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Edward Elric walking along the road again. Though this time with someone that's not his metallic suit of a brother. In fact it's a young man, looking about a foot taller than himself. Walking to Risembool the two stop at the Rockbell home. Since it is the closest town they were to. Ed puts his hand up to the dirty haired blond wanting to knock on the door. Ed grins at him, the boy's eyes still the same from that very same day, "Let's make it a real surprise." Ed knocks on the door hurting his right hand from trying to make it sound like it's still made of metal.

"Be with you in a second, come right on in!" Comes the yells of the busy Winry, Auntie walking up to the door seeing it's the Elric boys. Though only making an assumption since Ed never goes any where with out Al.

"Well, well Shrimp you look like you just… might…" She looks at who's behind the young man, moving him aside seeing the flesh and blood body of Alphonse Elric. "Al…"

"Hello Auntie Pinpacko." Al scratches his head nervously. His black clothes looking very similar to Ed's only he has on a black jacket instead of a red one, their symbol on the back of the coat though in white instead of black.

"W-Winry! Get down here QUICK!" Auntie moves back into the house unsure what to do with herself.

Winry rolls her eyes knowing that it's going to be one of those days, long time surgery with one of the guys that got his hand foot whatever stuck in the blades of a tractor, lawn mower, etc. Sighing she runs down stairs to see Ed, and someone with him. "Ed! Who's…"

Al smiles at the shocked Winry, "Hey Winry-san."

Winry holds her hand over her mouth, looking to Ed and to Al once again. Her bottom lip trembling at the sit of her lifetime friend finally back where he should be. "Al?"

Al walks up to Winry offering open arms, "Pinch me and does it not hurt? Strike me and do I not bleed? Poison me and do I not die?"

"Don't give anyone idea's Al!" Ed glares, Al only smiles nervously.

Winry runs up to Al hugging his warm comforting arms, "AL! It's you!"

Auntie smiles at Al and looks to Ed curiously, taking his right arm, she pinches his skin which he quickly pulls back to his own body, "THAT HURT OLD HAG!"

"Well it seems you boys finally did it." Auntie smiles at the two boys back to their original bodies, and not a single thing about them changed."

"Yup" Ed smiles looking to Al, "I wanted you guys to see first, so did Al, it's finally over."

"Nii-san didn't Kat say something about you saying that." Al smiles watching Ed blush to the color of his jacket still not having told Winry about his growing relationship with Kat.

"Something about uggh…"

Al smiles, "About it's not an ending of something but a new beginning, for all of us!"

Winry smiles a little lost, "So she's better now?"

Ed looks down blushing all the more, "Yea… She's great."

Winry glares at Ed, "I know that look Edward Elric! What's going on?"

Al smiles, then flinches at seeing the terrible look he's getting from Winry, "W-what!"

"You wouldn't have anything to do with this would you?" Winry hisses.

"NO! I didn't do anything!" Al waves his hands nervously.

"And there's nothing I don't know about?" Winry gets her favorite wrench out ready to start hitting heads.

Ed sighs, scratching his head, "Kat and I decided to go steady a couple years ago. I asked her… to erm… marry me last year. This coming fall we're tying the knot." Ed waits for Winry to throw her largest wrench.

Winry looks at Ed as though he'd just broken her heart. Smiling to try and hide the pain she slowly drops her wrench, "Oh… I… see…"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner…" Ed looks to the door wishing he could just jump out it.

"Hey… That's your choice…" Winry looks at her wrench picks it up and walks up stairs, wet droplets hitting the stairs as she walks up them.

Ed closes his eyes, scratching his head, knowing that Winry loved him, in many ways. He walks to the stairs, walking up them to talk to Winry, "Winry wait!"

Auntie looks to Al surprised, "Well Ed's been a busy boy."

Al smiles nervously, "Well it just some how just happened."

Auntie smiles putting some tobacco in her pipe, "Well getting married is a big thing." Auntie looks to Al a little disappointed though she should really be giving it to Ed.


Ed knocks on Winry's door, "Winry… I'm really sorry, it's just that…"

"It's no big deal Ed…" Winry whimpers.

"You sure?" Ed lowers his head to the door a little, "Would you mind being the maid of honor then?"

Winry opens the door at top speed her eyes all girly in that way Ed only saw when she'd talk about mechanics. "Really? I get to be apart of the wedding!"

Ed stands strait putting his hands into his pockets smiling at the young lady. Seeing how much she's matured over the years, well at least physically. "Yes." Shrugging his shoulders he looks to Winry from the corner of his eyes smiling slyly, "Who knows you might find mister right."

Winry blushes and pushes Ed out of her room, "Oh Ed stop teasing!"

Smiling he looks to the stairs walking down them, "I'll send yea an invitation when we get back home." Ed waves to Winry as he walks down the stairs.

Ed smiles at his little brother, "Come on lets get out of here, I want to get back to central."

"Wont you boys stay for dinner?" Auntie speaks up worriedly.

"Can't." Ed turns to the old woman smiling at her, "We have to report to the colonel immediately."

