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Yami's first time…

Summery: Yugi is bored one day and decides it would be fun to take Yami swimming – trouble is, last time Yami went swimming was 5000 years ago (US version) in the Nile…..

Yugi flipped through the latest edition of Duel Monsters World, which was the monthly magazine that arrived at the Kame Game shop showing all the new cards that were out and where tournaments were being held etc. he usually buried himself in it for a couple of hours curled up in Yami's lap so the ancient pharaoh could also read. But today Yugi was feeling restless. He wanted to do something but he couldn't decide what to do (Don't you hate days like that?) Then he hit on it, swimming.



"Do you fancy going swimming?"

Yami imagined a nice river and a naked aibou splashing him playfully because the last time he had done any swimming was in the Nile and he of course wore no clothes when swimming as it served to bathe him too. He had taken normal baths but sometimes he liked to feel the cool softly flowing water of the Nile and to be in a river swimming with his aibou sounded like a perfect afternoon's entertainment to him.

"I'd like that very much aibou. Where do we go swimming?"

"The public baths."

"P-public baths? Aibou I'm not sure you should bathe and swim in public…"

"Why not? It's fun and you get to dive and slide."

"But won't people stare?"

"Stare? At what?"

"Well you know…" Yami nodded in the direction of Yugi's crotch and Yugi giggled at the concerned look on yami's face.

"Well it's not like I'll be naked or anything Yami." He giggled before going to a draw and pulling out what looked to Yami like normal underwear. "I wear these. Hang on you'll need some too." He dug around for a few minutes before producing another pair of the look-alike underwear and held them up for Yami's inspection. Yami frowned.

"They look a little tight aibou, are you sure about this?"

"Course I'm sure don't be a scaredy pharaoh." He teased and Yami rose to the challenge.

"You win, let's go." He said and got up from the bed snatching the 'underwear' out of Yugi's hand and grabbing his leather jacket. Yugi grabbed the towels and a bag and they left shouting to Jii-chan that they were going swimming and would be back later.

They arrived at the baths and paid. Yugi led the way to the changing rooms and they grabbed a large cubicle for the two of them. They undressed and although Yami was tempted to pounce on Yugi and ravish him then and there but he resisted, his nerves playing a big part in his ability to resist the gorgeous body that was presenting itself to him.

Soon they were ready. Yami had squeezed into the 'underwear' which Yugi informed him were called trunks and they were ready. They got a locker and Yugi led Yami to where screams could be heard.

Yami was getting more nervous and shivered as he went through the footbath as the water was cold. Then he was into the main pool area and he stood for a moment surveying the scene before him.

There was a large pool, which looked deep at one end and very shallow at the other. In fact the water ran up to a beach type area where small children could play safely. The screams were not those of fear Yami discovered but of excitement. Yugi grabbed Yami's arm and tugged on it pointing excitedly at a set of steps.

"The best way to get wet is on the slide! Come on Yami!"

"Erm slide aibou?" said Yami looking fearful. He had seen slides in playgrounds but they were only small. By the looks of those stairs, this was a very big slide. "I'm not sure, maybe I'll stick to that shallow bit over there." He said hoping his little light would catch on to the fact he did not want to try the slide just yet.

Yugi grinned knowing Yami was scared and leaning over he whispered to his dark.

"Scaredy pharaoh!"

That did it for Yami, he was not a scaredy pharaoh!

"Right come on aibou, I am not afraid to ride this slide." He said with more bravado than he was actually feeling and began to stride towards the stairs.

Half-way up he lost his nerve a little and wondered what in Ra's name was he thinking? He also began to wonder what his friends back in Egypt would have thought of their great pharaoh dressed in too-tight trunks about to look very undignified going down a slide! He decided it was best not to think about anything but just to concentrate on getting through the next ten minutes or so.

They were now at the top and Yami could see the top of the slide looming in front of him. He watched the person in front go down and into the blackness ahead. He began to break out in a cold sweat as the slide attendant nodded for him to step up and get ready.

Yami looked at the dark hole in front of him and gingerly stepped up to where the rushing water came from either side to keep the slide nice and wet.

"Aibou, I don't know about this." Yami said beginning to look very fearful.

"Sit down Yami, it's fine honest." Yugi urged and Yami sat down carefully in between the jets of water.

