I do not own Elektra or any other Marvel Comics characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Elektra movie and comic fans.

Title: Renascence

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Comics

Setting: This story is set in the Elektra Movie-verse directly after my fic title "The Treasure" (also posted on this site)

Rating: PG-13, for violence

Written By: Jennifer Stacey a.k.a. AssissinElektra

Author's Note: I'm glad that those of you who are reading this fic are enjoying it, but the truth is that if I don't get more reviews I have no reason to write this fic. I love writing it, I really do, but I don't have much time anymore between school and work, and I would much rather work on other fics that are being read and reviewed rather than take the time to write a story only I would enjoy. So please, tell your friends about this fic and get more reviews! I'd also like suggestions for this fic as it is a sequel and I realize that some of you may have had ideas of what should have happened in the first one. Now is the time to share them with me!

Chapter 3

I watched her walking down the street and noticed the confidence that each step she took showed. Siren was not afraid of anyone or anything. She held herself with great posture, always aware of what was going on around her, except for my presence that is.

I crept from the shadows silently and stepped into pace behind her. Then, I silently pulled the sai I had tied to my belt out and readied them to stab her. But, just as I was about to stab her, Siren stopped walking and looked around as if she sensed something was up.

Creeping back into the shadows, I was able to dodge her eyes long enough for her suspicion to disappear. She started walking again, and I fell into step behind her once more. This time, I did not hesitate to stab her. Holding the two sai up, I slammed them down toward her back. But Siren, somehow sensing my move, jumped out of the way and kicked at my feet. I fell to the ground, rolling back to my feet almost immediately.

Siren looked at me. "What do you want?" She asked, her voice defiant.

"Nothing." I said, twirling the sai around my fingers. "You're nothing more than a job to me."

"Look, I don't know what you're playing at, coming her and acting like Jeremy's dead girlfriend, but you're not amusing me at all." She said, glaring at me.

"Jeremy?" I almost dropped the sai at the mention of his name, and yet I did not know why it affected me so.


One Week Later

"Shadow?" I called out to her dark apartment.

"It's open." She said, and I followed the sound of her voice to her work out room. She was doing sit-ups, but she stopped and walked over when she saw that I was there. "Hey, Tom." She said, walking over to get a water bottle she had left sitting on some weights. "What's up?"
"Nothing." I said, smiling. "Do I need a reason to see you?"

"Well lately you have seemed to." She snapped.

"Hey, I've been busy." I told her.

"Doing what, Tom? Nothing to do with The Hand, that's for sure. I spoke with your father last night. He hasn't seen you in days." She sat her water bottle down and looked at me. "You don't look too good. Have you been sleeping okay?"

"Not really." I admitted. "Had a migraine the last few days that won't go away."

She scoffed. "Kinda glad that whole thing with Amanda didn't work out." Shadow said, surprising me.


"Because I'd be the one with the headache right now." She said. "First person to touch the jewel after someone's brought back with it shares their life-force with the one brought back. It can be draining sometimes when they need more strength—or so I've heard." She added. "We do need to try again though." Shadow said, her tone becoming more serious. "Maybe it's time to call in the big gun, Tom." She gave me a look and I knew exactly what she was thinking.

"No." I told her. "We're not bringing him into this."

"He could help." Shadow argued.

"The only thing he's ever done is destroy everything I care about. He's not doing that this time." I said.

"Tom, he doesn't even know you're alive, so how could he possibly have been after you all these years on purpose? He has no idea who you are now."

"He killed our sister!" I screamed, making Shadow jump. "Do you know what the smell of burning flesh is like?" I felt angry tears coming to my eyes, but I fought them. "And it was just a game to him. He was a bored pyro."

"Tom, you need to suck it up and bring your brother back to The Hand." Shadow told me, standing up. "We need his help, and I am not letting some childhood tragedy that the two of you share jeopardize everything I've worked so hard for!" She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and handed it to me. "Now you call Jeremy, and get him here." She demanded.

"He's not going to agree to this." I told her as I dialed his number. "I hope for his own safety that he doesn't." I added.


Being immortal has its advantages. I mean, catching bullets is impressive and all, but being able to never fear death again? That's an amazingly freeing feeling. And yet, I would trade it in a heartbeat to see Amanda again.

She had given me my life back, had helped save my soul from a dark path I'd paved on my own. Amanda had saved me, and I had repaid that wonderful gift by living a worthless, pathetic life in which I could never move on as long as she was gone. I had promised to try to live a good life, and I had failed to do so. But the woman I loved was dead, and I wanted nothing more than her.

I glanced at my phone and glared at the unrecognized number. After a few seconds, I sighed and picked it up. "Hello?"

"Jeremy Rich?"

"Yeah. Who is this?" I asked, getting impatient.

"It's Tom." I almost dropped the phone, but something gave me the strength to hold onto it a bit longer.

"How did you get this number?" I asked.

"The and has connections, Jeremy." He told me, and I could hear the resentment he felt for me in his voice. "Something's come up, big brother, and I need you to do a favor for me."

"Oh yeah and what's that, Tom, because the last I knew you didn't want me anywhere near you." I snapped. I had tried to reconcile with my brother, because we'd been close before the…incident. But Tom could never forgive me for Becky's death.

"I think you'll be interested in this one." Tom told me. "It's about Amanda." I stood up, anger rushing through me.

"What do you know about…"

"Enough." He told me. "It's a simple story, really. Boy was sent to find girl, girl tried to kill boy, they discovered they had an enemy in common and fell in love while trying to defeat him."

"We did defeat Kismet." I said sharply.

"Sure." Tom said sarcastically. "But The Hand lives on, Jeremy."

"You would know all about that, wouldn't you? Do you have any idea what The Hand did to her, what they put her through!"

"I know exactly what they did, Jeremy." Tom said coldly. "Dad made me watch it all." My mouth dropped at the mention of my father. "That's right. Daddy-O is still alive and kicking."

"What do you want from me?" I asked.

"We need Amanda back." Tom said, and that overwhelming anger returned to me.

"Look, I loved her! I would give anything to have her back again, but what you're talking about it just wrong! If you brought her back with dark magic she could…come back wrong. And besides, I like to think she in her eternal paradise now, happy."

"You really think she earned a ticket to heaven by being an assassin?" Tom scoffed. "She did some horrible things, Jeremy. She didn't just kill those she was hired to destroy, she tortured them."

"Must have been something she picked up on while staying in your neighborhood." I remarked as I hung up.