By Hikaru Hayashi

Story from Yu-Gi-Oh!

I'm on spring break now, so I thought I'd write this! (Yay for spring break!)

So many people are writing stories inspired by another, like my good friend Kusaki Hayashi's The Three-Tailed Demons Gruff (InuYasha fanfic). So I'm writing mine!

This is based off of my favorite childhood story, Tikki-Tikki-Tembo, which is about a boy with a really, really long name and his little brother who hardly has a name at all, Chang. Going back and re-reading the story, I thought, "OH my god! The main characters are brothers who look out for each other no matter what…like Seto and Mokuba!"

Think: Little Seto and Mokuba from all those flashbacks we see in the anime.

For the sheer hilarity of the story, the boys will start off with the same names as the characters in the actual story.

Disclaimer note: I don't own Seto, Mokuba, or this story! (Or anyone else from Yu-Gi-Oh! for that matter.)

I hope you enjoy it; this is my rendition of the story, so there are a lot of things I added! Let the fanfic frenzy commence!

Tikki-Tikki-Seto and Mokuba

Chapter 1: "I Hate My Name!"

A long time ago, in a small village in Japan, there lived a kind woman. The woman was always very troubled by her nextdoor neighbor, who though he was the emperor or something, like he ruled the whole world…but that has nothing to do with this story!

So anyway, the kind woman lived in a small cottage (A/N? 'the heck!) with her two young sons. Her youngest son (who was about 4) she didn't care much for, so she gave him a simple, insignificant name and she called him "Chang".

But Chang didn't like his name, and, living in Japan, he thought he should have a Japanese name. So he and his friends got together and thought of a name for him and they called him "Mokuba". And the name just stuck so that even his mother called him so (either way it went, she didn't care).

However, her oldest and most honored son (about 10) she practically loved to pieces, so she gave him a great big ridiculously long name because it was the tradition in her family.

And she called him "Tikki-Tikki-Tembo-no-sa-Rembo-Chari-bari-ruchi-Pip-Peri-pembo" which means "the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world!" (A/N: I'm just following the story; I don't know how accurate that really is!)

Unfortunately for him, all of his friends, and his brother Mokuba, could never remember his great big ridiculously long name and were unable to think of a clever acronym for his name either. So much that young Mokuba, as lazy as he was, began to call his brother "Nii-sama", which means "Honorable older brother".

The boys were sitting by the old well one fine day, when the oldest spoke up.

"I hate my name, Mokuba!" he said. "It's too fricking long."

"Don't worry about it, Nii-sama!" Mokuba said. "We'll think of something to call you, you can count on it."

So, from out of the blue, Mokuba and the village children thought of a name for his brother, and they all began to call him "Seto".

The boys' mother, unfortunately, wasn't too happy with this. She was troubled by her first and honored son's new nickname, and she didn't like Mokuba calling him "Nii-sama" either. So around the house, "Seto" was always called by his real name.

And he didn't like it, one bit.

Anyway, the time of the annual spring festival was rolling around. Everyone in the village loved the spring festival, where the children got to make paper lanterns, and families would watch the cherry blossoms, and, most importantly, people enjoyed… … …the food! Yes, that's right, food. These people loved to eat, and BOY could they eat. Every time the spring festival rolled around, they spent so much time preparing different meals, and at the festival, which usually lasted for 4 weeks, they would spend a lot of time eating, and they would eat so much… … …but that's another story for another day.

Three nights before the festival was scheduled to begin, the children made it a ritual to meet at the old well with their paper lanterns and the oldest child in the village (about 12 or 13) would tell the story about the well and why it's off-limits. The problem with that is…every time someone new would tell the story, they would have their own opinion about the story and would tell their rendition of it.

So all the village children met at the well with their lanterns (around about 8 o'clock) and the oldest, the village elder's grandson, 13-year old Katsuya (Jounouchi) told the spooky myth about the old well.

"So…! You wanna know the real story about this well?" he said. "The grown-ups always say it's off limits, but they never said why. Well, I know why, and I'm gonna tell you!"

"Is this story gonna be scary?" squeaked 9-year old Anzu.

"Just shut up and let him tell the story, Anzu…" Seto said, annoyed.

"At least I don't have a huge name that nobody can remember!" Anzu shot back.

"That's it!" shouted an enraged Seto while Mokuba tried to hold him back. "I don't care if she IS a girl! I'm 'onna knock the crap out of her!"