"I see, well you boys have a safe trip!" Auntie waves to the boys watching them leave. Watching Ed noogie his little brother she smiles brightly. Seeing those two better seemed like such a great healing for them both.


Ed and Al wait to get off the train seeing it slowing at Central, Ed gets up grabbing his things, Al getting his own. Both walk off the train seeing that Kat has been waiting for them in her uniform. "Hey boys, I got off work and came right over!" Kat hugs Ed giving him a lovely kiss on the lips. "Miss me?"

"Of course!" Ed grins tickling Kat right in the worst spot.

Kat smacks his shoulder, "Edward Elric! Stop that!" Kat tries to look mad. She gets another kiss and looks to Al. "Al! You look great! I never really thought you'd end up being taller than Ed." Ed grumbles behind her saying something about that night and her getting it.

Al only smiles and shakes his head, "Thank you." He hugs her, picking her up off the ground a little. "I feel great."

Kat smiles, "Well that's always good!" Kat smiles and looks to Ed, "Oh sweety!"

Ed turns around seeing Kat sliding out of Al's arms, "Roy wants to see you right away."

"I knew it… he will NEVER leave me alone!" Ed grumbles sulking on the way.

Kat smiles and hugs Al again, walking up to Ed trying to cheer him up a little.


The summer quickly passed as it came that year, falling leaves fall down on white as the ceremony of Ed and Kat's wedding finally comes to be. Kat smiles at Ed the entire time seeing how terribly nervous he is, feeling Roy glare at Ed, who'd once given the warning that if Ed ever did anything to hurt her he'd be barbeque.

"The rings." The priest asks smiling at the two, Kat turns to Winry who gives Kat her wedding ring for Ed. Ed turns to Al who gives him the wedding band for Kat.

"I pronounce thee husband and wife, you may kiss you bride." The priest closes his book taking a step back.

Ed smiles wrapping his right arm around her waist, and his left hand cupping her cheek as he gives his lovely bride a gentle kiss on the lips. A sudden sniffle in the crowd makes both separate to see Hughes and his wife sniffling.

Elysia having been the flower girl she only giggles at watching the two kiss once more.

Kat listens to those around her and can't help but snort into the third kiss, which only causes Ed to give her a 'I'm trying to be angry with you' look.


Kat and Ed cut the cake, both feeding to one another very sweetly. Both give each other a terrible grin and cut another piece for each other trying to smash it into each other's faces, both becoming very messy.

About thirty minutes later, Al starts bugging Ed about throwing the bouquet and the guarder belt telling him what he heard from Hughes about what to do with the guarder belt. Ed only smiles putting his hand on his head, "Alright lets do it!" Ed turns to Kat kissing her cheek he smiles at her.

She looks at him giving him a questioning look, "What?"

"Wanna throw the bouquet?" Ed smiles innocently.

"I know that look!" Kat points, "No funny stuff Edward Elric!"

Ed smiles acting like he knows nothing of what she's talking about, "Of course Katherine Elric!"

Kat points at him again and gets up to the announcer, telling him it's time to throw the bouquet.

Kat throws it into the crowd turning her back to everyone she smiles at the ladies, after the little countdown she throws it to hear ladies quickly screaming for it. Kat turns around giggling to herself at how silly they look. Though is a little shocked to see Winry catch the bouquet. Everyone claps, though someone yells out, "Risa should have gotten it! Then She could have finally tied down Roy!" Everyone starts laughing as Roy glares, though Risa seems to only blush since she was up there to catch it.

Kat watches as someone gets a chair for her to sit in, she waits for her husband to come and take this silly guarder belt off. She leans forward grinning at him "Throw it at Al."


"Yes, if you haven't noticed how googly eyed Al has become for Winry then well need to get you glasses." Kat giggles as Ed grumbles something about I'll get you back for that.

Ed quickly dives his hands under her dress searching for it, he feels it brush against his fingers, but decides to tickle his wife a little, only to get his hands smacked and to get a good laugh from everyone. Grabbing it he kisses his lovely wife, "Sorry."

"No you're not!" Kat hisses.

"You're right I'm not." Ed snickers at the shocked face he gets from his wife. 'At Al eh?' He aims it making it look like he's aiming just randomly, letting it go all the men reach for it, only to be caught by the target.

Winry sits in the chair Kat was in smiling at Al, though quickly hears Hughes 'whisper.' "Every inch past the knee is a year of good luck."

She puts her hands on her hips, "Alphonse Elric you better be a gentlemen about this!"

"Yes ma'am!" Al smiles nervously, blushing putting the guarder belt about two inches past her knee and quickly takes out his hands.


Kat giggles as Ed lifts her up off the ground and walking into their own house, "Oh my goodness! ED!" Kat giggles all the more as all the men cheer him on. Closing the door he carries his lovely wife to their bedroom, setting her down on the bed gently, kissing his lips.



"How fast do you want to get out of that dress?" Ed smiles, Kat only smacks him and sits up unzipping herself, finding herself being quickly lowered to the bed once more.


