'm just going to go and blab your private business to everyone who will listen!"

"That is not what I meant!"

"It's certainly what it sounded like!"

Lucius sighed and ran a hand through his usually immaculate hair, "Do you know what legilimancy is?"

Sirius nodded, "Vaguely."

"That is why I don't want you eavesdropping ever again, Sirius, if you can't block your mind then my most hateful opponents could find out secrets I'd rather not reveal."

Sirius sat down again and folded his arms over his chest, "Ok, fine. I won't do it again," Lucius nodded. "How did you know, anyway?"

Lucius sat back down in his chair as well, glass of Firewhiskey in hand, "Tom is a skilled Legilimens, he looked into your mind during your brief introduction to each other."

Sirius frowned, "Tell him not to do it again, will you? I don't like the idea of having my head invaded by strangers."

"I will," Lucius took a sip from his glass.

"Who is Tom?"

"What do you mean?"

Sirius pulled his feet up onto his chair, "I mean, I know you said that he's a friend of yours, but from what I heard, he was a friend of your father's as well."

Lucius nodded and sipped his drink again, "He was. He was one of my father's advisors, and after my father's death he looked after the throne until I was old enough to take on the responsibility. Ever since, Tom has also been my most trusted advisor and hopefully he will remain so, I very much doubt I would get very far without him."


James was practically in hysterics now, he was at St Mungos; he had managed to floo there before completely breaking down. He had also managed to contact Remus before leaving and was promised that his werewolf friend would be at his side until Severus was tracked down and turned up.

"Where the fuck are they!"

"James!" Remus burst into the St Mungos birthing ward and ran over to his friend's side. "Are you ok?"

"Where the fuck have you been!" cried James, his voice kept cracking and his breathing was heavy. "Where's Severus? Where's Sirius?"

Remus gripped James's hand, briefly forgetting his own troubles at home with Regulus, "I left a note for Severus at your house, and I couldn't reach Sirius," he just about cried himself when his hand was squeezed unbearably hard as James had another contraction.

Once the contraction had passed, James had another outburst, "When that slimy bastard gets here I'm going to rip his fucking balls off and shove them down his fucking throat!"

Remus brushed James's hair off his forehead with his free hand, "I bet you would."

James gave Remus's hand a brutal squeeze, "Don't joke with me, Lupin!"

"Ok, ok! Ow! James, stop it!"


It was late in the afternoon when Severus got home from his shopping trip and almost immediately upon entering the house, he realised that it was deserted. "James!" no reply came. Where the hell was he? The potions master honestly didn't think that James would have ventured out of the house on his own, so close to his due date. Unless…

As Severus placed his bags of ingredients and other knick knacks down he saw a note on the table, underneath a coffee mug.


James has gone into labour. I will be with him at St Mungos. Hurry up; I don't think its going to take long.


Severus forgot everything else he was going to be doing this afternoon and this evening and disapparated to St Mungos.

James was in floods of tears by now; he was in pain, he was already exhausted and though he wanted to murder Severus, he desperately wanted his husband by his side.

"Where is he? I need him!"

Remus gave his friend a hug while the medi-witch continued to instruct James to take deep breaths.

It was then that the door burst open and Severus Snape burst into the ward, "James!"

James turned to his head towards his husband and immediately started yelling, "Where the hell have you been you fucking bastard! I fucking need you here! This is all your fault! I'm going to rip your balls off and shove them so far up your arse that you'll be choking on them!"

Remus let go of James's hand, desperately trying to contain his laughter after the outburst and seeing the look of horror on Severus's face; he tapped the dark haired man on the shoulder, "Better you than me, Sev."

"Why are you just standing there! Severus!"


It was getting late in the evening now and Sirius had just been informed by a house-elf that Remus was here and wishing to speak with him; he gave the wakeful Draco to his father and headed for the entrance foyer where Remus was waiting. "Hey Moony."

Remus barely returned the greeting before getting to what he came to the palace for, "I thought I should let you know that James has gone into labour and the baby will probably be here before midnight."


Remus gave a nod.

"Great! Is he all right? Severus is with him, isn't he?"

Remus nodded again, "Yeah, Severus turned up eventually, I left a note at his house for him," he sighed and ran a hand down his face.

"Are you ok?" questioned Sirius in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just tired," replied Remus, it was partially the truth. "I don't suppose you've seen Reg have you?"

Sirius shook his head, "Not today, no. Why?"

Remus sighed, he wasn't all too fond of divulging things like this to the older and rather protective brother of his husband; but needs must, "We had a fight earlier, and he stormed out. I just thought that maybe he might have come to you, but clearly not."

Sirius frowned slightly, "I'll keep an eye out, but knowing Reg, he's probably gone to a pub or something."

"Didn't think about that."


It was quarter to midnight now, and after much more hysterical crying and swearing, and a touch and go Caesarean Section; Severus and James welcomed a little baby boy into the world. A baby boy with a shock of black hair, though that was hardly surprising considering the colour of his parents' hair.

James was curled up in his hospital bed in Severus's arms, while cradling their newborn son; he gave a sleepy smile, "Don't think that you're off the hook yet, Sev…"

Severus hugged James and gazed proudly down at his son, "I didn't think so, though I would prefer it if you left my balls intact."

James turned his head and pressed a kiss to Severus's neck, "Love you, Sev."

