Chapter 3

Two months later Roy had asked Kat what had happened about that evening with the bandits and her using her alchemy. He told her that it was ok for her to use it but to be careful about it, especially when not wearing her uniform. That the only one that obviously doesn't wear a uniform is Full metal and that they don't need someone else like her standing out like he does.

He wasn't too happy either to find that his little cousin had already received injury while under the care of Full Metal. Though with some convincing from Kat he didn't bother yelling at Ed, for the moment.

Kat gets ready for work that day knowing that the boys will be heading to the library after talking with Roy. That's how it seemed to be with the two boys more work than play and it was obvious that they needed to get out. Though she didn't really know how since they're too young to really go out to a part of any sort.

Walking out of her room she greats the two boys with a smile. "Morning boys."

"Morning." Both speak up Al sounding a little more cheerier than Ed, of course Ed had his nose in a book.

"How's you're arm feeling today?" Al asks setting her food down at the table for her.

"Great you can hardly tell that it was there!" Kat smiles eating her food looking to Ed waiting for him to say something, though after ten minutes she just went back to eating and decided she'd wait for another time to thank him for tending to her wound.


At head quarters Kat waits for Roy to no longer be busy with his 'talk' with Ed that mostly being both making a mockery of one another. Sighing heavily Kat found it cute at first though it had eventually become rather annoying to hear those two go at it. 'My goodness it's like they're a married couple!' Kat mentally grumbles.

Watching Ed stomp out of the room, with steam rolling out of his ears, Kat knew that Roy had one this little argument. Standing up Kat knocks on Roy's door, hearing a "Come in." She opens the door saluting her cousin. He points to one of the couches for her to sit in. "Good morning Kat." Roy says still working on his paper work.

"Good morning Roy-san." Kat smiles waiting for him to be finished. "I was wondering if there was anything that you needed me to do today?" Kat had been doing quite a bit lately; she was basically the little messenger girl for everyone, taking papers here and there. It was busy but she still found it worth it.

"Well no not at the moment." Roy looks at a letter from the Furher no less! "Well your letter is finally for your code name."

Kat looks curiously lifting her chin a little into the air, "What's that?"

"The Flower Alchemist…" Roy chuckles to himself, "Fitting, since you work with plants the most."

"Yea that's true." Kat smiles at herself, scratching the back of her head.

The fire alchemist stands up, smiling lightly, walking up to her offering a hand; Kat looks at his hand putting her left hand in his. He gently lifts her from the couch and giving her a light hug. "Who would have thought my Kitty Kat would grow into such a young woman." Roy holds her back looking at her face seeing her smile. "It's scary isn't it? That it had been over ten years since we last saw one another."

Kat smiles looking up at her cousin, "Yea."

"Well I'll look for a real mission for you, who knows you might become partners with Full Metal." Roy smiles at her, "I see that you like him."

Kat looks at him blushing madly, "I DO NOT!" Kat blushes even more when mustang grins at her response.

"Then why are you blushing?"

Kat looks at her face and covers her cheeks, "ROY-ROY! You… You're so mean!" Kat leaves his office blushing like a mad person.

Hawkeye watches Kat leave Roy's office blushing madly, "Sir? Do I WANT to know?"

Roy looks at Hawkeye smiling, "Oh the girl has a crush on Full Metal."

"DO NOT!" comes a yell from down the hall.

Roy smiles grows larger, scratching his head, "This will be interesting."

"Sir we really should get back to work." Hawkeye speaks up.

"Yes, yes thank you Hawkeye." Roy sits down getting back to work on the never-ending source of paper work.


Ed and Al see Kat still blushing and flustered from her meeting with the fire. "So did you get your code name?" Ed speaks up looking at her curious as to the blush on her cheeks.

Not even registering that Ed or Al are next to her and that they were asking for her code name and not for a date. She turns around as if Roy were still there, blushing harder, "I do not have a crush on Full Metal!" She mumbles strongly.

Kat turns and sees that the boys didn't get what she was saying, causing her to blush even more, "E-Ed-dono!"

Ed scratches, "You don't have to keep calling me that you know…" Ed becomes worried at how many shades of red the girls turning. "Are you ok?"

"YES!" She speaks up a little too quickly.

"Ok…" Ed blinks, completely oblivious to the obvious.

"So?" Al speaks up also standing.

"So what?" Kat looks at them both, her blush fading slightly.

"What's your code name?" Ed follows up.

"OH! I'm The Flower alchemist. Weird name huh?" Kat giggles nervously.

Ed shrugs his shoulders; "Well since you were using plants to help yourself in battle it would make sense."

Kat nods, "Yea that's true…" Her blush slightly fading away as she slowly relaxes.

"Come on lets go out to eat to celebrate tonight!" Ed gives a big grin, Kat blushes a little more nodding her head.

"Thank you."


Holding a letter from her parents warning him that she was on her way to join the military with him. Also holding a picture of the boy she has a crush on with the letter Roy Mustang lets out a heavy sigh. 'Kitty Kat… You really shouldn't have come… And you will see Edward Elric is not a young man that can be so easily caught.' Roy turns to his work groaning at the work that needs to be done, transfer forms, disciplinary reports, various other things like that. Though the last thing in his inbox were the invitations to the state troop ball. Mainly meant for the military officers sometimes local officers get invitations.

Mustang gets up putting the invitations in each of his workers boxes, and held onto the few that didn't have boxes, he'd just have to call them in and take it in person. Not like it was unusual or anything, in fact this was quite the common thing and Mustang didn't mind that much anyway.

