Chapter four:

Al walks into the living room leading to the front door, "Winry! Welcome to our house! Sorry it's such a terrible mess." Al bows.

"Oh I'm sure she doesn't mind," Ed waves leading Winry to the living room, "We've been busy with-"

"Hey guys what's going on?" Kat walks into the living room with some more casual clothes. Having baggy blue jeans tight in the waist and a baggy long sleeve shirt, the hems of the sleeves have holes ripped into them for her thumbs to get stuck into.

Winry looks at Kat curious as to why there's a female in her boys' house beside herself? "Well I see you've been VERY busy Edward Elric!" Winry growls walking over to Al too angry with Ed to even speak with him at the moment.

"Winry it's not like that!" Ed growls, pointing his index finger on his right hand at Winry.

"Then WHAT is it Ed?" Winry spouts right back turning with a slightly hurt face.

Kat looks at the two smiling nervously, "Ummmm… Maybe I could help you with that miss-"

"The name is Winry Rockbell, and you are?" Winry speaks up irritably.

Kat bows lightly, with a nervous smile. "Katherine Mustang, the colonels cousin, I just joined the military not too long ago. Ed is showing me the ropes until they find me a new place to stay."

Winry calming slightly though still curious, "Why aren't you staying with your cousin?"

Kat looks down looking rather depressed, "He's mad at me…"

Winry twice as curious now as well worried walks up to Kat patting her on the back forgetting that she's mad at Ed, "Why? He's your cousin, shouldn't he be supporting you in your decision?"

"He didn't want me to come here, I guess he doesn't think I'm good enough or something. I don't see what the big deal-"

"Baka, He probably didn't want you to come because it's dangerous. You can't even fathom what they've made him do… What they sometimes want me to do…" Ed clutches his fist angrily.

Kat blinks lightly, "What do you mean, besides the war, nothing really serious has really happened that I could tell from." Winry looks at Kat curiously, knowing the girl to still be very innocent to what the military has done.

"They mad that cousin of yours murder people, innocent people, women and children. Why else do you think he doesn't want you in the military?" Ed growls walking into his room slamming the door shut.

Kat looks at the door in disbelief. 'It can't be, Roy-Roy wouldn't kill someone with out a good reason… would he?' Kat looks to Winry and Al, "Will you excuse me for a bit, I'm going to go out. Kat leaves the apartment, leaving Al and Winry to look at one another.

"Oh boy…" Al says softly placing his hand on his metallic head.

"I'm sorry I made such a terrible outburts…" Winry looks to the ground feeling slightly responsible for what just happened.

"No it's ok, we didn't tell you about Kat yet. We were about to send a letter but then we got your letter, and well…yea" Al scratches his metallic head nervously.


Ed lies on his bed, grumbling to himself, 'I hate talking about that stuff, makes me want to puke every time I talk about it. Poor Winry, her folks died… because of the military. Kat you baka! How can you be fifteen and so innocent of the world around you?' Ed thinks about what it was like for him when he and Al first joined. 'Still… I guess we all start out a little naive…. Jeez now I feel like the baka now…' Mentally beating himself in the head, Ed sits up from his bed hearing Al and Winry talk about where she's going to sleep while she stays.


Kat runs to the main office hopping that it's not too late to talk to her cousin at the office. Opening her pocket watch seeing that it's almost eight at night. 'Please Roy-Roy be there! I need to know! Are you as cruel as Ed says?'


Ed walks out of his room, hearing that Winry would be sleeping in the same room as Kat. Looking around he doesn't see Kat anywhere, "Where's Kat?"

Al looks up to his brother, "She left about thirty minutes ago…. She said she'd be back a little later."

Ed nearly smacks his forehead, "Do you know what time it is? It's eight thirty he's not going to be in his office! I don't even think she knows where he lives!" Ed walks off grabbing his red coat, "I'm going to go look for her! Be back in a couple hours!" Ed closes the door behind himself.

Winry looks to Al curiously, "Does that girl even know her way around town?"

"Well yes and no… she knows how to get to the office and to the shops and library just fine… but I don't think she knows much of the rest of the city, she has only been here for about two months." Al sweats slightly at the thought of the entire situation, "Do you think we should go with him?" Al looks to Winry.