About nine months later…

Ed kissing his lovely wife on the shoulder feeling her swollen belly, feeling his boys kicking, "Hey guys…" He whispers kissing his beloved flowers womb. Getting up he walks over to the phone seeing that it' nine in the morning. Picking up the phone Ed sits in a close by chair dialing a number. Hearing it ring tone on the phone, he hears a young man pick up, "Hey Al?"

"Oh hey Ed! How're things?"

"Good. Kat's as big as a house, a beautiful house but still a house." Ed quietly snickers as Al snickers on the other line. "We're having twins, I still can't believe it!"

Al laughs all the harder hearing Ed groan, "Aww poor Ed! Can't handle your own future children?"

"Hmmph, funny, but they're supposed to be two boys, that's what the doctor says anyway." Ed sighs happily watching his wife sleep in their bed.

"Isn't she a little late?" Al becomes concerned.

"She's two days late, not very uncommon really." Ed points out.


"How're you and Winry? Planning on giving her that ring you told me you bought her about two months ago?" Ed smiles hearing silence.


Ed rests his head into his hand, "Come on Al it's not THAT hard to propose!"

"Easy for you to say!" Al grumbles out.

Ed looks to his wife seeing her turning in her sleep moaning loudly, "Al hold on real quick, I'm going to check on Kat…" Putting down the phone Ed walks into his room seeing Kat holding her belly, her eyes slowly opening.

"Ed…." Kat moans out.

Getting on his knees he kisses her forehead, "Shhh… it's ok."

"Ed… It's… I… the babies." Kat gets out moaning loudly, her moans quickly getting louder.

Suddenly realizing what's really going on, Ed's eyes widen, "Your having the babies?" Kat nods moaning in pain, getting his arm trying to get up. "Now!"

"Yes Ed now…" Kat grips onto his arm tighter, rolling her head back in pain.

Ed starts moving around not really getting anywhere, "Ok, ok, ok, you try lying on your back sweety!" Helping her out, take back up and lie down, "I'm going to call Roy so he can give us a ride to the hospital!"

Ed runs for the phone, "AL KAT BABIES HAVING LATER NOW BYE!" Putting down the phone for a moment, just realizing he sounded completely dumb. Ignoring it he picks up the phone again.


Al looks at the phone blinking at it, "Al who was that?" Winry walks up behind him kissing his shoulder.

"That was Ed, but he left so quickly, and sounded so… flipped out, said something about the Kat with the babies and-"

"She's having the babies!" Winry smiles brightly.

Al looks around shocked nodding, "Yea."

"Well let's go!" Winry pulls on Al to get ready to go.


"Ok thanks Roy." Ed calms himself, putting down the phone he starts getting things ready for the hospital. "Kat honey I'll be right there!" Ed speaks up hearing her moan out in pain.

Running to her side he puts down the bag with everything in it, obviously having been organized about a week ago. "Do you wanna try sitting up?" Kat nods her head, rubbing her tummy. Ed glares at her stomach and starts lecturing his sons, "You boys stop it in there! You're hurting your mother!"

Kat smiles laughing a little, "I don't think they can help it honey." Ed smiles at her climbing onto the bed sitting behind her slowly lifting her up to sit up. Slowly rubbing her back, "Ed, that feels so good."

Kissing her shoulder, Ed whispers in her ear, "I don't like to see you in this pain."

"Well I'm going to have to go through with it if you want your son's to come out!" Kat points out the obvious, rolling her head back in pain, moaning slightly.

"I know," Ed rests his head on her shoulder, "I wish I could do more my beloved flower."

"Oh sweety you are doing just fine!" Kat smiles, and turns her head to kiss him gently on the lips.

Hearing a knock on the door Ed looks up to see Roy waiting for them, "Honey Roy's here! You think you can make it to the hospital?" Nodding her head slowly Ed smiles, kissing her head. "That's my girl."


After spending nine hours at the hospital Ed sees the doctor that had just delivered his sons. "Mister Elric?" Standing up Ed walks to the doctor smiling, "You may see your wife now."

Ed takes a deep breath looking to Roy and a couple others that had come to support him and Kat. He smiles and walks into the room. Seeing Kat with two beautiful babies, both wrapped up in blue blankets. Ed looks to the nurse who smiles, she picks up one of his sons, waiting for him to make his arms right to hold his son. Doing so quickly he looks at his little boy, smiling in utter shock. "Hey buddy…"

Kat smiles at him holding his second son, looking down at him letting the little man play with her finger, even gnaw on it for a little while. "Our baby boys."

"Yea." Ed leans down kissing his wife's forehead, "You did a beautiful job bring two beautiful boys into this world."

Kat smiles, "Thank you sweety. What should we name them?"

"Jack, and Alex, I like those names." Ed smiles.

Kat smiles, "Me too," Smiling down at her baby boy, "Hey little Alex!"

"Jacky boy!" Ed smiles, looking at his boys. 'I promise never to leave you… like my father did!'


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