Title: In the Arms of a Goddess
Disclaimer: You know the score, it's alljust a bit of fun.
Rating: T; references to adult nature

This may be the first part of a series of little ficlets. I was inspired to write this by general wandering thoughts and a conversation I had with a friend, and after a while I brainstormed some ideas about different POV's and things. I've never done a collection of fics, so I'm gonna try, with this being the first in the series. I'm not entirely sure what I want out of these fics, but I'll get there, or at least I'll try. Thanks for reading.

Part 1

She peered round the stone archway as she listened to her own footsteps echoing through the spacious foyer. A cautious hand rested on her lower back, and a warm breath exhaled against her neck. She tightened her grip on the man holding her, and clamped her eyes shut, hoping the moment would pass. But seconds later a screech came from across the room and she found herself gripping tightly to the large metal axe and swerving into the path of the oncoming supernatural creature that alerted her to its presence. All at once she was throwing the weapon towards it, knowing her tactics, her aim, her skill would ensure this creature dust. And mere seconds proved her to be right.

Then she could release a sigh, and calm down. He appeared from behind the arch, having been hiding, just as she was, until she sprung the element of surprise upon her enemy. She stole a glance his way and lifted her hand to slap it into his. 'We make a good team, eh,' she told him, her breath heavy and overloaded, needing a moment to still itself, even though she'd not been deprived of breath. The panic always made her this way.

Wood released a chuckle and looked across at the remaining axe and pile of residue laying in the centre of the abandoned foyer. 'No actually, I think you and the axe, make an excellent team, I make an excellent voyeur, but that's all,' he quipped, to which she smiled widely.

She reached out to touch his shoulder before heading to collect her axe, though once bending down to grab it, she found herself jumping at the sound of a loud cry telling her to move out of the way. She grabbed her axe and hurried to the side, narrowly missing another creature's mouth.

This one had wings.

She released a sigh, seeing the creature fly past her at an absurd speed; followed by a strident decision to kill this thing. But before she could make a move to do so, a figure, so gracious and quick in movement hurried through the large opening, following after the being yelling abuse and swinging weapons towards it.

Faith frowned, and brushed herself off before hurrying after the woman and the supernatural being. Her heavy breathing now was drowned out by the screeching and roaring of this large thing, and once where she needed to be, she saw that getting panicked was the least of her troubles. Now it was saving someone that she was worried about. 'Wood; get the rocket launcher!' she yelled to the large masculine figure in the adjacent room. 'Now!'

Once again, she found herself throwing her axe in the direction of the large demon-dragon thing, and hitting, though as she guessed, it didn't do much. Seconds later, Wood appeared with the large metal feature in his hand. Faith hesitated none in taking it from him, and pushing him back slightly. 'Get behind the partition,' she told him, and he did so, craning his head round to watch her rid of this thing.

The rocket made a loud crackling sound as it fired from the launcher, and straight into the dragon. And zing poof were a couple of words that came to mind when she watched it explode. She dropped the metal weapon and in a hurry was across the room and beside remaining figure, knocked out, motionless on the floor.

'B…' she muttered, and knelt beside her.

The distinct sound of the crackling fireplace was the first thing she noticed. Coming to had made her senses seem a thousand times what they were. Every sound, was louder, more distinct, and sharper. Every smell…was just as the sound. And everything looked blurry, then sharp…

She peered at the candle on the table beside her, and then the fireplace that she could hear. Her eyes continued to scan around the room, examining each object until she recognised where she was. No such luck.

She pulled herself up into a sitting position, and it wasn't until then that she realised she'd been injured. 'Ahh.' She released a gentle whimper, and clutched the area of pain. Her eyes followed her hand, and she frowned when she saw the bruising upon her arm.

Faith entered the room with a small mug in her hand, her feet padding solemnly on the carpet of the lounge. Her gaze drifted to Buffy immediately, and her eyes lit up when she saw she was awake.

Buffy imagined Faith would be full of words, questions. But as her eyes followed her, finding a suitable surface for her mug, then a suitable place for herself, she wondered why she hadn't said a word.

Faith released a sigh as she sunk into the armchair. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tucked her feet underneath her, and pulled down the sleeves of her jumper. Then she rested her elbow upon the arm of the chair, and rested her chin in her upturned palm. And then her eyes were on Buffy. Her expression was all rested. Her eyes were the explanation.

Buffy glanced down at herself, wondering why Faith had come to look upon her in this way. She still hadn't said anything. And this was worrying Buffy. In fact, it was starting to scare her. she shuffled on the couch a little, and let go of her arm. 'Well…' she began, hoping that the conversation would not become tense. 'You sure showed that demon.'

Faith continued to watch her sister slayer, expression the same, her eyes still focussed upon her. 'Why didn't you tell me you were here?'

She couldn't admit she wasn't expecting for her to answer that question. They'd all moved on to their own private and comfortably and relatively normal lives…she couldn't say she did expect for them to keep in touch. But then again…she couldn't say she didn't expect for them to keep in touch either.

The fire crackled as silence and distance spirited between them. They exchanged looks for quite some time, their forms of communication always having been much more than just words. Buffy searched Faith for something, a different look in her eye perhaps. But she maintained that same comfortable, contented look.

After contemplating Faith's words a moment, she found herself losing sight of why exactly she hadn't. She hesitated in replying, and scratched her forehead, and furrowed her eyebrows. 'Huh?'

Faith removed her gaze from Buffy for a second to roll her eyes. 'Wow, that demon really knocked ya out good,' she mumbled, then looked back to the confused Buffy, studying her reaction for a moment.

Buffy didn't realise that Faith could see so much. Her confusion, her frustration. As her brown pools focused upon that of her own green pools, she shifted nervously.

'Why are you here, Buffy?' Faith asked firmly, though her voice was swallowed by the harsh crackling of the fireplace.

Again, she was hesitant. She wasn't ready to answer this question, to actually be here, in her presence. She hadn't planned for it to be this way.

She exhaled nervously and moved in her seat, bringing her legs down from the couch to the floor, then sighed. 'Well. Thanks for your hospitality; I'm gonna leave now,' she told her all in one rushed breath.

She found herself making rushed steps out of the lounge and down the hallway towards what she could only assume was the front door, leaving Faith in her chair, shaking her head slowly at this shambled, possibly concussed, woman.

She followed her towards the front door, and called her name.

'You didn't answer my question, Buffy,' she called to her as she trod the floorboards of the hallway.

Buffy clutched at the door handle, being sure not to look back at her sister slayer. She had to leave. Now. But there was just one problem. If she left, she wouldn't get what she came for.

'What are you doing here?' she asked her again, this time, reaching out a hand to her shoulder, and turning her round to look into her eyes.

It seemed like forever since she'd seen such depth in someone she thought she was so distant from, but as Buffy gazed deep into her eyes, she knew it wouldn't be difficult to tell her. Everything.

'I…' Buffy found herself stumbling over her words once again and tearing her gaze from the taller, darker, more solemn slayer. Now confronted, the taller slayer's every deliberation a positive, though anxious note in the blonde slayer's mind. She was doing this for both of their sakes. 'I need to tell you something,' she finally said, in one anxious breath. She exhaled after having spoken, hoping that Faith would let her go and allow her back into the comfort of her lounge.

She nodded tentatively, her eyes full of worry and paralysed panic. What could it be? The darker slayer questioned in her mind. Her eyes focussed upon the smaller slayer as she slipped round her and followed the hallway back towards the lounge. And as Faith followed her, she realised that this could be an avenue that she wasn't ready to step down.