Authors Note
The last fic was simply meant as a ficlet - Jesse recovered everyone, enough to make it to his wedding day - thanks so much for the reviews - I hope you like this other drabbble.

It should be the happiest day of his life, but he's not so sure. He loves her, with all his being, but deep down inside he also loves another. Did marrying Lexa mean that he would lose that special love for ever?

He sat, dressed in his smart groom's clothes, cornelian in his lapel - top hat lying beside him on the grass, and tossed another stone into the water. He had come here initially, to escape Brennan's over enthusiasm at being his best man, and Shalimar's bouncy smile with sad eyes.

But the more time he spent, gazing into the water at his own reflection, the more he remembered that special someone whom he thought what be the one to marry - to grow old with.

Was he making the biggest mistake of his life? Or getting on with his happiness and more importantly with Lexa's?

He sighed deeply, frown lines appearing in his forehead, threw another stone in and watched the ripples it created in his distorted reflection.

But as he concentrated, that reflection rippled and changed - brown hair became red, his eyes became anothers, and a brilliant smile crossed across the new features that returned his stare.

At first he didnt want to look away, he felt certain that if he did - she would be gone forever, lost to him.

"It's okay Jesse. I won't vanish. Not while you need me." She promised him, a hint of teasing to her words.

That sweet voice, they clenched his heartstrings, making it difficult for him to speak, to find the words that expressed what he wanted, what he felt.

He slowly turned around and saw her, his guardian angel with the red hair and brilliant smile, and stood taking her hands in his - his eyes speaking volumes. But she shook her head.

"No, Jesse. I'm not what you want. Just what you miss." She assured him.

"But I love you..."

"Yes. And I will always love you. But you can't hold a memory, you can't kiss a ghost Jesse. Your path lies with another who you love, and who loves you dearly." She said to him.

He nodded slowly, proudly, as he thought of Lexa - his brave, sweet, fantastic Lexa.

"Now - you need to get to a church. She's waiting for you. Go on now." Said Emma, urging him to go, before her heart broke into a million pieces.

He turned to go, pausing for a split second - taking the flower out of his lapel and putting it into her hair, even though by all the science he knew, he shouldn't have been able to.

He nearly kissed her, nearly, but didnt. She understood.

Jesse turned and sprinted for his car.

It was only when he got to the church where an impatient Brennan was waiting that he remembered his hat.

"Oh no, no! This cannot be happening! My hat - I've left it..." Started Jesse, anguished that even the slightest thing could go wrong on what was going to be the happiest day of his life.

"Whats wrong with you man? It's over there." And he looked at the bench next to the door. There unblemished was his hat and with it a beautiful white rose - quite unlike anything he'd ever seen.

He picked it up, the rose, reverently - and placed it in his lapel, his heart soaring.

"Come on man, they're waiting on us." Said Brennan impatiently.

"Alright, Im coming." He said, but took a minute alone, outside.

"Thank you Emma. I will always keep you in my heart." He spoke softly, for certain ears only, before turning and disappearing inside.

The wind blew a flower past the church door, a pretty carnelian.

"You're welcome... my love."