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Changing Times

By Neurotica

Forgotten Scene…

Second Floor, Third Door on the Left

The night Hogwarts was finally void of time-traveling-troublemakers, Severus Snape felt free to walk around the corridors without threat of attack. The week had been hell what with Harry Potter sitting in the back of his classroom looking like he'd just eaten a canary. The boy had only known his worthless father for a week, and already he was acting just as cocky and pea-brained as James Potter himself.

Lupin hadn't been much better. The bloody werewolf had no reason to be happy; they were in a war, for crying out loud! Ever since Black fell behind that veil in the Department of Mysteries, Lupin had been skulking around the school as if he'd just lost his dog. Snape chuckled at the pun. (Yes, there are times when Severus Snape chuckles…)

But the moment those blasted Marauders were found to be in the wrong dimension or whatever it was – Snape didn't care enough to find out the true cause of their arrival – Lupin had been walking around with a slight spring in his step. Or perhaps it was a limp. Again, Snape didn't care enough to find out.

And don't even think about Dumbledore! Snape respected the headmaster more than any other in the world, but the man was insane. To actually believe that he, Severus Snape, would sit in a room with the Marauders for two hours and teach them… It was preposterous, it was inhumane, cruel. What living being in their right mind would want to spend more than ten seconds in the same room with that lot?

The headmaster had walked around the school for two bloody weeks with a constant twinkle in his eyes. Snape had been tempted to suggest that the headmaster get his eyes checked – that couldn't be normal – but he resisted. It was as if there was a private joke that no one but Lupin and Dumbledore understood for nearly three days before Snape was asked to tutor the transient students. And Snape was sure they'd laughed at him the next day when he arrived at the Great Hall with pink hair he hadn't noticed until Hooch had pointed at it with egg dripping off her fork.

Again, he could thank the bloody Marauders for that one.

Snape continued his patrol through the darkened corridors of Hogwarts on the second floor. The doors to classrooms had been magically closed and locked after classes ended to prevent students from sneaking in and doing things that were most definitely against school policy. One door, however, was cracked open ever so slightly. The third door on the left, to be exact.

Just across from the cracked open door was the Charms classroom. Just down the hall was Flitwick's office and quarters. This room, however, was one of the unused classrooms. It was one that was used when it was raining too hard for students to go outside between classes. (Let them drown, Filch had once said. Snape privately agreed.)

Cautiously, Snape crept up to the door and pushed it open with his wand. It was empty as always. Desks had been pushed against the walls, chairs stacked neatly in a corner, buckets hanging from the ceiling, windows closed and locked.

Wait… buckets hanging from the ceiling? That couldn't be right…

Snape smirked. So, somebody thought they were going to be funny and prank the next person who entered the room. Well, they picked the wrong night. They picked the night Severus Snape patrolled the halls. Snape always had an eye for detail; that's what made him such a superb spy for the Order of the Phoenix. Well, he wasn't falling for that one.

Snape made to leave the room when he heard whispering voices in a closet. He raised an eyebrow. Students out of bed, he thought happily, praying it was Potter and Weasley. He'd been dying to give them detention for a month.

Forgetting all about the buckets in the center of the room, Snape entered and headed in the direction of the closet. His first step across the threshold seemed to trigger something. He could feel, rather than see, something floating just above his head. Snape looked up in time to see a full bucket of what looked like pink bubbles fall onto his head. He sniffed, taking the bubbles into his nose. Shampoo, he smelt, flowery smelling shampoo.

Grinding his teeth in anger, Snape continued to the closet door. Before he took more than two steps, something else happened. This time, another bucket fell from the ceiling, pouring cold water all over him, rinsing off the shampoo.

Growling softly, Snape took another step forward cautiously.

Nothing happened.

Thank Merlin.

He was sure whoever was in the closet was the cause of this little joke, and he would have their heads on his wall when he caught them.

Two more steps… He reached out to the door handle.

One more step… He closed his hand around the cool golden handle.

He wrenched open the door and saw to his dismay… Nothing. There was absolutely, positively nothing in that bloody closet. But they why could he still hear giggling voices? Because they were definitely giggling.

Snape lit the tip of his wand and began to tear apart the closet, throwing out old books and broken furniture. He touched something slightly slimy and pulled his hand away immediately. Whatever his hand had touched, once again, set off some sort of trigger.

Candles were lit. A dusty old mirror stood before him. He raised an eyebrow at his reflection. He was sopping wet and wanted to get back to his cold dungeons for a warm shower. But not until he found his pranking culprits.

The candles went out without any reason behind it. There had been no wind in the closet. Snape had not gone near them. In the next moment, Snape started as the closet door slammed shut. He felt a cold draft spread across his body, possibly due to the wet clothes he was wearing.

Finally, the door opened once more, and Snape exited. He looked back to the mirror one last time, just out of curiosity, and left the room.

Albus Dumbledore had just finished meeting with Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt in regards to the upcoming Minister of Magic appointments. He had been asked by several people to campaign, but politely refused. He preferred to remain at Hogwarts where he could be sure his students were kept safe in these dark and dangerous days.

The headmaster was heading down to the kitchens for a late night snack of hot chocolate and pie when he spotted Severus approaching from the second floor.

"Ah, Headmaster," Severus said briskly. "I thought you ought to know that students have been fooling around in the abandoned classroom on the second floor."

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at Severus and let what his Potions Master had said register in his mind before he chuckled. "That wouldn't have been the third door on the left by any chance, would it, Severus?"

"Actually, sir, it was," Severus said slowly. "Might I ask what is so funny?"

"Nothing, my dear boy. Nothing at all," Dumbledore continued chuckling. "I will see you in the Great Hall at eight a.m., Severus. And I would change before then if I were you."

Severus raised an eyebrow and watched as Dumbledore turned a corner towards the kitchens. What, exactly, did Dumbledore mean by "change"? Rolling his eyes at the headmaster's sense of humor, Severus made his way to his dungeons. Before he stepped down the stone stairs, however, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.

His mouth dropped open in horror as he realized what he was wearing. It was a fluffy pink tutu. Complete with lacy stockings and ballet slippers. His once greasy hair was tied in a braid with a large puff ball at the end of it.

He heard the cackling of Peeves the Poltergeist approaching. If that disgrace to the school saw Snape in this get-up, every student and teacher would know about it by morning.

Severus tried to get away, but Peeves caught up with him. "Ooooohhhh," Peeves grinned. "Peevesy sees the ickle Marauders got the big bad professor again!" Peeves blew a raspberry at Severus as the professor stopped dead in his tracks.

The Marauders?

"Oh, Lupin…" Severus growled, making his way towards the Defense corridor. Lupin would hear Snape's complaint and reverse whatever spell those wizard disgraces had put on him. Either that, or Snape would poison the Wolfsbane like he'd wanted to for years.

The Real End.