The Balinor Chronicles

Chapter One: Battles Fought, Games Played

This Chapter is Dedicated to ChaosTheory007.

The Supreme Ruler and Dark One have always fought each other. Their reason for their fight has long been forgotten, and now only the two immortals themselves know why they continue to fight. But fight they do, and sometimes their actions affect us in the Mortal Realms.

Their ongoing war can be compared to the battle of the day and the night. Twice a day, the two battle each other. At dusk, the night wins the fight, and the world is cloaked in darkness. But, as the daylight retreats, it leaves behind spies: the stars and the moon, to keep the mortals from getting lost in the darkness. At dawn, the two sides battle again. This time day wins, and the night is forced to retreat, leaving behind bits of itself as shadows.

Always, this continues, neither side able to defeat the other. But sometimes, in the day's haphazard rush to retreat, it forgets to leave behind the moon. Every 29 days, the moon fails to appear. On this night, the Heir of Diablo, his minions, and the ways of the Dark One are the most powerful.

Most have now forgotten the true meaning of fear on the Night of the Shifter's Moon. Now, it is just a time to stay up late and tell ghost stories in an attempt to frighten those around you. But you see my friend, evil never dies, for without it, how can we have goodness and righteousness? Wouldn't it be impossible to know good if evil had never existed?

So the Sentinels will keep an extra close watch and the Firstwalkers will be extra wary of the shadows, but the children and storytellers will stay up late, and these my friend, these Balinor Chronicles are the tales that they tell.