The Balinor Chronicles: The Celestial Herd
Chapter Sixty-six: So Ends

So ends the account of the Unicorns who were blessed by a god, fought by a demon and saved by a sacrifice. So end the tales of the Elements that became a Rainbow which was broken and bonded again by the curse of Twilight. So ends the story that spanned thousands of years from the lost lovers to the forgotten fighters to the condemned lives of the Shadow Unicorns.

But, as in all fables, the Curse of The Wayward Prince and that of Arioch did come true. As in all sagas, the Heirs of The Shadows and of The Celestials play a part in what is yet to come. As in all fairy tales, the offspring of a loyal stallion managed to persevere in a herd, as the stallion himself managed to survive on his own. And as in all bedtime stories, the chapter you heard now is only a small part of the entire legend.

But what happened to the unicorns and men that followed after is another story altogether. It is told, like all tales, on The Night of the Shifter's Moon, and is recorded in The Balinor Chronicles.