Okay... this going to be my first Sly Cooper fanfic. Hope it goes well. This story is going to be alittle different. You see I'm changing the gender of Sly Cooper and Carmelita Montoya Fox. So hopefull this will be an interesting story hope you enjoy it!

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This was it. This was her chance to get the famous painting of Rembrant himself. Eventhough she never really liked the self- portrait of the famous artist,she did enjoy stealing. "Hey, Bent, did youget passed the security's firewalls yet."

"Working on it." Came a nasally voice from the bonocucom. "There!Done! But hurry the override won't last long."

"Got it."She jumped over the gate and slowly made her way to clase case that held the painting, "Come to Mama." Shesaid as she opened the case. She wasabout to grab the painting when a bright light shone on her.

"FREEZE,COOPER!" A man said as he pointed his shock gun at her.

"Ah, Inspector Carmen, how nice it is to see you again."

"Cut the chit- chat,Ringtail. This time you're not getting away. The place is surrounded with police. You'll never make it."

"Pursitant as usal, Inspect." She chuckled."Guy, meet me at the rondevu(A/N: to lazy to spell it correctly.) point."

"Sly, what's going on?" Bently said through the bonocucom.

"Don't worry 'bout it. Just meet me there."

"Okay, becareful."

"I will. Now... where were we? Oh, yes. I was about to take the painting." She then grabbed the painting and faced Inspector Fox. "It was nice seeing you again, but I have to go. See you later?"

"Yeah, IN JAIL, RINGTAIL!" He then fired a shock from his shock pistol. "Come back here!"

"I don't think I will." Sly said as she began to run out of the museum. Jumping out the window she landed on a telephone wire, running away from the Inspector. She smiled as she saw him shoot from his gun. In her mind, Inspector Fox was quite handsome when he's angry.

With Inspector Fox on her trail, she managed to get away into the van, "I FIND YOU, COOPER!" Was the last thing they heard from the Inspector. "No matter what it takes, I'll get you." And with that he watched the Cooper Gang vanish over the horizon.

Yeah, I kno not the verybest ending for this chapter. But just to let you knowI allowed Sly Cooper to keepthe original name. Iloved the name andI couldn't change it to anything more... "Girly" so... I'll post thenext chappiewhen I get the chance. For will you please review?