Title: In the Arms of a Goddess
Disclaimer: You know the score, it's all just a bit of fun.
Pairing: B/F
Rating: T; teencie bit of adult nature, nothing huge; you know the score, you don't agree, you don't have to read!

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Part 2

The small, yet comfortable and well furnished apartment hugged the surroundings and the furniture; two couches and an armchair were positioned suitably around the fireplace; there was no television, which surprised Buffy, but she suspected that there would be one elsewhere in the apartment. There were enough personal items dotted around the room for her to assume Faith had been living here for quite some time. There was even a photograph or two sitting on the mantelpiece.

She moved slowly across the room, planning to sit, but then she gravitated towards the fireplace, where she stood for a moment, sensing Faith wandering into the lounge after her. she looked over her shoulder, then down into the palm of her hands, her stomach tightening at the words she was about to say to her.

She sensed rather than saw Faith stopping behind the armchair, and glanced over her shoulder again, only to keep her gaze on the brunette. She turned to face her, all of her actions slow and dulled.

Faith already could see the disturb deep behind Buffy's eyes. She knew that speaking before her, rushing her, or coaxing her in any way could throw her thoughts off-track, and so she stayed well back, didn't even stand near to her. she just gazed at her, and tried to remain expressionless.

The blonde opened her mouth to speak, intending to rush ahead with what she needed to say; that way, it would be all over before she'd even have time to think about it. But it didn't happen that way for her. In fact, showing up this way, stumbling across her in this fashion; these were not her intentions.

She inhaled slowly through her mouth, beginning to fiddle with her hands. And when she exhaled through that same passage, she began to speak. 'I was gonna come over,' she said, Faith instantly being reminded of that meek, vulnerable tone that was Buffy's.

She remained still, and silent, open to whatever the older slayer was going to tell her.

'I didn't plan for things to go this way. I ended up swinging by this abandoned building, and these monsters were lurking so, you know how it is, couldn't resist the urge to get in a good slay…' she smiled, and she noticed the brunette nodding with a tug of a smile in the corner of her mouth. 'So I ended up here, unconscious and…' she raised her arm. 'Bruised.' She chuckled a little, and upon seeing Faith's response, became serious once again. This time she herself was solemn. 'I erm…I had to come over here to tell you something…' Her voice faded as she begun her sentence, realising she still found it difficult to talk about this.

Faith swallowed in the image of woman before her. Her hair now half way down her back, her form slender perfection; a white pair of trousers and a gorgeous black top covered by a red leather jacket upon her; they all suited her so well. Her hair had loose curls, some falling in front of her face, not that it mattered but Faith still thought each one was beautiful. Yes, she was in awe of the sight of Buffy. She had in fact been ever since the First escapade. She returned to Sunnydale thinking all those feelings of hate would resurface when in fact, they melted away when she uttered those few words to her. 'Good to have you back.' In fact, being around Buffy ever since then had been quite a task for young Faith. She was in complete awe of her. she watched every move, every gorgeous move; she even once pretended that they were partners once again, when out on the porch of Revello Drive, they'd been having a midnight chat, and she said some things that comforted her inside. Things about the past, about the way things could have been had Faith not turned.

Just for a moment Buffy removed her gaze from Faith, and she clamped her eyes shut, thinking about how events might go if she told her everything. She hated keeping things from people. Most of all the one person she didn't want to keep things from, but things hadn't gone so fantastically for them ever since Faith's downfall. Buffy felt herself drifting further and further from her, even now, that she had returned, and things were back to normal – relatively speaking.

She licked over her lips and sucked in a quick breath, inwardly telling herself to deal with her nervousness and get it out. And when she turned to see Faith, that determination seemed to dissipate and nervousness refilled her veins.

'I'm gonna get a Chinese, I'll be back in a few,' came a rather baritone, masculine voice, and soon the figure was beside Faith, hugging her from behind, and kissing her hair. 'Buffy, you're up,' he said cheerily as he held a hand towards her, that same hand that she so noted had held Faith seconds prior to his statement.

She nodded simply. 'Wood,' she said straight. 'It's er…it's…' She glanced at Faith, hoping she wouldn't latch on at her surprise of seeing him there, in the same apartment as her. 'It's…good to see you again.'

He nodded. 'Good to see you.' He examined her casually a moment, smiling as he slipped on his jacket. He nudged Faith from behind alerting her to him, and winked, to which she smiled. 'Catch you girls later.'

Through her mind she imagined him leaving, as the synchronised sounds told her a story that ensured he was in fact exiting the building. She licked over her lips a brief moment, and gestured towards the door. 'So you guys are…engaged?'

Faith's eyes widened. 'What? Whoa, no, not any time soon…'

That was all Buffy needed to know. But her words implied there was some sort of a relationship. In which case she shouldn't proceed to tell Faith what she wanted to tell her.

'So…there could be?'

Faith shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she thought about what Buffy had said. 'I dunno.' Her hand drifted to her hair in which she ran her fingers through, then let her hand fall to rest upon the back of the chair. 'I erm…' she raised her hand to Buffy, and moved her head a little. 'What were you gonna say?'

Buffy had been caught off guard. She was still thinking of the intense closeness between Wood and her. They had a relationship. She didn't want to interfere. Sure, there were things she wanted to say, but that was before she'd seen what she'd seen. She shook her head a little, coming out of her slight daze. 'I…oh…erm…it's, it's nothing…' she tried to tell her, though her words broke and once again she was retreating to the comfort of her palms.

