Chapter 1

Edward Elric the prized Alchemist of the state, also the hardest one to keep under control. Though throw his glory and good name spread across the villages, towns and cities is still on the quest to return his brother and himself to normal. Though at the moment is not showing his glorious fame in the waiting room of his commanding officer. He grumbles wondering what's taking so long.

"Come in Edward…" Comes the nearly emotionless voice of his commanding officer, Colonel Mustang.

Ed walks into the room letting his brother stay in the dorms since Mustang wanted to see him and him alone. Fullmetal closes the door behind himself as he looks around and sees a young woman waiting in his office. The young alchemist looks to his commanding officer with a questioning look.

"Sit Full Metal, I have something that I need to discuss with you." Mustang pushes his papers to the side and looks at the young man seeing that he still refuses to wear the state uniform, making him stick out like a sour thumb.

Ed looks at the young woman once more seeing that she's about his age fifteen maybe sixteen. "What's up with the girl, the other woman in the office too old for you?" Ed glares trying to get a kick out of his commanding officer.

"…" Mustang simply glares at Full Metal, "She's new to the military it seems that she's a rather resourceful alchemist." Mustang straitens out his already straitened papers. Fuming at the audacity of Edward saying such a thing.

"Like I said, the other woman in the office too old for you or are you turning pedophile on us?" Edward grins at the steam rolling out of Mustang's ears.

"FULLMETAL! THAT is enough of that!" Mustang shoots up to his feet slaming his fists on his desk directly glaring at Ed seeing the grin on the young man's face suddenly fade very quickly.

Ed looks to the girl seeing her cheeks are blushed, she looks so nervous with her slightly long black hair covering eyes. Feeling obviously insulted and trying her best to hide it, she grips her newly pressed uniform made for a girl of her age.

Mustang clears his throat sitting back down in his seat looking at the two. "This is Katherine, her name is as of yet to be given to her by the Furher. I want you to watch over her until that time comes."

"A babysitting job? My I thought I was coming in here to do an actual job!" Ed scratches his head making his golden locks shift around. He quickly makes himself more comfortable by putting his boots on the table making it more than obvious that it's been wet out side though it didn't rain outside.

"Full Metal if you don't get those boots off my table I'll have you running laps till morning!" Mustang growls at how terribly rude Ed's being.

Ed does as told ignoring the mud left on the table. "Why do you want me to baby sit her? She's a big girl she can take care of herself. Besides why don't you have her hang out with Hughes? He'd be a better person to watch over her, or more like her watching his adorable little girl." Ed grins seeing Mustang on the urge of fuming again.

"Hughes is out sick it would not do to have our new alchemist get sick now would it?" Mustang folds his hands in front of his face.

Ed glares at Mustang knowing where this is going, no one will take her and so he's the last one. Ed looks to the girl seeing that she's still hiding her face, a bit timid for a military girl. "Have Hawk Eye watch her, she's a nice lady."

"She's actually out on business, you're the only one around here with an apartment beside myself and I can't watch over her I have paper work that's taller than you are Edward…"

Edward glares at mustang rushing to the front of Mustangs' desk. Yelling out, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M SHORTER THAN A THIN PIECE OF PAPER!" He shakes his fist at Mustang ready and willing to murder the man.

Mustang closes his eyes and grins lightly, looking to Edward ready to make a retort when both hear a little snort and a fit of giggles. The all too quite girl was looking at the both of them and was giggling herself silly holding both her hands over her mouth.

Edward inches closer to the noob, "Oh you think this is funny do you?"

Katherine shakes her head no trying her best to hide her next fit of giggles. Mustang watches the two with small amusement.

"You think having Mustang insult me is funny!" Ed glares his hands turning into fists.

The girl looks at Edward standing up quickly, smiling and bowing lightly, "I'm sorry I giggled. It's just that everyone else takes Roy-chan so seriously."

"Katherine…" Mustang starts with warning in his voice.

