X-Men 3: Here To Stay An original X-Men movie fan fiction

Written by: Jennifer S. a.k.a. AssassinElektra


I do not own the X-Men or any other Marvel Comics characters. This is a fan fiction story meant solely for the enjoyment of myself and other X-Men movie and comic fans. Nor do I own Fingertight, their lyrics or anything affiliated with them.

Title: Here To Stay

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, science fiction, Marvel comics

Setting: This fic takes place shortly after the X-Men 2: Mutants Unite movie and is set in the movieverse.

Rating: K+ (According to new ratings), for violence

Author's Note: Okay, this is the last chapter of Here To Stay, but I will write an X4 if enough people ask me too. I'm looking forward to bringing the Sentinels into it more and maybe even S.H.I.E.l.D. I'd like to bring Angel and Beast into the story lines too, and explore Rogue and Gambit's relationship further. I may even give The Avengers a cameo and possible the FF. I would also like to bring in the Kitty storyline where her future self switches bodies with her younger self to warn the X-Men of something that I can't say without being a spoiler. We'll see if you guys want a sequel first though, lol. So please, review or write me: and let me know if you want me to write an X4! And make suggestions for storylines and new mutants you would like to see please!

Chapter 12

Here To Stay

"There are people who don't belong here. You can tell cuz they keep to themselves."

Lyrics by the band Fingertight

Magneto's Secret Lair

"I send you off to complete one simple task and you almost get yourself killed in the process!" Pyro blinked, then opened his eyes widely at the sound of Magneto's voice.

"Kitty was there." Pyro said, wincing in pain. Every part of him seemed to be raw and bruised, and he ached in places he didn't even know he had. "I tried…"

"Tried is not good enough." Magneto snapped, glaring down at him. He looked at the boy with utter disgust and disappointment. "Why I ever thought you had potential is beyond me." He commented, scoffing.

Pyro closed his eyes so that he wouldn't have to face Magneto. But closing his eyes only brought painful memories to the front of his mind. Memories of his parents, of the way they had…abandoned him. All he could remember were two silhouettes running away in a hurry, glancing back to make sure that he was not following them.

And then Pyro remembered Bobby's house, remembered looking at the family portraits—something he would never have. That had been before Bobby's brother had called the police on them, of course. The police had just been fun. Pyro smiled at that memory and opened his eyes.

"You know all those dangerous mutants you hear about on the news? I'm the worst one."

"This is far from over." Magneto announced, noticing that Pyro was awake. "I'm interested in why Charles did not read your mind and learn why you were really there."

"The White Queen." Pyro said, simply. "She's a powerful telepathic or whatever you call them."

"Next time I'll expect you to actually complete your task." Magneto said coldly, glaring at Pyro.

"There won't be a next time." Pyro said, and Magneto raised an eyebrow in interest. "I'm sick of all your stupid plans. As soon as I can walk I'm gone."

"I think I can persuade you to stay." Magneto said, melting the metal table he laid on so that he was tied down to it and unable to move.

Manchester, New York Professor Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters One Week After The Hellfire Club Incident

"How are ya?" Gambit asked, walking cautiously into the room. There were flowers on every available counter space, so he finally decided to just hand Rogue the flowers he had gotten for her.

Rogue was looking out the window, her eyes blank as she was somewhere else entirely. "You okay, Chere?" Gambit asked, setting the flowers on the bed next to her and taking a chair. He looked into her blank eyes and watched as tears formed slowly. "I can be leavin' if ya…" He stood to leave.

"No!" Rogue said suddenly, scaring him. " 'Ah don't wanna be alone." She added, quieter, falling back into her far-off gaze.

"Look, it wasn't your fault." Gambit told her, realizing what she was thinking. "Ya didn't know it was Carol."

"Please don't say her name." Rogue said. "It conjures up so many memories tha' aren't even mine." She closed her eyes tightly, as if to shut the memories away from her mind.

"Cap America called yesterday and said she be awake now." Gambit reported, hoping to brighten Rogue's dark mood. " 'dat good if nothin' else be."

"I stole parts of her life, Remy." Rogue said, looking at him. "I took memories from her that were precious, and I stole her…" Rogue took a deep breath, "powers."

"It all happen for a reason, Chere." Gambit assured her. "You be needin' dos' powers someday."

"It isn't right." Rogue said. "It would have been better if I had killed her."

"Now don't be sayin' dat…"

"But it's true." Rogue said, as if speaking to herself. " 'Ah stole her life, her soul almost, and she can never have it back." Tears rolled silently down Rogue's cheeks. " 'Ah will see her in my mind forever, Remy. And every time 'ah use her powers it will…" She trailed off.

"In time, Chere, it all be all right." Gambit said, taking her hand into his gloved hand. "I kept dem for you." He said, smiling. Rogue looked at the gloves he wore and couldn't help but smile.

"Tell me, how did you all know I was captured?" Rogue asked. "I mean, did you sense that something wasn't right?"

"Remy be missin' you." Gambit admitted. "So I look all over da' mansion and find no sign of the prettiest woman around. Next thing me and da' others go after you."

"I can't believe you noticed I was gone." Rogue said. " 'Ah was sure 'ah was going to die at Shaw's hands."

"I never would have let dat happen." Gambit told her, in all seriousness.

"Thank you." Rogue said. Then she rolled over and faced the wall. "But I need to be alone for a while." She wasn't rude, but it stung Gambit's heart just the same.

"Now how fair dat be?" He asked quietly. "Here I be dah thief and you go stealin' my heart!" Rogue did not react, so he left in silence.