And at that point, Faith saw a glimmer of something in her that she thought could possibly be what she had been waiting for; for a very long time. But no…no it couldn't be. Chances upon chances; it couldn't be this time she came back into her life to tell her that she…had feelings for her... But then again, why else would Buffy show up, Faith thought to herself.

She let her doubting emotions slip through her and found herself approaching Buffy, standing mere centimetres from her, and moving a tender index finger to just below her chin, and lifting it, ever…so…gently.

'Hey…' she uttered, her voice swallowed by the noise of her heartbeat jamming against her chest. If she could hear it, she was sure Buffy could too. Unless…if she felt the same, if her heart was doing the same. If she wanted as much to just, kiss her, touch her, the way Faith wanted to.

Buffy's gaze moved up to meet Faith's, her large green eyes innocent and dear as they always had been. Except they possessed a deepened sadness that Faith longed to explore. She understood it; she knew that her own eyes were similar. It was the fighting that did it to them. But at the same time, she knew that the sadness behind her own eyes was because of that empty space. That once electric buzz in her soul had vanished…when Buffy had vanished from her life.

But now she was standing before her, and the buzz was back. Fuzzy, warm, comforting. It wasn't the heat in the room, it was Buffy. And just lifting her chin, just running her hand along her arm brought it all back to her.

Buffy had to feel the same, Faith thought to herself, searching deep into her eyes, hoping that her following actions would not be something Buffy would call a true mistake.

She exhaled carefully, and took a step in closer to Buffy, bringing both hands to rest on her upper arms, all the while gazing into her eyes, beginning to lose herself in them, they were so large, so amazing.

She had no recollection of how long they'd stood there, Buffy taking hold of Faith's arms as she held Buffy's. But they stood for so long, just looking into each other's eyes. And then it happened. She could feel it. The space inside of her, it was warm, it was fuzzy. There was no empty space anymore.

It was her.

And in a rushed desperation, she muttered words that would change her life forever, for better or for worse, she didn't care. 'Faith, please, just kiss me.'

She needed no confirmation, the kiss was enough of that. And as she pillowed her lips upon Buffy's, moaned at the contact, clamped her eyes shut at the rush of inebriation, gripped tighter at her shoulders, allowed the tears to fall from her eyes, so many things became a clear epitome for her. Faith wanted her and she now saw that, with perfect clarity. She needed Buffy. All the looks, the touches, the words…the buzzing.

The years.

Each year reminded her of how much further from her she could get. But she hung on, just hung, on every word, every breath, every motion. They'd departed twice. They'd met twice before. If Buffy came back…they'd meet a third time, and in Faith's story, they never departed again.

In Buffy's story, they'd never met, they'd never departed, and meeting was all they'd do. They'd never depart. Even now, as she kissed her back, passion building quickly behind the kiss, her hands beginning to roam to places she forbade herself to touch before.

The tears wouldn't stop. Faith cried behind the kiss. Her throat burned, her cheeks dampened, her eyes became sore. And Buffy allowed her to shed those tears, allowed her to cry them out as their kiss deepened, and she pressed her body against Faith's, hugged her in closer towards her own body. She moved a hand up to Faith's face, and lightly brushed her fingers over it, allowing that electric buzz to shiver through her, through every vein, through every limb, finger, toe, movement.

The kiss began to calm down, the slayers slowly recoiling, eventually departing and resting foreheads upon one another. Faith hummed, letting her eyes remain closed, whilst Buffy watched her basking, and ran a finger delicately along her chin. 'Damn…' Buffy whispered. 'I wish I was your lover.'

Faith opened her eyes to Buffy's gaze, and smiled. 'Is that what you wanted to tell me?'

Buffy looked down momentarily, before leaning in to kiss Faith once again. And Faith could feel it all again. That buzz; and this slow build up only resulting in what she imagined would be a climax. The best ever. She had to know. She couldn't wait.

She moved back a little, letting her hands linger at Faith's shoulders. As she gazed up into the younger slayer's eyes, all she could do was wait. For Faith's decision. And good at making decisions Faith was. She tugged a little on her arm, beginning to pull her towards her bedroom.

The lights remained switched off. And though it was dark inside her closed bedroom, the moonlight shone a pastel blue in through the window. She could just about make out the expressions upon Faith's face. She thought perhaps one was happiness. Another perhaps relief.

She pulled her tentatively until they were in the centre of her room, and now, she tried to drink in this image of her. Matured, different. Beautiful. And then as her dreams began to come true before her, as Faith grabbed hold of the hem of her shirt, and pulled it slowly above her head, she felt her heart begin to race. She moved her hands to cover Faith's. 'Let me,' she told her so gently, her words were practically inaudible. Even so, Faith understood, and let go of her shirt, and raised her arms, outstretched them towards the ceiling. And as her eyes searched deep within Buffy's, she knew now that she was in the arms of a goddess.

Buffy tugged ever so softly on the shirt, revealing Faith inch by inch. She dropped the shirt beside her once it was free of her, and Faith moved her hands to Buffy's jacket, slipped it from her shoulders, and Buffy did the same. Outstretched her arms to the ceiling, and waited patiently for Faith to reveal her body, to drop her clothing beside her own shirt.

Faith found her world becoming a blur as the rest was a rush of kisses, emotions, struggles in the dark, until ultimately, they found the place. The place that they would make love. From here on out, it was about them, right now. Faith didn't care about their past. Buffy didn't care about Faith's dark secrets. They both just wanted one thing. Each other.