Ed gets a devilish gin on his face, "Chan?" Suddenly a terrible thought came to mind, looking at the girl, their similarities are rather close. "Katherine, what's your last name?"

Katherine looks a little shocked, and starts to speak up though is quickly cut off by Mustang's commanding voice, "It doesn't matter what her last name is it matters that you take her home and watch over her until we find a place for her to stay at!"

Ed grins, "Are you Mustang's little sister?"

Katherine looks a little confused shaking her head no, "She's my cousin and her last name is also Mustang now leave my office before I burn you out of it!"

Ed looks to Mustang surprised, 'I would think he'd try to keep her out of the military…' Ed looks the young woman thinking what he wants to take her first. "Come on I'll show you where Al and I live…" Ed walks out of the office surprised and wary of stinging glares shot his direction.


Ed takes the girl to the cafeteria so they both can get something to eat. "Hope you're hungry, the food here's ok." Ed rests his hands on the top of his head trying to keep an eye on her. 'Everyone was trying a little too hard to be nice to Katherine I wonder why… Much less why she would come to the military, she seems like the shy kind of girl, then again things did kind of start out bad…' Ed looks a little disappointed in himself about what he said. 'Still you'd think that Mustang would try to keep her from joining.'

The two get their food and sit down to eat, Ed looks at his food for a moment trying to figure out what's going on. "Thank you…"

The blond boy looks up confused blinking, "What?"

"Thank you for helping me out. Roy-ch…er san doesn't want me to be here. I came here with out him knowing it. I asked him if it would be ok if I stayed with him but he didn't want anything to do with it." She picks up her bread and starts nibbling on it. "He told me that if I wasn't going to even bother telling him that I was coming much less joining the military, then he shouldn't need to help me out by giving me a roof over my head." She smiles lightly, "After a bit of begging he finally decided to find someone for me to stay with. I can understand why he's really mad at me though…" She looks around seeing all the people some of the men leering at her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable at the thought of what they MIGHT be thinking.

Ed looks at the girl and sighs, "Well the military ISN'T any picnic!" Ed glares at the leering men, who quickly turn back to their own busyness. Clearing his throat and stuffs some of his roast floating in gravy into his mouth. "It's hard, really hard. You'll quickly find there isn't as much justice as people would hope for in the military. It's like selling yourself really cheaply."

Katherine nibbles on her bread some more; nodding lightly though sees a shadow over Edward. Ed looks up and sees Hughes trying to show his pretty little girl to Ed once more. "You wanna see my baby girl she's getting so big she's four now!"

Ed sighs and tries to shove the pictures he's seen at least twenty times since she had her birthday. "Not right now… HEY aren't you supposed to be sick?"

"I'm better!" Haughs smiles and pats Ed on the back and looks at the young girl hanging out with him. "Oh I'm Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, and you are?"

Katherine smiles and puts out her hand, "I don't have a class yet but I'm Katherine Mustang I have yet to get my code name." She smiles shaking Hughes hand.

"Nice to meet you, do you know Roy Mustang? By any chance?"

Ed leans closer to Haughs, "Mustang is her older cousin."

Haughs nods, "Would you like to see the pictures of my little girl Alicia?"

Katherine smiles and nods happily.


After spending all of forever in the cafeteria, Ed almost couldn't stand Hughes sometimes. "Hughes's-Dono was such a nice man I hope we'll be able to see him again. He has such a lovely daughter too!"

Ed rolls his eyes, 'Yea that's what we all said the first ten times after that he became an irritation.' Ed looks at the girl trying to really get a good look to see what features she and her cousin had. Their personalities are completely different that's for sure. Her eye's seemed to be more of a lighter brown than Mustangs, her features softer and kinder, she certainly didn't have the same eyes as mustang. Her's seemed to be innocent and kind Mustangs seem to hide the terrible things with a cool serious look. Both their hair raven black, though hers' comes down to a little past her shoulders.

Though Ed didn't feel all that bad since the girl seemed to be about his height though Ed had grown in the past year thank goodness!

