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Chapter Ten:

When Disaster Strike

Syaoran was dumbfounded upon hearing Sakura's reply. S-She agrees? He thought as he sighed. Syaoran never thought she would, seeing how she punched him earlier that day. He just smiled as he thought of giving up his love for her. Seeing how she agreed on the idea, all hopes of Sakura loving him back flew to oblivion. It just remained an impossible dream. . .

"Syaoran? Hello? I said I agree," Sakura repeated.

Syaoran shook his head as he pulled himself out of his lost thoughts. "Oh, yeah,"

"Oh yeah, what?"

"Uh, nothing. Uhmm. . .Thanks for agreeing. You won't be sorry, I promise,"

Sakura felt the urge to cry upon hearing his answer. "I hope so. . ." Sakura put the down the phone and sighed.

What would be the consequences of my sudden action?

Syaoran sighed as he slammed the phone. He wanted to shout to her that she's making a big mistake. That she could turn back, she could forget about the idea but it was too late now—her decision could never be altered.

I am the one who will be sorry. . .


That night, Sakura walked down the street and planned on going to Serenity Café. Syaoran told her earlier that she would meet bachelor number one here—her very first blind date. She sighed. The night was indeed perfect for dating but not with bachelor number one. . .but with Syaoran. Sakura trudged down the street and reached the café. She spotted Syaoran standing by the pole next to the restaurant. Sakura looked at him. He was truly waiting for her, his eyes looking down as if regretting the whole idea, his unruly chestnut hair covering much of his face. Syaoran looked up and saw Sakura staring at him.

He blushed. "Hey, Sakura. Glad you could make it,"

Sakura smiled. She would be missing that cute blush of his. "Wouldn't miss it for you,"

Syaoran blushed even further. "You looked perfect,"

She smiled. "Nobody's perfect,"

He smiled. "Well, for me, you are."

Sakura stared at him. Nothing even mattered now, even the date. All she wanted was Syaoran to be her date and no one else. "I know. . ."

Syaoran's blush reddened even more. "You knew?"

She giggled. "Just kidding. So, aren't you going to introduce me to 'bachelor number one'?"

Syaoran shook his head and nodded automatically. "Right. Right,"

Syaoran pushed the door open and Sakura walked inside. She glanced at him but he just looked away. Sakura sighed and continued walking towards a table for two with a guy sitting by himself. She sat down opposite him and the guy looked at her with delight.

He held her hand and kissed it. "You must be Sakura Kinomoto,"

Sakura giggled. "Ehehe! That's my name, don't wear it out! Uhmm, what's your name?"

He kissed her hand again. "It doesn't matter. The important thing is I'm sitting opposite a girl who looks like a maiden from above,"

Hmpf. Kidder!

The waiter approached them and pulled out his little notebook. "Sir, ma'am, can I take your order?"

The guy lit up, his ruby eyes glistening. "SURE!" He said gleaming.

Sakura looked at him like he grew eight tentacles. The waiter then smiled. "What would you be having?"

The ruby-eyed guy stared at the menu and started ordering. "I would like a burger steak, a carbonara, a hamburger, sushi, tempura. . ." He blabbered, non-stop. The waiter jotted down everything, his face drenched with sweat.

Sakura's emerald-green pools widened. What-the? He seemed. . .hungry? Well, by the meals he ordered I'd say he didn't eat in a month!

The guy panted. ". . .and a beef teriyaki," The waiter repeated the order and when he was finally finished, he panted and went to the kitchen.

The ruby-eyed boy smiled. "You can have the other half!"

Sakura's eyes widened even more. "Other half? I think you just ordered the whole menu!"

He smiled. "It's my usual meal,"

U-Usual meal? You call that usual meal? I hate to see you hungry!

"I'm a bit hungry, huh?"

Sakura pulled out a fake smile. "It's not really obvious,"

The waiter returned with three plates full of food. He almost fell but he still kept on going and served the meals to the ruby-eyed guy. The meals didn't fit their table so the other meals were transferred in another table. The ruby-eyed boy looked at the foods with glistening eyes and pounced on it, ready to attack. Sakura readied herself for this as the guy ate everything with just one gulp.

Sakura stared at him with wide eyes like he just mutated three horrifying heads. Look at him pounce on those meals; it's like feeding time at the zoo!

She couldn't even touch her food as she watched the blue-haired boy munching violently on the foods laid down on him. With mouth wide open, Sakura noticed that the ruby-eyed guy don't seem to mind if she's around or not, his food was much important to him.

The guy pointed at her food. "Are you gonna eat that?" He said with his mouth full.

Sakura pulled out a fake smile and pushed his plate to him. "No, thanks. I think I just lost my appetite years ago,"

"Oh," He replied. The blue-haired boy stared at her mouth's open, his already chewed food dripping down. Sakura shivered from disgust and turned away.

Yeah, I think I just lost my appetite eons ago!

The ruby-eyed guy grabbed her plate and attacked on her food with no second to last. He suddenly stopped munching and that caught Sakura's attention.

The guy was preparing to sneeze. "Ah. . .Ah-choo!" He sneezed, sending his mouthful of already saliva infected food to Sakura's shirt.

Sakura stared at the stain inflicted on her shirt with disgust. She grabbed a handful of tissue and tried wiping it away but it was no use—the stain was still evident. Sakura was about to leave when the guy caught her with his words.

"I-I'm sorry. . ."

Sakura still tried to smile. "I-It's okay really. I-I have to go,"

She turned away and ran to the door. "Hey! You didn't finish your food!" He called out.