"Aibou I…..AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AIBOUUUUUUU!" Yami screamed as he found himself suddenly pushed down the slide by Yugi who had figured if he didn't give the pharaoh a helping hand, he would never go down.

To Yami, the dark tunnel seemed to go on forever as the wind whistled past his ears and the water sprayed round him. Quite suddenly, he shot out of the end of the slide and into a small pool, which was set apart from the main one.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Thank Ra that was over, he wasn't going to do that again in a hurry no matter how much his aibou begged!

A few seconds after Yami had exited the pool, Yugi shot out of the end of the slide and splashed into the little pool. He came up grinning at the look on Yami's face.

"Aww Yami don't be mad, at least you proved you weren't too scared."

"Well what choice did I have? You wouldn't have gone down without a helping hand so I thought I'd lend you mine." Yugi was grinning mischeviously at the disgruntled former pharaoh.

"Come on Yami let's go in the main pool." Said Yugi feeling a little sorry for Yami who was still shaking slightly from his experience on the slide. Yami nodded gratefully and joined Yugi in the pool where they were soon splashing each other and having races up and down the pool.

"Hey Aibou this is fun." Said Yami grinning for the first time since entering the swimming pool.

"Yeah." Said Yugi swimming up to Yami and splashing in the face making his dark cough and splutter.

"Aibou! Now you're for it!" Yami said and dived at his light who dodged and Yami fell into the water with a large splash. Yugi giggled as the ancient pharaoh surfaced also laughing.

Suddenly a light started to flash on one wall and a siren sounded. A voice came over the loudspeaker asking everyone to move to the shallow end of the pool.

"What's going on Aibou?" Yami asked looking worried.

"They're switching the wave machine on." Yugi giggled "you'll like this Yami." He said

"W-wave machine?" stammered Yami, "What does that do?"

"Makes waves like the sea, it's fun honest." Yugi assured him but Yami still looked doubtful. "Here they come." He said and pointed down the pool to where several large waves were heading their way.

Now we all know the strongest part of a wave is when it's just breaking and that is just where the ancient pharaoh was standing when the first wave hit him. With a squeak he fell over and landed hard on his rear.

"Ow!" he said when he came up for air but he hardly had time to breathe before another wave battered him and pushed him back in the pool.

Yugi was bent over double in laughter at Yami who was floundering in the water as wave after wave washed over him rolling him round in the water and tossing him around.

"Aibou!…..help!" he gasped as another wave engulfed him. Yugi stopped laughing and went to help Yami stand up who did so looking slightly embarrassed at being so undignified as to be overpowered by a few small waves.

"Do you want to leave Yami?" asked Yugi looking a little disappointed that Yami wasn't enjoying himself as much as he'd hoped he would. The wave machine had stopped and the waves all died down. Yami looked round the pool to see people splashing and having fun again and decided that it maybe wasn't so bad after all.

"No it's alright Aibou, I don't mind staying if you really want to." Yugi's face lit up happily.

"Really? You mean that?"

"Hai, now I know when that wave thing will start again by the warnings, I'll get out of the pool before it starts."

Yugi giggled.

"You did look funny Aibou, I wonder what your friends in ancient Egypt would have said?" Yami chuckled.

"Probably dashed in to rescue their poor pharaoh from the evil waves." He said and the two of them laughed.

They spent the last half an hour thoroughly enjoying themselves in the pool before finally getting out and changing.

When they got home, Yugi made them something to eat before the two of them curled up on the sofa to watch the movie that they had hired.

Yami: Aibou, I am NOT going swimming again

Yugi: Awww I thought you enjoyed it in the end!

Yami: Well yes I did but that's no excuse for making me look undignified when the waves started!

Yugi: (giggling) but it was so funny.

Yami: Was not! Former pharaohs do not look undignified (strikes a pose)

Bakura/Ryou/Malik/Marik: baka pharaoh!

Yami Seirei: Leave him alone poor Yami!

Yami: What do you mean 'poor Yami?' you're the author who did this to me!

Yami Seirei: ah yes I'm sorry about that I just like to make people smile.

Yami: Like you did over my clothes in Egypt? Hai very amusing I didn't think.

Everyone: (laughing) hai it was funny! (Sees Sennen eye appear on Yami's forehead) RUUNNNNNN!

(Everyone scarpers as Yami gives chase roaring at the unfairness of it all)

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