X-Men 3: Here To Stay An original X-Men movie fan fiction

Written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own the X-Men or any other Marvel Comics characters. This is a fan fiction story meant solely for the enjoyment of myself and other X-Men movie and comic fans.

Title: Here To Stay

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, science fiction, Marvel comics

Setting: This movie takes place shortly after the X-Men 2: Mutants Unite movie and is set in the movieverse.

Rating: PG-13, for violence

Author's Note: This movie sequel is not meant to step on the toes of other sequel fan fiction writers. Please forgive any similarities to such stories, as they were merely ideas that I thought of as well long before having read other fiction stories. Also, please note that I have not read many of the other fiction stories, so if the similarities are too alike, please e-mail me and we will discuss 1

Putting The Pieces Back Together

Alkali Lake

The water was still and calm, and nothing disturbed it save the occasional animal who wondered up for a drink, and the even rarer fisherman who meant to relax. But, deep below the surface of the water, there was a bustle of activity.

Fish and aquatic creatures alike avoided only one small, concentrated area on the bed of the lake, whereon laid the body of an extraordinary woman. For some reason, time had no affect on her body. She did not age or decay, and just as strangely she stayed on the bottom, never floating.

Her body laid unmoving for quite some time, until one day the eyes burst open, and out of each of them shot a bright, orange ray of light. The light was extremely hot, the temperature boiling the water it swam through and cooking any nearby animals. The woman looked upwards as the light faded from her eyes. Her gaze was most unnatural, alien almost.

Within moments after looking up, she began to ascend up through the water. Her movements were controlled, and her outstretched hands guided the direction of her floatation. When she broke the surface and inhaled her first breath of fresh air, birds jumped from tree branches and woodland animals ran away frantically, somehow sensing that something very unnatural was happening.

She hovered over the lake, looking down at it with emotionless eyes. She tried desperately to remember what had happened at that lake, as it seemed ever so important to her. But something was blocking her, was controlling her. Something that was not human.

Manchester, New York

Professor Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters

"It's been almost two months, Professor, and I still…" Scott held his head as if it hurt, "I can still hear her inside my head." He finished, glancing over.

"Your psy connection has no doubt taken quite a toll on your mind since the loss of Jean." The Professor explained. "It is part of the grieving process to expect those we have lost to return to us, Scott." He wheeled his chair over toward where Scott stood. "I have also been trouble recently in my dreams."

Scott looked down at the Professor, wondering what he was talking about. "About Jean?" He asked.

"No." The Professor replied. "She's someone else." He got a far-off look in his eyes, like he were somewhere else entirely, then he turned back and looked at Scott, trying to smile the troubled look on his face away. "It's nothing." He said quickly. "I don't know why I even brought it up."

"I just keep wondering if there wasn't something more we could do." Scott said, sound hopeless as he looked out the window he was leaning against. He saw Rogue and Bobby in the courtyard, playing a game of basketball. They were laughing and smiling as they flirted within the game. "I miss her so much." Scott added, quietly.


Rogue winked at Bobby as she took a drink from her water bottle. "You're getting better, sugah." She commented sarcastically, dribbling the basketball even after she sat down on the bench.

"Yeah, but I'm still not as good as John." Bobby commented, and then there was the awkward silence that always came after someone mentioned John. He had left the X-Men for Magneto only a short while before, and although they all had been friends and still cared about him, there was a certain sense of betrayal that kept them from missing him too much.

Not wanting the awkwardness to continue, Rogue changed the subject. "So, you've been hanging out with that Russian boy lately, Bobby. Are you guys good friends now?"

"Who Peter?" Rogue nodded and Bobby smiled. "He's really Russian." He commented. "And that's all I have to say about him. I plead the 5th after that."

Rogue laughed. "Not your normal teenager is he?" She commented. "But then neither are we." She smiled at Bobby.

"Are you guys done with the court?" Bobby and Rogue turned to face Kitty, who was walking up with Jubilee right behind her. "We'd like to play if you are." Kitty added, almost shyly. The other students sort of looked up to Bobby and Rogue because they were part of the X-Men already.

"Yeah." Jubilee said, popping her gum. She was never one to be shy at all. "We want to play for a while."

"We were just leaving." Rogue said, standing up and tossing the ball towards Kitty. She made phased, letting it pass through her and hit Jubilee hard in the stomach. That was Kitty's mutant ability—she was able to phase through solid objects, allowing her to walk through walls and whatever else was in her way. She was just a year younger than Rogue, but already the Professor had Kitty fixing his computers when they down.

"Hey!" Jubilee shouted in surprise, while the other laughed at her. "You can't do that on court, Kitty!" She added, picking the ball up.
"Then I can't do this?" Bobby asked, touching the basketball. If froze instantly, and out of shock from the temperature change Jubilee dropped it onto the court. It ricocheted off of the cement once, but shattered the second time.

"Great, Bobby. Now I need a new ball!" Jubilee said, getting frustrated.

"Ya can use this." The four of them turned to face the French-sounding speaker who held a basketball in his arms. He had strangely red, yet attractive, eyes, and was wearing a long, brown trench coat. He smiled at them. "Ladies." He nodded, then his eyes stopped on Rogue.

Bobby, sensing that this newcomer had thoughts of his girlfriend, decided to break the stare. "I'm Bobby." He said, shaking his hand. "And you are?"

"Remy." He answered. "But ya can call me Gambit."

"You knew here?" Jubilee asked, checking Gambit out shamelessly.

