Old friends, new loves, past loves and guardian angels...

'We're losing him!' Shouted the medtech.
"Jesse, no, don't do this!" Cried Lexa, sobbing uncontrollably in the arms of an equally distraught Shalimar.
Jesse's heart ached to be the cause of such pain, and he reached out a hand to comfort them... only it wasnt his hand anymore. At least it looked like his hand, but it glowed with a faint blue aura. And he could move beyond the trolley and came to rest beside Lexa who was staring in complete shock at the straight lines jerking across the heart monitor indicating total arrest.
With a jolt he realised he was dying and instantly regrets filter through - he had never got to hold Lexa in his arms and tell her he loved her, never got to show Brennan how much he needed him - or Shalimar his dear sister, he hadn't done any of the things he so desperately wanted to! Oh for one minute more, just one single minute!

This isnt the end for you Jesse, it's not your time.
The voice was familiar, and Jesse half turned and caught his breath.
Emma, dear sweet Emma, who had been killed almost a year ago was standing regarding him with a bright smile.
She looked radiant, and happy as she stood in her own aura, and Jesse simply looked at her for a moment before speaking.
"I missed you." Was all he could think of saying.
Her smile got wider and he grinned abashedly in return.

Missed you more.
She said, her hand reaching for his cheek.
Tears formed in Jesse's eyes as he fought to speak, to tell her, to ask her...
Emma shook her head lightly, her red hair glinting in the muted light.

I know Jess, I've always known. And I'll always watch over you, but you have to go back now.

Rebellion surged through Jesse, he didnt want to go back! He wanted to stay with her, never having to face the pain and loneliness of a life without Emma DeLauro in it.

"I want to stay." He begged. "Please, let me stay here with you."

But she was already slipping away.
Its not your time Jesse, and theres someone who needs you more than I. She loves you, she really does. And its time to let the ghosts of the past rest in peace. Be happy Jesse, and I'll always be with you...
With one farewall glance, Emma stepped back into the light - light which expanded until it filled Jesse's entire world, blinding him. He lifted an ethearal hand to shield his eyes...

"We've got a heartbeat!" Cried the paramedic, as Jesse opened his eyes. He looked around the room and saw Lexa's concerned face, her hand grasping his like a lifeline.
"Come here often..." He murmured, and earned a kiss from her.
"Don't you ever do that again!" She said with feeling.

"I thought you were gone for a minute there bro." Said Brennan coming up, looking equally relieved. Jesse smiled.
"So did I. " He said, with a lump in his throat.
"You must have a guardian angel, or something." Said Shalimar, masking her feelings with sardonic humor.
Jesse smiled.
"You know what? I think I do."

And he caught a glimpse of tinted red and a brilliant smile out of the corner of his eye.
"I really do."