"She must have stolen my alcoholism too. Because, I haven't touched a drop in a week." Carol said, trying to make a joke. But even over the phone, without using his powers, Professor Xavier knew that it was taking every bit of Carol's strength to not break down and cry.

"Rogue has expressed her remorse many times, Carol." He reminded her. "She feels terrible that she did not get to speak with you before you left."

"I just couldn't stay." Carol told him. "I hate hating people, but she stole so much of me!"

"I know." Xavier said. "Rogue's mutant 'gift' is such a burden to the poor girl. I wish I could relieve her of it."

"And I wish I had my life back." Carol said bitterly.

"Carol, this is not like you." Xavier told her. "You are not a vengeful person."

"She took…"

"I know, but you must try to forgive Rogue for this horrible accident. She did not intend to harm you at all." There was silence on the other line of the phone and the Professor wondered if Carol would reply.

Then she spoke quietly. "All in good time, Professor. I'm still trying to remember who I am right now."

Manchester, New York Angel Eyes Cemetery

"Here we are again." Logan said quietly. This time the grave he was looking at did hold the body of Jean. It was the same place of burial, only this time the police had been able to retrieve her body. That made things a little easier, but not bearable. "Seems like I keep seein' you die in my mind over and over again. And I keep looking back in this cemetery, hoping to see you standing there telling me you're some ancient bird entity."

He smiled and looked at the ground. "You're not coming back this time, are you?" He looked around at the cemetery, glancing at a funeral that was happening about ten rows away. "Not this time." He added quietly, watching the man place a rose onto the coffin of his loved one.

Logan looked at Jean's headstone. "Not gonna cry this time, Jeanie." He said. "I've used all the tears I'm givin' all ready. But my heart will always cry for ya." Logan turned and walked away.


Scott watched Logan walk away, tears of anger hiding behind his sunglasses. He wanted to release his optic blast and throw Logan into another universe for bothering Jean's grave, but he realized that Wolverine had only been seeking what he now was—comfort.

Scott clenched his hands into fists, thought about going up to Jean's grave like he had intended to, but then decided against it. He started back for the mansion, an air of complete hopelessness following him like a trail of smoke. Memories danced across the stage of his mind.

"Losing control isn't what worries me, Scott. What does is that if I do lose control, I might like it."

"Scott, we'll beat the Hellfire Club, but there will be losses in the process."

"Don't say that, Jean." Scott heard himself say.

"I love you." Jean's voice told him. "Remember that no matter what happens."

Scott pulled his coat closer to block the wind and quickened his pace.

Secret Military Headquarters

"I want them rebuilt and strong than before!" He commanded, and his men—all of them at attention, replied with a shouted., "Sir, Yes, Sir!"

"My technology should not have failed!" He shouted. "It should have annihilated the mutants making our world safer! But instead it called a great deal of attention to our secret mission and therefor jeopardized our entire objective! THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!"

"Sir, Yes, Sir!"

"Now get to work and make me some invulnerable sentinels! The X-Men are mine!" They all scurried off to do their work while their commander turned to look at the woman standing behind him. "I believe the results will be better this time." He told her.

"Yes." She agreed, flipping her blond hair. "You have the White Queen funding you this time, after all." She said, winking at him.

Manchester, New York Professor Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters

"Umm…Professor?" Kitty cautiously opened the door to his office, seeing him hang up the phone. "We came to give you these." She held out the X-Men costume she had stolen to Xavier, and Peter and Gambit did the same.

The Professor smiled. "Keep them." The three young mutants looked at their mentor, confused. "You've earned them." He explained.

"Does that mean…" Peter stopped and waited for the answer.

"Yes, Peter. You are each X-Men now." The Professor smiled at their reactions. "Although I will expect you to train quite extensively before going on another mission." His voice held a bit of sarcasm.

"Of course!" Kitty said, excitedly holding her costume close.

"Professor, what about Rogue?" Gambit asked. "How she be? She won't talk to me much. Just stares into da distance like Remy not even 'dare."

"It will take her some time to…adjust." Xavier said, choosing his words very carefully. "But she is always comforted by your mere presence, Gambit." The Professor said. "I keep a mental tap on her to make sure she is all right, but as soon as you enter her room I no longer need to worry." Gambit smiled. "She's gaining strong feelings for you." Gambit's smile grew.

" 'dat be true?" He asked.

"You kids wanna clear out for a second?" They all glanced at Logan, then left the room with their new costumes. Logan walked over to Xavier's desk and threw his own X-Men costume onto it. "I'm through." Was all he said.

"I'd try to persuade you to stay, Logan, except that I know it wouldn't do any good." The Professor told him.

"I can't do it again." Logan said, his tone softening a bit. "Can't watch another…" He thought for a moment, "friend, die."

"Logan, Jean's death has been hard on all of us…"

"No." Logan said. "That's it. I'm through. I'm going back to Canada to find where I really came from." He turned and started walking away.

"Logan, if you ever wish to, you are always welcome back into the X-Men." Professor Xavier said. "The Sentinels could not stop us, and nothing will. Times will come and go, and friends will be lost, but the X-Men are here to stay."

"I'll keep that in mind." Logan said, and then he left.



Charles Xavier: "Evolution, it is the key to the future that will unlock the door of mysteries. We can not know what is to come ahead, we can only understand the here and now and the then and when

We fear what we do not know, and we love what we should fear.

Mankind has always been prone to persecute those that are different. Mankind has always felt the need to be the dominant species on earth. But all that is changing very quickly, and there is not much the human population can do to stop it.

Evolution is the key to our existence, whether it has to do with our mortal birth or the resurrection and then second death of a brave woman with incredible power. And that is why the X-Men are here to stay, why they will never stop fighting."

The End