Katherine looks to Full Metal with a light blush on her cheeks she knew he had been looking at her for the past fifteen minutes and it was making her nervous. "So, ugh Ed where's your house?"

Ed blinks and curses himself for staring for so long and not even thinking. He looks around and mental sighs, "We're close don't worry." Ed looks up at the sky and back to Katherine with an evil grin, "So what was Roy like before he came into the military?"

"Well I didn't know him very well he went into the military right when I was about five he was two years older than I am now." Katherine looks up thoughtfully.

"How old are you now?" Ed looks curiously.

"I'm fifteen. Wow it's been ten years since I last saw Roy-chan… er SAN!" Katherine scratches her head trying to cover her mistake.

"Don't worry I wont make fun of about what you call him it would be mean." Ed smiles at Katherine.

"He was twelve when I was born, my parents said that he was always stuck watching over me when he and his family came by, though it was the only thing he could do at that age since we didn't have any neighbors and all. We moved out of that house later to a place with at least a little bit more people since I was getting older. I remember only vaguely the day he left for the military."

Katherine smiles, kicking the dirt lightly. "He wanted to join so badly, he even got into a fight with his parents about it. I think I was the only one he wasn't mad at that day. He promised to help me get out of that neighborhood and write to me all the time."

Katherine sighs lightly, "He wrote for a couple years, saying how things were and that he really needed to follow orders if he were to get anywhere. Though one day when I was ten he stopped writing I think that's when he went into real battle, that's what his last letter told me, that he was going into battle and that he would be fighting for me and everyone at home. He said he loved everyone and that he'd be honored to die for our safety. I was so sad when I heard that I wrote him back saying don't say things like you're going to die. Then I made a promise that when I could I'd join up with him so he could teach me everything of what it's like in the real world."

"I see" Ed nods, a little shocked since how she described Mustang didn't sound like him at all except for taking care of her when she was an infant. Ed shows her to the door to their apartment, "Well home sweet home! Al I'm home!"

"Onii-chan! How was your meeting?" Alphonse Elric walks into the room obviously cleaning the dishes.

"Well Mustang says that we have a new room mate, meet Katherine Mustang." Ed points to Katherine she smiles and nods.

"Hello thank you again so much for having me!" She smiles and bows.

"Oh you're quite welcome stay as long as you like!" Al bows as well. "I wonder are you related to Roy Mustang?"

"Yes I'm his cousin, he's much older than me though. He's about 12 years older that is." Katherine smiles nervously.

Ed waves his right hand, "I'm going into my room for a nap, wake me in an hour and a half then we'll go looking into the library again ok?"

Al nods to his brother, "Right onii-chan, I'll have Katherine settled in by then." Watching his brother closes his door and plop onto his bed with the creaking of the mattress Al looks to Katherine and does what he can to smile. "Well I'll show you where you'll be staying," Al walks to what was his room and starts putting sheets on the bed and covers. "You can sleep in here until they give you a place to sleep. It's so nice to have someone to share a home with." Al speaks up happily.

"Where will you be sleeping?" Katherine asks looking around.

"I'll share my brother's room he won't mind." Al points out finishing the bed. "When will your things be here?"

"Sometime tomorrow, from what I heard." She walks up to the window looking out seeing the hustle and bustle of the city.

Al nods and stands strait, "The bathroom is over there, don't take too long in the shower or Ed 'll get mad."

"I'll remember that, he gets so defensive so easily." Katherine walks around.

Al lightly chuckles and starts looking around for anything that needs to be fixed. "Yes well he's like that sometimes, he doesn't mean to be it's just that he's very protective."

Katherine not really sure she understood by what that means but nods anyway. She looks at Alphonse for a moment, "What's your name?"

"Alphonse." Al speaks up.

"I see, um… why are you in that armor?" she points out curiously.

"…" Al wasn't sure he should tell her as of yet why a boy of his age or what his voice makes him sound like is doing in a suit of armor.


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