Title: We meet again

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Summary: It has been one year since the shikon-no-tama was finished and Kagome has returned to modern times. She is ready to take on college at Tokyo U. but comes across familiar faces. Including one Sesshoumaru who is disguised as Kagome's professor. Kag/Sess! NOT AU

BEFORE YOU READ: This is not AU! Sesshoumaru and blah blah blah whoever else survived 500 years up to Kagome's time.

Chapter One: Why hello, stranger.
It's been a year since the shikon-no-tama was completed. A year since she and the Inu-tachi had defeated Naraku, Inuyasha chose to be condemned to hell with Kikyou, Kagome said her goodbyes, left Sengoku Jidai, sealed up the well, and returned to her somewhat supposedly normal life.

"Mom! I'll be fine! Really, no need to come to Tokyo U and help me get settled!"

Kagome was now 18, and ready to jumpstart her normal life as an aspiring college student! How exciting. Not.

She missed the days of battling demons, hunting shards, berating that perverted monk, taking long baths and chat with Sango, playing with Shippou, and of course Inuyasha. She missed him so. Even if he didn't love her back the way she had, which was proved when he went to hell with Kikyou, she still missed him as a friend. She wasn't broken-hearted. She knew it wouldn't have worked out anyways.

Well what am I just standing here for? I'm going to college!

She wore a determined face and said her goodbyes to her family. All of which were sad to see her go, knowing they'd see less and less of her, they had missed her when she was battling demons and now they would miss her when she would enter college.

She raced to her car and counted the valuables, suitcases, and things she would keep in her dorm. A part of her couldn't wait and a part of her didn't want to leave the shrine knowing that place kept many memories. Although, time must move on and people must change and Kagome entered her car and drove to Tokyo University.

If Kagome knew this place would be so crowded she wouldn't have considered schooling here! the scents of many and auras of students filled her insides.

Kagome gained many things before the shikon jewel was completed. For many, her miko powers, she could sense things humans couldn't. She was like... a super-human! She chuckled a bit at this when she found out she could sense powers and youkai coming near.

Right now Kagome felt the aura of someone familiar. It was faint and Kagome chose to let it go. Afterall she needed to find out what her classes were.

After settling down in her dorm and trying to get along with a quite arrogant room-mate Kagome decided it was best to leave her dorm and try to explore Tokyo U. It was huge! Kagome set off to student counciling to get a copy of her class schedule.

She was going to major in History. Something she knew a lot about! This was going to be a peice of cake. Although, she didn't want to stop there. She wanted to take Health&Medicine and also a teaching class to finish it off.

She was so excited!

She stood in front of student counciling in front of a short old woman behind her desk and asked for her schedule.

"Ahh, you're new?" She replied, obiously not giving her the schedule.

"Err, yes. The schedule?"

"Oh right! Last name?"


"Alright, Higurashi... Higurashi... Higurashi! There it is! Alright let me print that out for you."

Kagome smiled and murmured a small thanks as the woman left to the printing room. She came back and with a small pink paper in hand she gave Kagome her schedule.

"Here you are! Nice choice of classes. These teachers are quite astounding, very good teachers."

"Heh, thank you."

With that she left the office. She scanned her schedule.

Class A: Health&Medicine- Dr. Nakamura- Room 61.

Class B: Teaching- Proff. Suzuki- Room 53.

Class C: History- Proff. Taisho- Room 81.

Phew. Only three classes, that's good. Classes start tomorrow, I should head to the student bookstore and purchase my books before then. She set off to the bookstore but something stopped her.

She sensed that familiar aura again. Where was it coming from? It was faint but slightly distinct, it must be some sort of youkai! She searched around for a bit but only noticed students and proffesors. She thought best to leave it alone, knowing she would get no where and people were staring at her curious state.

Right, whatever that is I must look into it later, I can't let it interfere with my classes. And right now I need to find my textbooks!

She entered the bookstore and was amazed how big it was. It looked like a library! Boy, she wondered how big the library was if this was just a bookstore! She wondered how she would ever find her books! She asked the store clerk but she was too busy helping another costomer. This left her to find the books herself.

Ugh, how great. She'd been going through the shelves trying to find the books she needed. It had been half an hour since she's started and it annoyed her. She'd never find them at the rate she was going!

She turned around violently in her anger and frustration only finding herself bumping into someone who carried an armful of books. The books he carried dropped and Kagome couldn't help but pick them up for him. She didn't look at his face and looked down as she returned the books to her 'bumperee.'

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going, please forgive me!"

"Not to worry!" He said.

She looked up at his face.

He looked strangely familiar. As she looked at him his eyes widened and he seemed to be amazed looking at her.

Kagome silently questioned at the look he gave her. It was the type of look someone had when they just realized something. Kagome just swept it off and continued to converse with this man.

He had short cut dark red/orange hair that went up just above his shoulders. He looked young but Kagome could tell he was older than 20 but younger than 30. He definitely looked older than her. He wasn't too tall, but he was taller than Kagome, he was about 5'9 and wore a suit. He had a name tag that said 'Mr. Taro'. Obviously he must work here! She concluded her must've been carrying those books and placing them in their right spots on the book shelves.

The strange awkwardness was cut when 'Mr. Taro' spoke.

"Let me guess, you're a new student here?"

"Aah, I am. My names Kagome."

This only made the man's eyes widen again at the mention of her name. He shook his head after seeing Kagome shooting her eyebrow in a quizzed look.

"I see. I work around here, do you need help?"

Oh thank kami! She found help at long last! She thanked her clumsiness as she showed him her schedule and he led her to the sections where she would find the books she needed. Although, something still bothered her.

His presence felt so familiar. It was faint but she felt she knew him, he looked familiar, not in a sense that she'd SEEN his state before but that he reminded her of someone. Who was he?

"Thanks for your help! If it wasn't for you I don't think I'd have ever found these." Mentioning the textbooks she carried in her hand.

'No problem. Well... I'll see you around."

He flashed a smile and took off.

Yes we definitely must meet again. He just felt so familiar, Kagome had to get to know him!

She paid for her books and returned to her dorm. Awaiting her was a full night's sleep for tomorrow would be a busy day, indeed.

"Sesshoumaru, you will not guess who I just came across!"

Said 'Mr. taro' as he entered the known Sesshoumaru's office.

"Enlighten me." said the Sesshoumaru, not looking up for he was getting his assignments ready for tomorrow's classes.

'Kagome! It's Kagome!"

His head shot straight up. After 500 years since their last encounter, it would be interesting to see a familiar face.

"You know? That woman who traveled with us! The one I constantly talk about! She's here! In Tokyo U, I found her!"

"I know of who you talk about, Shippou. Where did you find her?" he was extremely interested in this find. He had not known her well, hell, almost everytime he'd met up with her he'd try to endanger her or her comrades in some way. Although, he was eager to meet her again. This time, peacefully.

"In the bookstore! She was there buying books for her classes! And you will not guess what her third class is." Shippou said excitedly.

Sesshoumaru's lips twitched upward as he knew what the answer was. She was in his class! He would be her teacher! Yes.

Kagome Higurashi's third class would be history, taught none other than by Proffesor Taisho.

Sesshoumaru Taisho.

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