Severus rested his head against James's and watched their baby sleep, "Love you too, James."

Within a few more minutes James was fast asleep, still cradling his son and using Severus's chest as a pillow.


It was just gone midnight when Regulus finally returned home, he had had a few drinks and gone for a walk about the town; he still wasn't all that happy but he figured it would be best to come home and talk to Remus. Almost as soon as he had entered the house he found himself being pulled into Remus's arms and tight hug, which he tentatively returned.

"Where have you been?" questioned Remus worriedly; he really had started to worry over Regulus's absence.

Regulus pulled away slightly so that he could see Remus's face, "I was just at the pub, and then I went for a walk… Look-"

Remus cut his husband off and kissed him lightly on the lips, "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to upset you like that, and I just…" he sighed. "I do want children, Reg, I honestly do. I'm just…I'm scared."

Regulus wrapped his arms around Remus's body and hugged him again, "Don't be, you have no need to be. And if any child we have is a werewolf to, then we'll deal with that if or when it happens."

Remus nuzzled the black haired man's neck, "Let's not fight about it again, yeah?"

"Yes," Regulus pulled away and kissed him again. "Shall we go to bed?"

Remus nodded, "James had his baby, by the way, about an hour ago."

Regulus smiled, "Is that what's changed your mind?"

"Well, kind of, yeah."


"Da!" shrieked the young Prince Draco happily as he played with his equally blond father; he giggled excitedly.

Sirius came into the nursery and stopped dead before grinning at the sight before him; Lucius was lying on his back on the floor holding Draco above him and bouncing his son and chatting back to him. "Having fun, boys?"

Lucius looked to his left and up at Sirius a smile fixed upon his handsome face, "Yes, I think we are," he looked back to Draco. "Are you having fun, Dray?" Draco let out another giggle reached for Lucius and he was pulled into a hug.

Sirius sighed and watched this adorable interaction between father and son; he couldn't help but notice that Lucius did look genuinely happy for once. "I'm going to go and see James, ok?" he got a vague nod from Lucius, so he went over to the two of them and crouched down next to them. "Be good," he kissed Lucius on the lips, and then pressed a kiss to Draco's head. "You keep an eye on him."

"Honestly Sirius, what do you take me for?" said Lucius, watching as his future husband headed for the door.

Sirius looked over his shoulder and grinned, "I was talking to Draco."


"Have you two decided on a name yet?" asked Irene Potter, James's mother. She and his father, Henry, had been notified this morning of their grandson's arrival.

Severus nodded, "Harry."

There was a quiet knock on the hospital ward door and the dark haired, grey eyed head of Sirius looked in, "Can I come in?"

James nodded, "Where the hell were you yesterday?" he demanded straight away.

Sirius bit his bottom lip, "I only found out late last night when Rem told me," he turned to James's parents and bid them hello. In return he got a hug from Irene, who was his unofficial adoptive mother, and a scowl from Henry who, according to James, was not at all pleased with Sirius's decision to marry the King. He blinked and turned back to the happy new parents, "So does he have a name?"

"Harry," replied James, he looked incredibly tired but he was beaming happily. "So, are you ready to become a Godfather?"

Sirius raised his eyebrows, "I never said I agreed to that."

Severus rolled his eyes and spoke in an undertone, "If you value your balls, I wouldn't say something like that again."

Sirius snorted and nodded, "Yes, Jay, I will happily take the honour of being a Godfather to your son."


Regulus was curled up on the couch with Remus, as it was a Sunday, Remus had the day off from work and they decided to use it to work over some of their problems. "Do you think maybe we should start planning if we're going to have kids?"

"It would probably be a good idea," replied Remus, as he thumbed through the Daily Prophet. "So we don't have any problems with timing and stuff."

"My thoughts exactly," Regulus nuzzled the werewolf's neck. "I'd rather it not be a surprise like Siri and James had."

"Not even a little bit of surprise?"

Regulus sniffed, "Well, maybe a little bit. But, you know, I don't want to be entirely unprepared for it when it happens."

"Fair enough."

Regulus suddenly sat up straight, took the paper off Remus and straddled his husband's lap, "Shall we start trying now?"

Remus pulled the younger man to him and kissed him, "I don't think I have any say in the matter."

"No, you don't."


When Sirius got back to the palace, he found Lucius back in his study, keeping an eye on Draco playing in his playpen while he did some paperwork. The newly appointed Godfather went straight over to the King and slid onto his lap, linking his arms around the blond's neck and kissing him full on the mouth.

Lucius put his quill down and rested his hands on Sirius's waist, "Can I help you?"

Sirius hugged him and pressed his head against the crook of Lucius's neck, "Just wanted to be with you."


Sirius lifted his head again and grinned; he was making Lucius uncomfortable, he knew it, "Do you want more kids?"

Lucius raised his eyebrows, "Right now?"

Sirius gave a snort, "No, not right now, you idiot," he started playing with the fine blond hair at the nape of Lucius's neck. "I mean, in another year or two, when Draco's a bit older."

Lucius rested his forehead against Sirius's, "It could be interesting."


Author's Note: Now, in Chapter 7 I mentioned that James had inherited a fortune from his parents. I messed up a little bit there, I have fully intended on them still being alive; what I meant was that he had had enough money handed to him upon becoming of age that he still hadn't spent it all yet. I should probably go back and fix that bit up, and I probably will at some point.

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