"Yes." He said, his eyes turning to Rogue again. But, she was too busy taking another drink of her water to notice his stare, and walked away with Bobby moments later without even acknowledging his presence.

Gambit threw the basketball at Jubilee, who caught it this time, then said, "got room for one more player?"


Wolverine took a puff of his cigar, then walked into the TV room. There were a few students studying in the corner, but most had their eyes glued to the TV. They were watching a Television program called "Panorama" and the subject was mutants.

"There are a number of so-called "Super Hero" teams extant in the world today, most of them American and chief among those, The Avengers and the Fantastic Four. One of the most mysterious of these groups is the X-Men, here seen in action near Alkali Lake only two months ago." Logan sneered at the footage they showed of them all running from the dam with children in their arms.

"What makes them unique is the fact that its members are mutants, humans gift—or curse—at birth with extraordinary physical and/or mental abilities." Nightcrawler walked up to stand next to Logan and joined in watching the show.

"What is this?" He asked Wolverine.

"Just some stupid reporter." Logan commented, breathing another puff of his cigar. They listened as the reporter continued.

"With us tonight to discuss both mutants and the X-Men is news reporter Ann March who was present at the Alkali Lake incident. "Welcome, Mrs. March."

"Thank you, Mr. Cheever. However, I'm afraid I must take issue with your characterization of the X-Men as 'heroes.'" Ann March commented coldly. "That fight near Alkali Lake destroyed a 400-million dollar dam—hardly the act of heroes. They're outlaws, pure and simple."

Frustrated, Logan threw his cigar on the ground and stomped on it with his boot. "People like her piss me off." He commented, picking the butt up and throwing it away.

"I pity 'zem." Nightcrawler said, getting a raised eyebrow from Logan. "'Zey fear us because 'zey do not understand us." Nightcrawler explained. "We saved 'zeir lives that day, but 'zey are ignorant to that fact."

"They love the Fabulous Four, or whatever their freakin' name is, and The Avengers have government security clearance, but we're haunted and feared." Logan remarked in irritation. "Maybe we shouldn't bother saving these suckers anymore."

"If 've do not save them," Nightcrawler told Wolverine, "Novone' vill."

"My point exactly, bub." Wolverine said, walking away.

"He has taken Jean's death harder than most of us." Storm said, walking over to Nightcrawler. "Logan cared for her." She added. "As did we all."

"I only 'vish that I had gotten to know her better." Nightcrawler said sadly. "She seemed like an extraordinary 'voman."

"She was." Storm said, looking at Nightcrawler. "She was my dearest friend."

"She lives on through you all." Nightcrawler said quietly. "And for 'zat reason, she will never truly die."

Magneto's Secret Lair

"Mystique, I want you to infiltrate the school and see what Charles is up to." Magneto told her.

"Why can't I do it?" Pyro asked, flicking his lighter on. Hemade the flame dance beautifully across his fingers. "I'm ready." He added, snuffing the flame in a closed fist and looking at Magneto.

"You, boy, are nowhere near ready to face Charles and his X-Men." Magneto said, his voice reprimanding.

"But I know their powers." Pyro argued. "I know their weaknesses."

"Simply knowing them does not give you the power to defeat them." Magneto snapped at him, and Pyro glared. Mystique smiled at their argument—on of many frequent arguments since Pyro had joined them. They fought the way a father and son might.

Then, turning her attention away from them, Mystique concentrated and her true form melted away to that of Bobby Drake. She had taken his form before, had driven Rogue away when Magneto needed her free from the safety of Charles Xavier.

"Oh and Mystique?" She glanced back at Magneto. "Do be careful." She nodded and left him with Pyro.

"One day I'll be even more powerful than you." Pyro told Magneto coldly.

"Perhaps." Magneto raised his arm and—using the metal zipper on Pyro's jacket—made him hover in the air. "But that day is not today." Magneto reminded him, lowering the boy onto the ground again.

Pyro fell onto the ground, but quickly stood up and brushed himself off—glaring at Magneto the whole time. He began to wonder if abandoning the X-Men for this villain was worth it after all.

New York, New York

Hellfire Club Headquarters

"We have located the mutant school you asked about, Ms. Frost." The agent said, approaching his boss cautiously. She was known for her rash temper, and he was in no mood to anger her.

She smiled as she turned her chair to face him. Her white corset and short skirt gave her the appearance of an elegant ice skater. But her heavy, fur cape and piercing glare told that although she was elegant, she was not to be taken lightly.

"That's wonderful news." She told her agent, tapping her fingers together as she watched nervous man. "Have you located the mutant who can manipulate the weather yet?"

"Yes." She knew the man was lying. His thoughts were screaming it at her. Emma smiled and stood up—a sign that her agents never took to be good.

"Then why do I see you trembling in fear?" She asked him, playing along with his lying game.

"I…we haven't quite…"

"Shut up." She said a bit absent mindedly as she outstretched her hand and blasted the man with a spy energy bolt that killed him instantly. His body fell to the ground with a loud 'thud' and immediately two guards rushed in to take it away.

"Find my best agent." Emma demanded of them.

"Yes, my Queen." One said, bowing to her.

"Bring him to me right away. We have lots of work to do." She added, smiling sinisterly at the file that opened on her computer. There, at her very fingertips, was everything the government knew about Ororo Monroe, otherwise known as Storm.

Panorama Interview taken from The Uncanny X-Men issue 158. Information was modified for the movie-verse, and I do not own the information that was not modified.

Ann March is a fictional news reporter I created to replace Senator Kelly in this conversation since they killed him off in the first X-Men movie.