"Nah…. Ed can take care of himself." Winry smiles at Al who looks a little more worried, "Though we could always spy on them…" Al nods happily, both leaving quickly.


Kat holds her arms feeling the cool night air hit her skin, she looks around seeing if she sees Roy's apartment, she'd already gone to the office no one was there. 'Roy-roy….' She keeps walking hating feeling the way she felt. Unsure, and lost, also slightly hurt, all these feelings ran through the young woman's body, as if the cold air wasn't bad enough.

Looking around she finally finds the same address that she had in her coat, "There you are!" Running to the front door happily she knocks lightly on the door, at first. No response she knocks a bit harder, still no response, she pounds on the door for a third time still no response. "ROY-ROY! ANSWER THE DOOR PLEASE!" Kat yells out.

Looking around she doesn't see the car that he likes so much where it should be, "He must be out… I'll wait for him here…" Kat set her back against the door and her bottom on his door mate. "He'll come and get me…. And let me stay the night, I know it!" Kat looks around her eyes heavy from the long thirty-minute jog she took from Ed's apartment to the office. Closing her eyes, 'I'll rest here for a bit till he comes back…'


Ed ran through the streets having brought along a picture of the girl, thankfully he could ask people if they'd seen her. Some said yes, but mostly it led to the office, though she wasn't there. 'Where could that woman be?'

The young Alchemist scratches his head in frustration as he tries to think of where she could have gotten. 'She might have been really lucky and found Mustang's apartment.' Thinking about how possible that could be, 'Yea and pigs can fly…'

"KAT! Where are you!" ED yells out, hearing a rustle in the bushes he turns only to find Winry and Al. Grumbling loudly, 'what are they doing here?'

As if already knowing his question, "We thought it would be a better idea to increase our numbers so that we could cover more ground, find her faster." Al speaks up; Winry gives a confident nod agreeing with Al.

Ed closes his eyes and smiles at the two, "Alright lets go…"


After three hours of searching the town, the three had grown so tired of looking for her. Ed looks around seeing that no one's on the streets anymore. Not really a surprise since it was midnight. The three sigh together and sit down on a curb.

Winry closes her eyes, quickly opening one of her eyes half way she thinks the obvious for a second, "Couldn't she be AT her cousin's?"

Ed thought about it for a moment, groaning loudly, "Maybe she's back home too…"

Al looks up at the stars not really tired since he could last much longer than the other too, but he could feel the long time way down on him slightly. "How about Winry and I check back home and see if Kat's back yet. Ed you could go to Colonel's house see if she's there, and if she's not just come back home, we'll just have to report it in the morning that she ran away."

Not liking the idea of having to tell Roy that his baby cousin ran away, Ed could just imagine what that would be like. 'Yea hey Roy! I'm terribly sorry I told your cousin that you're a cold heartless bastard and she ran away to find you.' Ed rolls his eyes, 'Yea that'll work out great…' Ed stands up feeling pain roll up his one leg, wincing slightly, "Alright, you guys go on home and get some sleep ok?" the other two nod and start on their way.


Roy walks up to his front door, completely smashed from his little party he had earlier, a young woman hanging onto him hoping for a good night with the colonel. To Roy's surprise another young woman is waiting for him at his front door, smiling at the young woman next to him, "I think we might have a little more fun tonight!" Roy uses the door to keep him steady while he kneels down to see what the lovely young woman's face looks like.

Becoming very sober very quickly he gets up still using the door as a form of support. "I'm sorry I can't do this…" Roy mentally curses at his cousin and Edward.

"Why not, I don't mind sharing with another girl." The other woman speaks up, her red curly hair terribly disheveled, and her club clothes showing obvious signs of vomit.

Roy growls at the woman, "That's my cousin you're talking about!"

"Oooh inbreeding sounds fun." The drunkard wobbles to Roy trying to kiss him.

Not even wanting to imagine what that would be like he pushes the woman away from himself, "Leave!"

"Fine you didn't look like much fun either! Mister military man!" The drunk woman stocks off trying to get away with some dignity.