Sakura raised her brow. Hmpf. You already ate it.


The next night, Sakura went again to Serenity Café for bachelor number two. After what happened to bachelor number one, she swore of never ordering any food—just a nice drink would satisfy her. Sakura called Syaoran last night and screamed, shouted and scolded him on the phone. Syaoran reassured her that this time it would be okay, he was not that crazy about food.

I hope you're right Syaoran! Or else. . .

She entered the café and saw another guy sitting alone in a nearby table for two. He had dark brown hair almost black and deep hazel eyes. Sakura sat opposite him and stared at him as the guy looked up to her.

The brown-haired guy smiled at her. "You must be my Ying-fa, Sakura Kinomoto,"

Sakura smiled. "Yeah, that's me."

The hazel-eyed guy ordered as the waiter approached them and thanks heavens for Sakura he didn't order the whole menu. Sakura smiled as the waiter left. The guy stared at her and reached for her hand but instead of her smooth hand, he grabbed a spider and he shook it away.

"AAAHHH! WHAT'S THAT? KEEP IT AWAY!" The guy screamed girlishly.

Sakura looked at him with wide eyes. "It's just a little spider,"

The guy shivered. "I hate all creepy-crawlies and dogs, and cats, and rats. . ."

Sakura sighed. First, a guy who eats almost everything and now a guy who fears almost everything. . .What's a girl to do? What's a human being to do? Syaoran's gonna pay this time!

The phobiatic guy finally finished his very long list of fears. ". . .and being alone," He finally finished after the waiter served their light meals.

Sakura raised her brow. "You have autophobia?"

"Yep and other many more fears!"


The next night, Sakura trudged with fury to Serenity Café. After having a long discussion with Syaoran the other day about bachelor number two, she finally agreed on meeting bachelor number three. Syaoran again reassured her that this time it would be perfect. Hmpf. You're lucky I love you, Syaoran! Or else. . . She thought as she clenched her fists. . . .you'll be spending the whole week with a bandage around your cheek!

Sakura entered Serenity Café for the third time this week. She again noticed a guy sitting on the usual table just like the other bachelors. He had red fiery hair and glistening blue eyes. She smiled as she sat opposite him.

He looked up. "Oh, you must be Sakura Kinomoto."

"Yeah, that's me."

The redhead smiled. "I heard many things about you from Syaoran,"


"Yeah, isn't he a gorgeous hunk?"

Sakura's orbs widened. "H-He's a what?"

"This is just between you and me but I'm. . .gay,"

Sakura's emerald green pools widened even further as her jaws dropped. H-He's gay?

The blue-eyed gay toyed with her hair. "Syaoran doesn't know that yet. He thinks I'm a hunk or something but for all I care. . .I love him,"

You what? Syaoran's mine, sister!

"Excuse me?"

The gay didn't seem to mind. "I love to brush my lips against his, I want to feel the warmth of his body—his gorgeous chest, his chiseled abs—Oh, I love them all!" He said, staring dreamily into space.

Sakura stood up. "I have to go,"

"Why? We can chat and exchange beauty tips. . ."

Sakura pulled out a fake smile. "Maybe next time,"

Yeah, right! Like that's gonna happen! I'm not gonna go with you! You. . .thing!


Sakura ran as fast as she can out of Serenity Café. She ran down the street as a teardrop escaped from her beautiful emerald green pools. Am I that ugly for no guy to love me? Am I that ugly? She thought as she turned around the corner. Anger filled her heart as she thought of going to Syaoran to teach him some lesson. Sakura ran and finally reached his apartment. She opened it with ferocity as Syaoran looked at her with wide orbs.

"Uh, Sakura? What are you doing here?"

Sakura gritted her teeth. "What am I doing here? WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I'M HERE BECAUSE OF THE DATES YOU SET UP WITH ME!"

Syaoran approached her, confused. "What's wrong with them?"

Sakura approached him with fury. "ARE YOU DOING THIS ON PURPOSE?" She shouted.

Syaoran scratched the back of his head with his hand. "What am I doing on purpose? I don't know what I did that made you this angry,"

She had enough. Sakura raised her hand and slapped Syaoran's cheek hard, hard enough for his cheek to turn bright red. Syaoran stared at her with wide amber eyes as he brought a hand to his sore cheek.

Tears spilled from Sakura's eyes as she clenched her fists tightly. "Who are you to cause so much pain in my life? You don't know why I'm angry? I'm angry because all the dates you set up for me were all defective men! First, Mr. Chowtime, Second, Mr. Phobia and the latest was Mr. Gay! Why are you doing this? To tell me that no man's gonna love me? To tell me that I'm so ugly that no man's gonna bother seeing me, huh?"

Syaoran looked at her with sympathy. He didn't know that what he did caused her to be so mad, to be so. . .broken. He sighed. Syaoran lifted her head with his hand and wiped away her tears with his thumb.

"Don't you dare touch me!" Sakura screamed.

Syaoran smiled. "I'm sorry,"

Sakura looked at him, his smile melting the snow inside her heart. "Oh, what the hell. Who could resist that smile?"

He grinned. "I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean to-"

Sakura cut him by kissing him on the lips passionately. Syaoran blushed crimson as Sakura looped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss further. Her lips tasted like cherryblossoms while his lips tasted like chocolate. The night was indeed perfect but not with bachelor number one, nor number two and definitely not number three but with Syaoran-kun. . .


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