The following story is based on an adaption of the D&D campaign that I ran from 1980 to 1987 (Yes, a long time ago; before many of you were born, I expect). I am posting this story because... well, because you can never have too many people telling you how much you suck.

A few things before we start.

First, this is a very, very, OLD campaign. I'm picking up the story about (real-time) 1983. Yes, it's 1st edition rules, although I have "retroconned" several 3rd edition elements into it where I thought they were warranted. The campaign itself was divided into three roughly equal segments, each featuring a different cast of characters. What you will be reading is actually the second half of the second segment. Unfortunately, all my notes before that are mostly gone. What's left are mostly fragments, and not enough to base a strong narrative on. The third segment will be presented on a separate story thread.

Second, please note this is NOT a strict adaptation of the campaign. It is a story based on the campaign log. Thus, while I have tried very hard to stick as close to possible to what happened, I have made a large number of additions, subtractions and changes for the sake of the story. If there was an irreconcilable conflict between the campaign and what made a good story, the story won.

Third, it is important to realize that this is a serial, not a novel. The best analogy I can give (even though I don't like it) is to a soap opera. Although it does eventually come to an end, it will only be after what I'm estimating at three hundred chapters. You have to enjoy this tale for what is happening, much as you tune into a soap opera to see what is happening that day, not the next day.

Fourth and finally, I feel compelled to give you fair warning. This story is rather more "character-driven" than "plot-driven." These are not epic-level, all-powerful characters here (if you're interested, they averaged from about 4th-8th level). There are a lot of them, as well. The story is told through the eyes of the seven PCs and the three major NPCs, and there is a huge "supporting cast." Some people may find it a bit slow or "talky." You are free to either love it or hate it. Either way, you won't hurt my feelings.

Coming in on the middle can be frustrating, I know. I apologize. Chapter 13 contains a fair bit of exposition that gives the campaign back-story.

My campaign is called "Three Worlds" because the action takes place between (duh) three different worlds. One is Rolex, the second Aarde, both homebrewed worlds. The third is Oerth, setting for Greyhawk, and that is where we pick up the scene. Like most DMs, I have wrought my own changes upon Oerth. For example, the Asgardian and Olympian gods are worshipped here, alongside the more traditional (and popular) Greyhawk gods.

The party, now retired from adventuring, owns the Brass Dragon Inn, situated about 30 miles northwest of the city of Willip, in the kingdom of Furyondy. Note that the game year is 565 CY, anywhere from 10-30 years before most games set in the Flanaess.

For better or worse, here we go. Don't be shy. Tell me what you think!

All characters and places not of my own design are copyright Wizards of the Coast, as is the game Dungeons and Dragons itself. Like you didn't already know that.


Elrohir, Male Human Ranger, 6'0", 175#, 26 years old, straight black hair, deep blue eyes

The leader of the Tri-Worldians prefers actions to words, mostly because many situations leave him at a loss for them. His charisma derives mostly from his good looks, as opposed to social interaction skills. Still, he is honorable, brave, and fiercely devoted to his wife Talass and son Barahir.

Aslan, Male Human Paladin, 5'5", 155#, 25 years old, brown hair, worn long in back. Sports a beard. Light blue eyes

Not exceptionally handsome in the traditional sense, Aslan acts in what some might falsely call a "standard" paladin manner. He tries to steer the Tri-Worldians away from their more "impulsive" ventures. His arguments with Argo over what course of action to take are legendary. However, all this is secondary to his psionics.

Aslan's incredible Talent has shaped his character since puberty. He can polymorph, teleport himself (and one other) and heal himself and others, almost without limit. He needs only to rest and regain his psionic strength when needed. These abilities have made him very confidant in his adventures (some say overconfident). Psionics themselves are very rare. A Talent such as Aslan's is unheard of.

Argo Bigfellow Junior, Male Human Ranger, 6'4", 215#, 26 years old, dirty blond hair, auburn eyes

This imposing figure is sometimes the spokesman for the group, unless Aslan wants it. Passionate in all things, Argo can be diplomatic when needed, but sometimes wears his heart on his sleeve, and can erupt into a fury when threatened which that he loves and protects. For him, that is currently his wife Caroline, followed by his friends and companions.

Cygnus, Male Human Wizard, 6'5", 175#, 29 years old, brown hair, brown eyes

Tall and thin, clad in robes, Cygnus fits most people's expectations of wizards. Cygnus' main interest is increasing his own magical knowledge and prowess. While he is indeed eager to defeat evil, some detect a manipulative streak in the mage. His wife Hyzenthlay died giving birth to their son, Thorin.

Tojo, Male Human Samurai, 6'0", 175#, 21 years old, black hair, tied in the traditional topknot. Violet eyes.

Yanigasawa Tojo is normally quiet, even shy. Often one does not even notice he is in the room, but when action calls, Tojo is often the first one into combat, heedless to any personal risk. The Tri-Worldians are still not exactly sure why Tojo has joined them, but they know his heart is pure.

Zantac, Male Human Wizard, 5'10", 210#, 39 years old, uncombed brown hair (medium length), light blue eyes

Of "stout" build, this mixed Suelois-Oeridian wizard is generally jovial and carefree. He makes both friends and enemies easily.

Nesco Cynewine, Female Human Ranger, 5'6", 130#, 25 years old, brown hair, worn short, green eyes. Skin an olive, "Mediterranean" tone.

Nesco has come to the party from a lifelong service to the royal family of Furyondy. While highly admired previously, Nesco is now keenly aware of being the "third ranger" in a party that is already at or above her ability level. This (along with the discovery of how much she really does not know) makes her insecure, and she is prone to impulsive actions to prove her worth.

The NPCs

Talass, Female Human Cleric of Forseti, 5'6", 130#, 29 years old, blond hair, worn short, blue eyes

Talass makes her presence known within the group. She supports her husband Elrohir foremost, but otherwise will usually side with Aslan over Argo. Talass loves her son Barahir deeply, but service to her god has always been the primary focus in her life, and she will not hesitate to argue her point of view to anyone. Others often consider her cold and unyielding.

Caroline Bigfellow, Female Human Fighter, 5'6", 120#, 19 years old, black hair, hazel eyes

Argo's soul mate, Caroline is as passionate as Talass, but is far more likely to respond emotionally and dramatically to any given situation, much like her husband. Caroline often bristles at Argo's overprotectiveness of her.

Tadoa, Male Elf Fighter, 4'8", 100#, 65 years old, black hair, green eyes

Still a child, Tadoa Falail is extraordinarily mature for his age. Not technically a member of the party, he often allies with them. He was a friend to Elrohir's father.

The Children

Barahir, a two year-old male human

Thorin, a seven year-old male human

The Animal Companions

White Lightning, an "awakened" heavy warhorse. She bears Elrohir, as she did Elrohir's father.

Perlial, an "awakened" heavy warhorse. She bears the paladin Aslan, as she did Luthor, a friend of Elrohir's father.

Gylandir, a pegasus who willingly serves Argo.

Sequester, a pegasus who willingly serves Caroline.

Mirage, Aslan's wardog.

Grock, Argo's wardog.

Dudraug, Elrohir's cooshee (elven dog).