Anzu cringed. "Oh, yikes!"

"JUST SHADDAP AN' LET ME TELL THE DARN STORY!" Katsuya shouted, pretty annoyed by now. "Dang, man! Awright, where was I…? Ah, yeah!"

"My friends, this is the true story of this well! A long time ago, around this same time, all the kids like to hang around this well, just like they do now…HOWEVER…!"

He emphasized "however" to cause suspense. It worked on everyone except Seto, who just gave him a look. "Darn it…" he mumbled before continuing the story.

"However, the real reason that this well is off-limits is…because it's haunted!" Anzu and a few other girls cringed at this. "Many years ago, a young boy with a stupid-long name, much like Seto's, fell into this well. It took a long time for someone to get him out, because every time someone tried to tell an older person, they were so worn out from saying his name, they would get tongue-tied! By the time all the older people realized what had happened…IT WAS TOO LATE!"

All the girls (and 5-year old Yugi) screamed their heads off.

"So be careful…because the boy's spirit haunts this well, and if you're not careful…HE'LL PULL YOU IN!"

The girls and Yugi screamed again.

Seto kicked over a lantern. "You idiot! That's not how the legend goes at all!"

Katsuya smirked and shrugged. "Meh! So I added a few twists. You got a prob with that, buddy!"

"Yes, I've got a problem with it! I'm sick of people making fun of my fricking name!" He kicked over another lantern.

"Stop, Seto!" Yugi shouted, his voice trembling. "It's dark enough as it is!"

"Well, ya shouldn'na got such a stupid-long name!" Katsuya sneered.

Seto growled. Suddenly, he felt Mokuba tugging on his kimono.

"Nii-sama…the legend…it won't come true, will it?" he asked, sounding terrified.

"Don't worry about it, Moki," Seto said, shooting Katsuya a dirty look. "Katsuya's just being a punk, what he does best."

"Ah, shaddap, ya freak wit ya stupid-long name."

"Argh!" Seto shouted. "I hate my name!" He kicked over another lantern, causing a domino effect that knocked over the other lanterns, leaving the area pitch-dark.

"Ahh! Seto you jerk!" All the girls shouted. Yugi started crying.

"Ah, whatever…" Seto growled under his breath.

And so, all the village children went home (without their lanterns; it was so dark, they couldn't find them).

As the boys returned home, their mother was standing at the door. "There you are," she said. "You boys can't keep running off in the middle of the night like this!" she said as she brushed dust off of her oldest son' s kimono. "You could get lost, or kidnapped or who knows what! Thank goodness you're safe."

"We're both fine, Mother," Seto replied.

"Well, it's also past your bedtimes," the mother said. "Now, off to bed, both of you."

"Mother…?" Mokuba asked in a frightened voice. "I-is that old well really haunted?"

The mother stared at her youngest son for the longest time. Finally she sighed and replied, "Little One, I have no clue who told you that, but chances are they were just trying to scare you. No, it's not haunted, but it is off-limits, don't you forget that. You don't want to fall in, I'm sure. Now, I don't want you going near that well, either of you! Understand?"

"Yes, Mother," the two boys replied as they crossed their fingers behind their backs.

The two boys went to their room and got ready for bed.

"Good night, Nii-sama!" Mokuba said as he jumped into bed.

"Young Mokuba!" came their mother's call. "Address your brother by his name while in this house!"

"Good night, 'Seto'!" Mokuba said, as he sweatdropped.

"His REAL name!" came their mother's annoyed call.

Mokuba grumbled.

"It's okay, Moki," Seto said as he turned red from embarrassment. "You don't have to…"

"Yes he does!" Came mother's call again.

Mokuba crossed his arms and snorted. "Good night, Tikki-Tikki-Tembo-no-sa-Rembo-Chari-bari-ruchi-Pip-Peri-pembo!" he mumbled angrily.

"Ah! That's better…" their mother sighed, smiling a huge smile.

Seto growled. "Argh! I hate my name!"

End Chapter One

How is it so far? I added a whole lot of things that weren't the original. I thought it would be a lot more fun if I did my own rendition. Anyway, you can tell me how it was in your review. (AND NO GOSH-FRICKIN' FLAMES! If yer gonna flame, then don' bother to review! Ya got that!) Chapter two should be coming soon. If it doesn't, it means I got sidetracked again. Ja ne!