Roy ends up falling on the ground next to his dear little cousin, "What the hell are you doing here?"


Roy holds his head feeling terribly dizzy. He looks at his little cousin, feeling her frozen arm, becoming worried, he feels her cheeks and her breathing. 'Thank goodness… she's only asleep.'

The Colonel slowly stands up picking up his little cousin, carrying her into his apartment bridal style. He puts her down on a couch in his living room, and quickly runs to the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. 'I'm too shit faced to take care of her… where the hell is Full Metal?'

Feeling a little better, he stands up using the wall for support, 'at least I can slightly think strait… that'd be to disgusting to bed my own cousin.' Wiping off his mouth with a blue towel and throwing it to the ground he walks back up to his cousin sitting on the floor, looking at his sleeping cousin.

"Kitty-Kat?" He speaks up softly, putting his hand on her forehead, 'She has a slight tempartre.. er… timpartire… tempature!' Groaning slightly Roy puts his own forehead on the back of his hand, which is still on Kat's forehead.

Slowly rubbing her forehead with his thumb, the motion on his own forehead seemed soothing. "Wake up damn it… I want to go to bed!" Mustang groans out.

Slowly falling asleep, Roy tries to at least make Kat a little more comfortable with a pillow under her head. Also he tries to share it with her too tired and drunk to get to bed.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

Roy groans stumbling to the door, his blood shot eyes searching for the bastard that is up at this hour and keeping him from his sleep. "What the hell do you want?" Looking around not seeing anyone till he looks down a little, "What do you want?"

Ed scratches his head trying to keep down a yawn, "Is Kat in there?"

"Yes, now go away… I'm tired as hell" Roy closes the door behind himself before walking back to his cousin, sharing their pillow once more.

Ed looks at the door shocked, blinking at it, 'Was Mustang drunk?' Ed shrugged away the thought, he knew Roy drank every now and then but not enough to get drunk. Walking back home to get some badly needed rest Ed slowly yawns pleased that at least the girl's safe.


"Roy…" Kat mumbles half awake half asleep.

"Mmmm?" Roy gets out, his eyes closed wanting some form of sleep to be brought upon him.

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to make you mad…" Kat turns hugging her cousins' face. Trying to pull him up to the couch so he can at least be lying down as well.

Roy grumbles lightly, picking up Kat bridal style again not wanting to fall asleep on the couch he takes her to his bedroom, putting her on his queen size bed. Feeling the terrible hang over starting to slam down on his head. 'bed…. Must…. Sleep… work… tomorrow…' Roy plops down on the bed, instantly falling asleep. His chest facing the bed while his right arm slips off the bed onto the floor.


The next morning Ed gets ready for work, 'Before I go in I might as well ask Winry if she'll go to this ball thing with me.' Seeings that she's awake and making breakfast, he smiles at her. "Morning."

"Good morning Ed, got breakfast ready for you and myself." Winry smiles sitting down to eat.

"I found Kat last night she's over at her cousin's." Ed points out.

"Now see wouldn't it have been easier to go their first?" Winry points out.

Ed mentally rolls his eyes, 'like you said anything about going there last night.' He mentally sighs again, swallowing some eggs, "Winry is it ok if I take you out to lunch, I want to ask you something."

Winry looks at Ed for a moment and nods, "Sure, I'll spend the day with Al until lunch, he can come too right?"

Ed blushes, "I was hoping it would be just you and me…" He mumbles loud enough for only Winry to hear.

"Oh I see…." She nods. Finishing her food.

'Better to be said at lunch than now I guess…' Ed sighs to himself again. Finishing his food he grabs his coat "I'll see you at lunch then!" Closing the door he makes his way to work.


Roy Mustang turns in his bed, finding himself on the wrong side, he flips over thinking that he might have had a little too much fun last night having the hardest time remembering what exactly happened.

Feeling heat that's not his own body, 'must be some girl I picked up last night… what a night… maybe some morning fun will fix that, and get rid of this head ache.' Putting his arm around the female's waist, feeling her stomach at first. Smiling when he hears a little moan. 'I thought so, have a little fun in the morning remember all the fun you had last night.'