Sighing at the time Roy gets up and walks out of his office, 'I might as well see where they're going if not for lunch then most likely dinner. She is my little cousin.' Mustang slips into his coat and walks out the door, "I'm leaving for the evening."

"Good night sir."

The sun was already setting and he knew that they'd be on their way walking to whatever restaurant Edward would pick out. Getting into his car Roy thinks about what it will be like sharing a meal with Full Metal. The though of a very quite table and Edward growling in his general direction suddenly came to mind. 'Whatever.'


Ed and his two companions enter the restaurant, seeming to be Italian food. Eating a hardy meal would be good for them, though they turn to the entrance to see who's entering to see the one and only Roy Mustang. Kat looks and sees him getting her hopes up and walks up to him with a big smile. "Hey Roy!"

"Hello Kitty Kat." Roy ruffles Kat's hair making her giggle.

"What are you doing here? Ed, Al, and I are here to celebrate!" Kat smiles at her cousin.

"Well I came here to eat, I didn't know you were coming here too! I was looking for you though to celebrate, but I couldn't find you." Mustang looks disappointed.

"Well you can join up with us! I'm sure Ed wont mind!" Kat grabs Roy's hand dragging him to Ed and Al. "hey guys! Do you mind if Roy-Roy eats with us?"

"Roy-Roy?" Ed grins looking at his commanding officer, covering his mouth trying his best not to snicker, Al doing something of the same. "Y-yea sure why not, we'll get another seat for Roy-Roy." Ed babies up his last words.

Mustang glares at Ed showing that that's only meant to be used by Kat and Kat alone. Though Kat gets to the point a little more directly, by lightly punching Ed on the head, "Hey! I'm the only one aloud to call him that!"

Ed sticks his tongue out at Kat, though quickly gets an evil idea, "So does Roy-Roy have a nick name for his little Kat?"

Kat blushes at how forward Ed is being about the matter, glaring at him, "Why should-"

"Don't worry about it Kitty-Kat he wont figure it out…" Roy smiles at his cousin seeing the rage fume out of her ears, while Ed points and laughs.

"Lets just get seated already you're all big jerks!" Kat mumbles to herself, causing both Ed and Roy to snicker at Kat's frustration.


After dinner the four leave the restaurant happy and giggling, mostly talking about embarrassing stories about Kat and one about Roy thought that was only to explain his nickname, which wasn't very funny. Roy watches them walking back home he remembers the invitations. "Oh Kitty-Kat, I almost forgot to give you this, in case I don't see you tomorrow. Ed's is also with it as well." Roy hugs his cousin and walks to his car riving the engine slightly and going off.

Kat looks at the two letters, 'Interesting…' Kat walks back to Ed and Al holding onto the letters.

"What do you have there Kat?" Al asks up first.

"Some letters from Roy to Ed and myself," Kat hands Ed's to him, "here…" She opens hers up and nearly squeals. "I've been invited to the State Troopers Ball! Ohh I wonder what I'm going to wear?" She her eyes widen, "it's formal!"

Ed looks at his own knowing that his is the exact same thing, "Yea we have to make an appearance once a year to this, it's kind of dull unless you have someone to go with. I normally stay there about fifteen minutes and leave showing everyone I'm here I'm healthy and no I'm not staying in this suit for more than another thirty minutes."

Kat giggles at Ed's comment, "I see!" She smiles, "Well you now have someone to go with!" Kat smiles brightly, blushing lightly.

"Who?" Ed asks starting to leave with his hands behind his head looking to the stars, Al walking next to him. "Al doesn't really like going to such things."

"I meant me silly!" Kat pesters Ed, "You can go with me, we can hang out with one another for the entire night have fun, and dance a couple dances maybe?" Kat blushes even more at the thought.

Ed looks at her like she's nuts, 'ME? DANCE? Oh now I know I'm in hell!' Ed smiles nervously, "Um Kat I can't really dance… Also I don't think there IS dancing there…"

Kat holds up her invitation pointing to one of the sentences, "There will be great food, lots of fun and great songs to dance to!" Kat points out. "Also don't worry about not being able to dance I'll help you out with that!" Kat giggles.

Ed blinks looking to Al with a look that screamed 'save me, for the love of all that is mighty save me!'


After making it back home Ed walks into the living room holding onto the mail, reading a letter from Winry smiling happily to know that she's still writing him. He opens the letter reading through it, 'It would be nice to take Winry to this! She might like it since she's a girl and all. It does say you can bring a civilian an-' catching the words on the letter he re-reads what is on the page.

"Dear Ed and Al,

I'm making a surprise trip to your house right as you read this letter; check up on you guys and all. Well at least this time I'm giving fair warning at least, and that arm of yours better not be broken again Edward Elric or you going to find yourself in serious trouble in river city!

Tell Al I said hi and all, and take care of yourselves till I get there ok? See you soon!"

Ja ne


Ed's face turns pale, 'not another woman in the house… this sucks. Oh well at least its Winry! Wait… what am I saying! It's still another woman in the house and it IS Winry! I'm so dead!' Ed's face becomes all the paler.

Trying to make it seem like a good thing Ed turns to were his room is, "Hey Al, guess what?"

"What brother?"

"Winry's coming to visit us! Soon I think… let me see" Ed does the math in his head trying to remember how long mail takes to get from their to here. Looking at the post date he finishes up the mathematics seeing that she's supposed to show up. "Today!"

"TODAY!" Al repeats Ed's words looking out the door of their room, both looking to the door hearing it knock as if on cue.

Ed gets up and walks to the door, opening it seeing his life long friend and maybe some day more, Winry! "Hey Winry. How're you doing?" Ed smiles, "Come on in."


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