Shard #29 - Anniversary

Posted - 2/18/07

It wasn't fair she silently raged. She had lost so much in becoming his concubine. She wanted the things any ningen woman wanted. There was nothing wrong with that was there?

There were drawbacks, Izayoi mused as she stared out into the garden. Youkai didn't understand the concept of anniversaries and concubines couldn't truly claim one. What was a year to a being like the Inu no Taishou? It was just a mere blink of the eye. She was a flower that would bloom and die in the garden of his life.

The Inu no Taishou and his bride, followed by their guest entered the garden. She bowed low as they came near and as he passed, she heard the soft thud of a package landing before her bowed head.

Izayoi held the small box close as she walked to her chambers, the content unimportant, he'd remembered.