His hand slowly moving south to, pants? 'I thought that red head had a skirt on?' his eyes still closed, 'some of these chicks my goodness." He moves his hand under the girls pants.

Kat slowly open's her eyes feeling someone's hand going into her pants, she looks around terrified, 'Where's Roy?'

"Mmmmm…" Roy smiles his eyes still closed.

Kat jumps out of the bed screaming her head off, "ROY PATRICK MUSTANG!"

Roy's eyes open wide, shock showing on his face, then absolute terror. 'I… was… oh god… MY OWN COUSIN!' Roy jumps out of his bed, feeling his hand over ten times harder than before. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!"

"WHY ARE YOU…." Kat couldn't even finish her sentence as tears fall down her face. "Roy why were you doing that?" Kat sits on the floor away from her cousin, resting her knees to her chest crying into her knees.

Roy does his best to remember holding his head, 'What the hell ha-' it all suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks. Sighing in relief that he didn't bed his cousin, though feeling very dirty about touching her like that. "Kitty-Kat…. I'm sorry… I was drunk last night and… I thought…" not wanting to say that he thought she was some slut from last night wouldn't help. Roy racks his brain trying to figure out why she's here.

Suddenly getting images of Full Metal into his head, 'he was looking for her!' "Kitty-Kat! Why did you leave Edward Elrics house?"

"WHY WERE YOU DOING WHAT YOU WERE DOING?" Kat still looked absolutely terrified and violated.

Roy sighs, "It was my fault, I got terribly drunk last night… I though… that there was someone else in the bed, not you. I wasn't myself. Did I do anything to hurt you last night?"

Kat shakes her head no, tears still falling down her face, sobbing. Roy walks up to her kneeling down, "I'm terribly sorry!" Roy tries to hug her, only to see her curl up and scoot away. "Please don't do that…" Roy looks at his cousin hurt by her actions.

Kat sniffles, seeing Roy with his open arms aware of himself, aware of her, 'it was an accident… he didn't mean it… that's right he didn't mean it.' Kat leans into Roy's arms sniffling into his chest. He pats her hair, cooing to her and gently rocking her.

"Why did you run away from Ed's house Kitty-Kat?" Roy asks a little more calmly.

Kat sighed knowing this would come eventually, "I thought you were mad at me… for coming here… no I know you're upset with me about joining the military… I just want to know why."

Roy sighs, looking at the young woman sitting in his lap, 'she hasn't sat in my lap in ten years…' Resting his chin on Kat's head, Roy looks up to the white wall, "I don't want you to have to go through what I went through. I don't want you to feel the guilt that I've felt. I've changed a lot my little Kitty-Kat. I don't want you changing the way I did, Ed still hasn't changed that much but then again he is the most stubborn person in the world!"

"When I re-read those letters you scent me, and see you now, I see how sweet and innocent you are. Like a flower you're so very fragile, the military could easily destroy your beauty as a small boy could to an innocent flower." Roy finishes, not really looking at her face.

"Is that why you drink?" Kat speaks up.

Roy closes his eyes leaning his head back, "Yes… I want to forget about what I did, I want to get a better rank so that I don't have to hurt anyone anymore."

Kat looks at the carpet nodding in understanding; "You don't want me to feel guilty, why would you feel guilty, unless you killed someone with out a good reason."

"I have… I've hurt people, I've destroyed families, for no reason except for that it was an order, and I had to follow those orders." The image of those two doctors came to mind, 'their daughter is all alone now because of me.' Roy smiles slightly, hiding his face behind Kat's head, "I've wanted so badly many times to end my life… so that I could do something to repay those people."

"I see…" Kat looks around the ground feeling her cousin hiding his face in shame. "Is that why you stopped writing?" Kat holds onto his arms around her stomach.

"Yes… I didn't want you to know that I murdered someone's parents, I didn't want you to see my tears on my letters making you worry for me, I wanted everyone to think I was dead…"

Kat moves out of Roy's lap looking at him with a serious look, looking a little mad, "I would have understood, and I would have still come here…"

Roy looks at her confused, 'still come? But why?'


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